28 October 2011

Cooking, Wine and Cinque Terre

 We learnt how to make pasta.  I'm really not into cooking when it involves getting messy.

 Limoncello!  I preferred the Grappa.

 Our new Miss Italia bus.
 In our first stop in Cinque Terre - Manarola.  I love the fence made from branches.  I mainly just took this picture to show my brother - since he has a new garden to play with.
 We took the train to our next stop at Vernazza
 Which won't be looking like this right now.  They've had flooding and this beauty is hidden under mud slides right now.

Our last stop was..... Monterosso.

23 October 2011

Picture Time

 I figured it's about time that I start blogging about Italy and actually include some photographs.  It was such a fun trip with great scenery and wonderful new friends!
 We went for a leisurely (I love how American's say this word) stroll along part of the wall surrounding Lucca.
 Then we saw Pisa!!!!! I'm a little too lazy to open any graphics programs to change it the right way.
 I believe this is San Gimignano.  The tower in the background is a little misty but it was amazing to see.

 We stopped for a lovely 'caffe americano' while debating about whether to climb 218 steps to the top of a tower.

Which we then did.  The worst part was the steep ladder at the top but the views were definitely worth it.  I came down that steep ladder very slowly and held onto the hand rail all the way down.  Wish I'd taken a photo of that ladder!!

 Just before getting onto the coach to leave San Gimignano for our first winery.
 Jim and Adriano, our coach driver.
 Not sure where I am standing right now.
 A statue of Romulus and Remus, which are pretty much everywhere in Italy.  I think was in Siena.
 I stole this idea from Ali Edwards.
 I was going to try taking a self portrait and someone offered to take our photograph. 

More photographs to come.

16 October 2011

Back from

Rome yesterday. I would have loved to stroll around St Peter's Square one last time at 6am - but we didn't have time! Had to finish packing and get to the airport for our flight to London.

I met so many amazing people in the last 2 weeks and I am so inspired to get on with my love of crafting.  So... I will be deleting my FarmVille and other games from FaceBook sometime this week.  Seriously need to tidy up this room!!!

And maybe re-arrange things so creating things will be easier.  Need to get some shelves up on the walls and a big notice board so I can keep track of things that need to be done and my goals.

Thank you Jim and Ali for such a great trip.

Almost forgot.... I will be changing my Etsy Shop name from PnkGeeni (since a lot of people spell it wrong) I was thinking to....

JKCrafts or jkcrafts or jkCrafts

What do you think?
(My initials are JKM)

1 October 2011


We are heading to London on Monday and onto Tuscany on Tuesday.

So I will enjoy having no internet access for a couple weeks. (Shouldn't have bad withdraw symptoms.... I hope not).

We will be back in Guernsey 15th Oct with lots of memories, photographs and souvenirs!