3 November 2010

Funky Mini Album

I really love crafting.  It gives me something to think about and you get a great item at the end.

This is the album I've been making today. Inside are blank dark brown cardstock folded like a accordion. I just been to find/take/decide what photographs to use for it.

I might try to push the black circle bit up.  Its a piece of chipboard with a brad holding it through the cover but it is very difficult to tie together.

Our Italian lessons are tonight. I have to keep an eye on the time.  I need to make sure that all three of us have notebooks, pens and our books for the class.  I am even making a packed dinner for my Mom to have in the car on the way to the class. (Should probably find out where it is).

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to write a little bit of Italian.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Italian?? I love you Jeni! I never know what to expect when I read your blog. I love that you are travelling the world!! What a wonderful experience you are having. Thanks for taking me along for the ride!! Hugs~Sharon