31 December 2010

Happy End of 2010.
I am working on the journaling for the mini albums and layouts I have planned out.  Today I made a couple birthday cards that are needed soon.  I have.... 3 birthday cards to make that are needed between now and March.

Hope 2011 starts out good for you, and continues being good for the next 12 months.

22 December 2010


Remember this post from last year? The whole Grinch all festive and warm.  I have Grinch songs in my head! Even the Grinch from when he was a special guest on The Simpsons. 

I've picked up some more mince pie filling and finally found some ground rice to use for the shortbread (instead of corn flour) - I might do some baking tomorrow afternoon.  Or maybe the afternoon after.

I have to get the bus into town tomorrow at 11am to meet my Mom so I can't really have much vodka tonight.  The last minute presents are wrapped up (unless a few more get bought).  I need to put up some more decorations and seriously tidy up.  I have to print some tags out too.  Pretty sure I can get all this done in time.

I hope anyway.
Happy Christmas

7 December 2010

Aww, poor snowwoman (my Mom doesn't like men in the house)! Can you see what she's written through the box?

I'm sorry but Mom won't let you out yet. Soon.

2 December 2010

 These got mixed up. Some are from yesterday and some are from this morning.  The footprints are from this morning - the snow was the thickest it's been so far.
 I was tempted to build a snowman but it was just sooo cold. Not used or prepared for this cold snowy weather.
 I bought this window decoration yesterday. I slowly put things up - my Mom always says that we can decorate on the 24th but I can't wait that long.


29 November 2010

This weekend

it snowed. It NEVER snows here in Guernsey in November. It might snow in Feb - but even that is usually unlikely.  At 9.30am my Mom came into my room and woke me up.  I was out of bed quickly and pulled on my boots to go outside and take some photographs.

The two photographs above were taken before 10am.  Doesn't the snow look lovely?
It was 1pm when we decided to wrap up and go out to take some photographs. Thick coat, woolly hat and gloves and still only lasted about 3 minutes until we went back inside.
Cold but still beautiful.
This is my Mom taking a photo of Sally the pig.  (Who hasn't moved in the last month - I don't think she is real).
Just after midnight this morning it started snowing again! It is really cool.  Maybe it just seems more amazing and fun to us since it never snowed in Wellington NZ.  (And because we are having this cold weather earlier than 'normal' - Aussie and NZ will be having an absolutely gorgeous summer)!

A couple from this morning.  It was quite sunny so most of it has melted.

Beautiful.  I might be having a white birthday this year.

24 November 2010

Glass Pendants

My supplies for these glass pendants arrived last week. I quickly made one for myself (not shown here) then started on these.

I LOVE them.  They are so pretty and simple but they look so amazing.  The dimension is wonderful.  The glaze/glass adds so much extra vibrancy to the colors.  And they are quite tough! I've accidentally dropped one and it's perfectly fine.

I am selling these on Etsy and Folksy.

What about you think about them?
I'm in love.... I need some more supplies!

15 November 2010

While we were traveling my blog was awarded this award.  Someone (I'll need to check) picked my blog as one they'd like to read while on a deserted island.

I am planning on teaching scrapbook classes etc next year. My mom and myself are hosting a crop next month so I needed to make an example of the layout for January. I'm being quite secretive about it - I don't want anyone to see the whole thing right now. It will be on show at the crop and after that I will post the whole layout on the CraftinGsy blog.

I am providing the whole kit to make this layout and about five cards. I don't know if we'll be able to do all this in 2 hours but we will be trying! We need to decide on the cost too! And get the word out (probably being a little lazy over this) so people will show up and have fun.

I finally got round to making some Christmas cards today. I've made three so far. Not really sure how much I like them, but I like them a lot better than store bought cards. I'll take photographs eventually but the lighting is really bad here.

I'll try to get another post up soon.

10 November 2010

feeling lazy

which is probably why there haven't been many posts lately. I just don't feel like bothering with uploading photographs.  I am planning craft crops/classes so busy thinking and planning those. 

We are staying in a damp condensation cottage until we can get back into our own house in 124 days (approx).  Of course, I am prone to getting colds in damp places.  Trying everything I can not to get one.  First Defense sprays and cough sweets.  I can't take any cold/flu OTC medicines so I really try NOT to get a cold every year.  Plus, my food allergies still suck.  I think I may have had some nuts by accident and my throat feels a little odd - of course that could just be the start of a cold.  Drinking some Ginger Beer right now to try and calm my throat and stomach.

Every night my stomach hates me.  It growls and grumbles when I am trying to get to sleep.  Should I ask my Doctor for a nut allergy test?? He will probably think I am just a hypochondriac - which is why I didn't mention this to my Doctor in NZ.  I'm feeling cold and achy and shaky. 

Our stuff from NZ will hopefully arrive before the year ends.  I miss my crafty gear.  Even that table I was always hitting my knee on!  We should be having an Italian lesson tonight at some school.  This will be everyone else in the classes 6th lesson but our 1st.

Great, getting a head ache now.  I'd love to curl up on the sofa and read but I have stuff to do.  Maybe it's not my allergies - maybe I just have a sucky yucky cold.

3 November 2010

Funky Mini Album

I really love crafting.  It gives me something to think about and you get a great item at the end.

This is the album I've been making today. Inside are blank dark brown cardstock folded like a accordion. I just been to find/take/decide what photographs to use for it.

I might try to push the black circle bit up.  Its a piece of chipboard with a brad holding it through the cover but it is very difficult to tie together.

Our Italian lessons are tonight. I have to keep an eye on the time.  I need to make sure that all three of us have notebooks, pens and our books for the class.  I am even making a packed dinner for my Mom to have in the car on the way to the class. (Should probably find out where it is).

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to write a little bit of Italian.  I'll let you know how it goes.

28 October 2010

So, here were are in Guernsey. It took a total of eight separate flights and over a month traveling to get 12/13 time zones from New Zealand. We are living in a little country cottage for the next couple months. The spiders seem to be gone from my bedroom now - I think they picked up quite quickly that if they come into my room they will be killed.

Our stuff from NZ should be arriving in the UK next week - no idea how long it will take to make the short trip over here! I didn't bring any of my boots with me, and it is cold here! (And getting colder!!!) So I bought a cheap pair of boots to keep my toes from dropping off.

We've been busy settling in again and trying to find places. Especially places that have good coffee and a reasonable price! I have some job application forms that I need to fill in, and (more importantly) give in.

What's happened with ChristChurch? Are the aftershocks over? Our internet is slow and it isn't mentioned on the tv.

I have a lot of business ideas which I am keeping hush hush right now.

23 October 2010


After eight flights over about 10 weeks we are in Guernsey. Not really that tired right now - should probably have something decent to eat (I've had chocolate, diet cokes, coffee and a muffin) so not all that healthy but we just got here. We picked up some fruit and veg from the shop - so that;s good. My back is aching! I really hope my bed is nice and comfy.

28 September 2010

First week in Portugal.

I still don’t know where the usb for the mouse is so I will upload only a few photographs.

The beaches look amazing.

We’ve been on the beach twice so far. Yesterday, (Peter’s birthday) we went for a nice long walk along about three beaches and sat on a stepped pier to wash our feet and sit in the sun. I am really starting to get brown! and it’s not dirt!!!! But there are still whiter patches on my upper arms – so I am still working on my tan. I’ve used about half my 200ml bottle of sun lotion. Might be buying another one soon.

All the shops pretty much have the same things in them. There is a nice bag I’ve seen for 15 euros but I’m not really sure about it. It’s a multi colored (African?? fabric) and it is nice. I think if I can find a nice purple one with a cute design I will get it.

Suddenly we have noisy neighbours! Last week it was nice and quiet and now there are lots of people talking and doors slamming – which you can’t really help – the doors slam.

Mom is wearing some shorts she got last year and she is having the same problem as me – they are just huge shorts! Definately need a belt! Yesterday and today I am wearing my size 8 (UK size) shorts! ( and they are a little baggy).

I think next week is when my brother and his girlfriend are arriving for a weeks holiday with us. Bring lots of thin summer clothes and sun lotion. Sunnies and jandels are needed too.

It is very bright! mainly because I didn’t really check how many contact lenses I had before we left – only 20 days – I think I can start using them in a couple days for the month. (Lovely One Day Acuvue Moist). It might be next week when we go online again and I promise I will look for the USB for the mouse. It makes resizing photographs so much easier. And I will even try to tidy my room a little. Promise.

24 September 2010

in another time zone.

we have left sydney! the flight to singapore was okay. a bit horrible - the vege food sucked! i only had some of the last meal which was a tart of some sort.  at sydney airport (after security) i could only find chocolate, so got two bars to take with me.  i watched a lot of csi vegas and the mentalist.  (mom watched the last airbender). singapore airport was just like every other airport.  we got off the plane, went through security and then were in the waiting room for 30 minutes.

i took a sleeping pill on the next part of the flight, but it took ages to have an effect.  i just couldn't get comfortable and being suck in a tiny seat with no space to move around in.  i put the silence of the lambs on and eventually fell asleep.

london.  how can anyone live there happily? it was so busy and noisy and there seem to be all these rules - are you actually allowed to breathe??

we went into london on the saturday (i think) and found the disney store near bond street station. it took us about two hours to walk there from victoria.  we stopped for lunch outside buckingham palace, and asked directions from cops twice.

i definately miss starbucks in nz. i think mom does too.  it is no longer a trim latte. if you say trim noone knows what you are talking about. it is a skim or skinny or non fat.  all the coffee tasted different.

the hotel we stayed at in london is another story all together. i think it deserves a post of its own - my mom took some photographs of the problem.  in a nutshell the rooms they gave us were pure horrible and disgusting. coming from a 24+ hour flight it made us feel like getting out of london asap.

the first thing we thought when we got out of the airport in portugal was, firstly that we had gone the wrong way and secondly that it was HOT!  it was a nice air condictioned van that drove was here to the old town.  it is such a nice little area.  cobble stone roads and lots of street vendors. this is our fifth day here and i think we are used to the temperature.  i haven't accidentally had any nuts etc (only in london - a cheese toastie on grain bread - had an allergic reaction about 2 minutes later but was fine when we landed).  The only problem with food is that I found some ham in our cheese toasties - but only a small amount. 

me and mom have crafted almost every morning we've been here. we've explored quite a lot of the little roads and been in a few stores.  i have matching blisters on my first toes! so yesterday i was looking for some soft jandels or sandels with no posts between the toes. i found some gisele bunchen jandels. i saw these in napier for $25NZD and got a nice pair in bronze.  i was looking for the right size in the pink jandels but the shop didn't have any so i got the green.  they are so much softer than my others.  i didn't really want to buy any more shoes but it was either that or spend about the same amount on blister plasters.

we are going to try to get online today so i can post this.  i can't post any pictures because i wanted to re-size them and i can't find the usb thing for my mouse.  i will try to have photographs next time.

15 September 2010

sunday - wildlife world

AHHHH... The frilled lizard is trying to eat my Mom!

The largest Croc in the world! Seemed very happy just to lie on it's heated (32 deg c) rock. It's swimming pool is only a cooling 28 deg c.  It is really because you could see it breathing but it didn't really move much.  He only eats one chicken once a month in summer time. Nothing in Winter.

Such a cute Koala! They sleep 16 hours a day and only wake up to eat, scratch or move before going back to sleep.  They just look so cute - I wanted to pick one up to cuddle!!!  Saw a few that were still semi-conscious before they fell into a deep sleep.

Kangaroos! How Australian.  These blokes were just lying in the sun.  A couple were scratching. I think they were just waking up from a nap.

In the afternoon we went for a walk along Millers Point and arrived at the Harbour Bridge.

Trying to get a nice shot and these boats kept going past!

On Monday we went to Bondi Beach!!!! It was lovely! Had a tour of Sydney first on a hop on hop off open top bus - remember to look out for those low branches! - The sand was nice and soft - proper sand nothing like at Paraparaumu Beach in Wellington.  Saw some surfers waiting for waves and some learners. Hot. Sunny! The surrounding bit was picturesque.  Mom says that the surfers were hot.

It rained on Tuesday - but lets not mention that. It can't rain in Aussieland or Kiwiland - that's not normal it should be nice and sunny all the time!  I got my fifth souvenir pressed penny from the Monorail - it cost $4.90 AUD each and took about 10 minutes to go all around the Monorail track but it was fun and dry.

Wednesday/today we spent most of the morning re-packing! Then went out for a little bit of shopping - Mom found a gorgeous purple necklace (which she will get a Christmas) and I found a nice shirt.  I think the back of my neck got sunburnt at Bondi.  It just aches and feels a little raw.  I always try to be careful - I still remember the sun burn I got in Russia - it killed me! and that was about 6 years ago.

Tomorrow we leave Sydney :(
Jumping on a plane for a loooonnnnngggggggg flight to London via Singapore for a few hours.  I will make sure that my iPod is fully charged before we leave for the airport and I have my sleeping pills and hand sanitizer and body lotion.  Food and drink will be purchased after getting through security - air plane food sucks.  See you in London.  We arrive on Friday morning. (6:35 am - apparently there is a 6.35 in the am now - who knew?!)


Lunch time at the Botanic gardens. From here you can see both the Opera House and the Bridge.

Lots of water is needed over here! It HOT!

This performance is infront of the Opera House.  A french guy 'dances' with this digger to music.  It was really cool to watch but a little difficult to get good photographs.

One of the most photographed icons in Sydney/the world.

This is the concert we went to on Friday night. I wish it had lasted about 5 or 10 hours though.

Of course I took Stitch with me on holiday. He's looking very happy across the harbour from the bridge - apparently known as the coat hanger!?

12 September 2010

in sydney

I can't remember when I last blogged or even the last time I came online.  i have lost all track of the days! My new headphones are super cool! We had seats over the engines which did suck - but my headphones (with the noise cancelling) worked really well.  It didn't block out all of the noise but it was a lot quieter. When we got to Sydney it was dark.  We eventually got to the hotel and found somewhere to get some food.

The next day (Wednesday) was better.  We walked to the National Maritime Museum - which was free - and went to see an exhibition called Quest, about finding the magnetic South Pole.  On Thursday we went to the Sydney Opera House mainly to just pick up our tickets for Friday's concert - Man In Black. 

Amazing!  And today, we ended up there again.  Went on a tram ride around the Botanic Gardens and just did some shopping.  I need to upload those photographs to the computer later and put them in another blog post.

I've been surprisingly okay without 24/7 hour access to the internet. I seem to be needing over 2 litres of water to survive! And we are trying to eat heathliy etc.

I will try to post some more photographs in a couple days.  (This is posted a day later than written because I was told we could get 30 mins net time - can't - an hour is the least amount of time and it is 11.30pm and I'm getting sleepy).

I've lost my mouse mat too so I am using a magazine which is getting annoying! Still have 20 mins of internet time left so will try to upload some more photographs.

6 September 2010

almost leaving

we are currently getting ready to leave nz. I have just finished re-packing my suitcases (yes, that is a plural because I can’t fit everything in my brown suitcase so we have to pay for the excess luggage! I can’t throw any clothes out...)
Woke up on Saturday morning and saw the news about Christchurch’s earthquake. I think the aftershocks have finally stopped. i haven't seen the news since this morning. at least there are community halls and places for people to go to.  at least people look after  you when things like this happen (like when we got evacuated in pounawea in feb).

last night we went to see Avatar in 3D at Reading cinemas in Courtnenay Place. It was so cool! Although I didn't realise how huge my regular popcorn would be.  Earlier we went to the Carters Observatory at the botanic gardens.  I haven't been able to find any Pressed Pennys or Souvenir Coins in Wellington.  All gifts have been bought and are packed up - I just need to get a few things from Sydney.

i can't remember what time I logged on - I only have an hours access. my next post (and I'll try to post some photographs too) will be in Australia!!!! I will be dying my hair a gorgeous bright RED!!! and we are going to a Johnny Cash tribute concert at the Sydney Opera house.  Me and Mom are gonna be walking across the bridge too!!   I will try to blog again in a couple days.

3 September 2010

greetings from wellington city

we have been in this okay hotel in the city since tuesday and i am finally not completely exhausted and am sleeping the whole night through.  i've been trying to have lots of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables to stay healthy. yesterday me and mom went to a scrapbook class in petone. we got to use the new society bird range from kaisercraft. and got absolutely soaked on the way home!

i just need to send a couple more emails then i can read for the rest of the afternoon. we are planning on going to the gym later (then a sneaky starbucks) i haven't really taken many photographs and i still need to find some place that has souvenir coins or pressed pennies in wellington. i have a bunch from around nz but none from wellington. any chance you know which place will have these???

i will try to come on again before we leave for sydney on tuesday.


30 August 2010

another busy day

I just looked at my Google Calender and according to that the internet etc is getting switched off at noon today. I'm glad I looked just now I was going to add a great blog post later with some great moving/packing photographs.

The craft room is eerily tidy (shudder) but my bedroom is still a complete mess (yay) I'm trying to decide if I really need to take a nice black coat.  It is very pretty - but takes up quite a lot of space.... tomorrow at about 9am the removal men come to pack up our stuff for shipping to the UK.  Then we are going to a hotel in the city for a week, then the first flight to Australia. (Will be seeing a Johnny Cash tribute concert at the Sydney Opera House!). 

Then we are flying to London via Singapore - and get a couple days rest.  Then a flight to Portugal for a month for a nice long holiday, then back to London for about a day then onto Guernsey.

I am most excited about seeing my little 12 year old puppy! and then various family members.  I have to check a couple more emails and get back to packing up! I'm not sure the next time I will be able to post something here but I will try to, and I'm going to updating my Facebook status whenever I can.

See you sometime,

22 August 2010

still packing... ramblings

I really don't like the packing part of moving.  There just seems to be so much to do and I don't really know how/what to do.  I tend to move stuff from one place to another without having any clear idea what to do with it. 

Even now, looking around the craft room I don't know what to do with some things.  I'd like to take some of these papers with me but will I be able to make good use of them? 

I got a pencil case for my Copic Markers but it's too small.  Five markers don't fit in - so they will be separate from the others.  I did get two cheap school style plastic pencil cases (Pooh Bear and Cars) for our crafting tools.  Seems better to have the craft knifes and blades etc in one bag together - safer.

My mind has gone blank.  Think I will go and start another good book.  Have to get to the library tomorrow.

18 August 2010


We managed to get a lot of good work done today. My suitcase is pretty much packed and more things have been boxed up.  It weighs about 19kgs so that's it.  The max we can take on our last flight is 20kgs.

I've cleaned up a little bit too.  I don't think there is much more to do....

Just trying to find some vegetarian friendly places to eat in Sydney - It would be good to find a couple back up places to eat too (like Subway and Hell).  (I'm gonna miss Hell - there's one in London so I need to find out where!)

Hell is the best pizza place!

12 August 2010

The Shark Place

This is from outside the place looking back at Auckland city.  See the Sky Tower?

I can't remember who's but recreations of the cabins in the Antarctic. Small bunk beds, kitchen, lab room, dark room, etc.

Stringrays!  There were about three in this tank with some other fish.  It was so cool to get a close look at these creatures.

I loved seeing the seahorses.  They were so amazing.  They just seemed to flutter.

These are real penguins! We jumped into a snow cat type thing on a track and got taken on a little ride.  Inside that plastic box are the chicks.  There are huge! and only 6 months old. 

I have a bunch of photographs to scrapbook but I don't know when I'll get round to doing it.