5 July 2011

Moving Places

My Gran has had to move from her little flat that she's lived in for about 10 years (it's being knocked down and re-built) so she is moving to this nice little bungalow with her own garden.  She actually moved last Friday and I am still waiting for the address to send her a nice welcome home card.  It sucks for me because that is one address I've NEVER had to think about.  I don't know why but I will always remember that address.

We choose to send her a sweet, subtle picture of a tree just coming into blossom as the main image on the card. Hopefully she will really like it there.

3 July 2011

How Do These Things Always Happen To Me

Somehow I've managed to hurt my wrist. I've knocked it or banged it against something and it aches! I can move it a little without it hurting but not much.  I got a proper support bandage thing at the weekend and hopefully it will help.

Sunday we continued tiling the bathroom walls.  Not much left to do and it will be a beautiful relaxing chilling out room!

2 July 2011

Many many more cards to be listed.
I am always open to creating custom pieces for your nearest and dearest.