28 January 2010

Thursdays Thoughts

It got up to 25 degrees cel today. Very hot! This is just part of our small garden in the middle of the afternoon. Yesterday I recieved some very good goodies from a new Kiwi friend Tracy.
A lot of stamped images on Stampin' Up card. I colored these in today with my gorgeous Copic Markers, which I love even more. They blend a lot better on this card than Bazzill. I am being real lazy and not rotating these photographs. I love this image! Beautiful!!
Another pretty image from Tracy. I spent some time coloring this little girl in. I think this is a beautiful card.
This one was the last image I colored in today. It is for the Copic Buzz Challenge. I was having a little trouble with the lighting when I took these photographs.

Also a little reminder for you.
On Feb 1st 2010 the EART TEAM are having a Valentine Themed Trunk Show at the Etsy Labs. Remember to show up for some great offers!!

26 January 2010

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The view from our garden. Yes! We actually have a garden that gets SUN! Not just a little balcony that is usually stuck in shade. That white dot is a plane taking off. I didn't get outside quickly so it was already getting distant.

25 January 2010


The winner of the Valentines giveaway was comment number 3! which was Michelle. I have emailed you the special unique code so enjoy shopping!!!

If you would still like a handmade One Of A Kind Valentines Day Card you can shop here.

24 January 2010

On Monday evening at 9:30 EST, February 1. Etsy's virtual lab, the Gallery room is having ONE great Valentines Trunk Show.
My new craft room as of this morning. Still messy with boxes that need to be unpacked and things that need to be tidied.
Our new lounge. With the liluns all together and cozy.
I got to play with my Polymer Clay today! I made these three buttons and a bead. I don't know if they are cured enough. I put them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 150c. I took them out of the oven because they started to smoke so I quickly took them outside to cool. They are hard, but I need to test their strength. And I could do with some proper tools.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday here in Wellington so another restful day, and Mom has Tuesday off work to settle in a bit more. Hopefully on Wednesday everything will be good and back to normal. Expect lots of cool new cards and more photographs.

21 January 2010

My secret lover and drug of choice.

moving day and other news

I just started playing with this website. It's still in beta mode (being tested) but it is so cool. Check out my page.

The reason for this post is to let you know that tomorrow is moving day so I won't be online very much.

You can still buy cards from my shop (I am having a great special offer!) and I WILL be checking my emails but it will most likely be in quick five minute breaks and at night time.

If there is anything urgent please tweet to me

Oh, my special offer at my shop. Until JAN 26th I am offering a 20% discount if you use the code: MOVEIT


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20 January 2010

There are still five days left to enter the Giveaway

Card Class

These are the five cards that we made yesterday at class. I think I got about 4 completely finished at class. It was an intensive class! with some new techniques learnt.
This is the card that I finished at home. The stamped sentiment was done in class. There is half a rub on of a daisy on the green card and a rub on on the yellow flower.
I actually forgot my rub on tool (and every card needed a rub on!) but I was okay. I realised that the end of a pair of Fiskars scissors worked okay with rub ons.
The rub on sentiment was put on the patterned paper, then run upside down through a Xyron (sticker maker) and stuck to a microscope slide.

I love this card! It's the second one we made. There is suppost to be a bow in matching green/white ribbon but I didn't have the right glue, and I haven't got round to fixing it.
This was the first card we made. The sentiment is below a microscope slide, same as above.

All these great cards were made from $15USD worth of supplies, and still got lots of bits left over to play with!

19 January 2010

Door Hanger

I finished my door hanger for my new craft room yesterday. It is 8x8 inches and about 96% made with what I already had/recycled bits.

I don't actually like closed doors, so when I am in the room I will be able to see this. I find this digi stamp and the colors very peaceful and relaxing.

I love this rub on in the corner. It was left over from the card class I did yesterday, and since it is part of the Lilac Avenue collection it fits perfectly here.

I love this blue pom pom ribbon. I wasn't going to use it on this. There isn't really any blue in the papers but I think it looks gorgeous and just finishes it off.

The bits I already had in my stash:
Cardboard from a packaging box
Purple Cardstock
White Flowers
Most of the patterned paper

What I had to buy:
Small purple and green flowers
Patterned paper (stripes going down)
Digi Stamp
Pom Pom Ribbon
Rub On

18 January 2010

A random post so there is something for you to read. I got this digital stamp last week and I have so loved coloring her in! I love the meditative pose and I feel calmer when I look at her.
I am getting better at coloring with Copics. I wouldn't say I'm an expert. Since I only have Bazzill card I can't do much blending as the card bleeds. So I have to remember not to use too much ink/color.
Tomorrow, me and my momma are going to our local scrapbook store to make some cards using these papers. (Lilac Avenue by KaiserCraft). When I was making the card above I decided to make a door hanger for my new craft room. This is really basic scrap supplies I used to make it. I'm not sure what it needs? I want to add some flowers but I don't really want to buy anything new - but if I must...
Do you think that is colored in good?

Maybe some green flowers, with purple flowers and a bit of purple bling??

14 January 2010

Sassy Studio Design Challenge

This card is for the Sassy Studio Design Challenge, and the Copic Buzz Challenge.
The digital stamps are from SSD. The smaller ones along the side are mounted on chipboard and a 3D pop dot.

13 January 2010

Giveaway Time

The first giveaway of 2010.
A $5 gift certificate to be used on Valentines Cards ONLY.
Only ONE of these will be given.
Shipping is not included in the offer.
Expires 14/02/10

To enter:
Leave A Comment
Please leave an email address so I can contact you.

Anyone around the world can enter
This giveaway will end 26/01/10

10 January 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Can you believe its almost February?!
We just started this decade and it is also a 12th gone!
I've been making these wonderful lovely Valentines Cards. I love the sweet subtle shades of blue, red, with a hint of cream.

Don't forget your loved ones this year.

6 January 2010

Craft Room

I am about to get my very own craft room! It will be 100% mine! But I need some help figuring out where everything can go.

I want the best possible way to use the space. I think with this plan I am wasting wall space. I want to be able to get to everything easily (ie printers, computer, storage draws, light box)

Any help?!


I don't this is the best way to use the space.

I think this plan would work. The computer will be on the work table, so it will be close to the printer cables, so easy to print and scan. I'll have the light behind me and can have to storage draws (where all my embellies and papers live) around me.


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4 January 2010

Our Christmas

I whipped out some digital scrapbook layouts yesterday. All these photos were taken on Christmas Day. We are going to a Craft Retreat in February and I don't know if I should scrap these photos now or wait....
Mom relaxing under the Christmas Tree.
Taking self portraits. Had to do something in the morning (had to wait for the others to get ready) before opening the pressies.

3 January 2010


Happy 2010 Everyone!

I only make resolutions that I know I can keep.
Last year I think they were to drink more water, be happy etc.

This year's are similar.
Drink more water.
Eat healthier.
Make PnkGeeni more of an actual business (keeping track of costs).

What are yours?