30 June 2009

Mid Winter Vintage

This is my second Winter in New Zealand. All the shops seem to have this thing called "Mid-Winter Christmas Sale". I have started thinking about what to do for Christmas. I am planning on getting some gorgeous digital collaged images of Santa Claus and Angels etc.

I started my search on Etsy and found this amazing shop. Figuring that it might be worth while to try this 'technique' out before the Christmas making rush I decided to buy one collage sheet. As soon as I saw this postcard themed one - I just had to have it!

I've printed out a couple sheets of these images just to see what paper/printer setting is best and they all just look gorgeous!!

This one has to be my favorite so far. All 12 postcard images in the collage printed on marble effect 6x4 card. I just can't decide if there should be something in the bottom corner. A "thanks"??? It reminds me of this card from last year.

Planning on making a set like these.

This one is the Victorian Woman Greeting Card.

Tonight, I am hoping to get my tabbed journal altered scrapbook album finished. So hopefully, I will be able to take photographs tomorrow.

Let me know what you think of the Victorian woman card and the other images.

29 June 2009

Latest Creations

There was finally some good light (not too harsh shadows) to take some photographs of the cards I made a couple days again.

These are just a few of the boys one.
Some aren't listed at my etsy shop - so they are sneak peaks.

The latest special offer at my store is "All postcards are HALF PRICE"

In other news, I went for a blood test earlier today and my arm is still sore. I still managed to get to the gym today but was too tired to finish the tabbed journal album. Hopefully I will be able to get this finished (with journaling) tomorrow.

26 June 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ Cara's Scrap 'N Stamp Art

This weekends feature comes from Cara's Scrap 'N Stamp Art

Random facts:

1. I happily share my life with my fabulous husband, two fantastic sons and a 2 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

2. I've been making cards and scrapbooks for over ten years. I get inspiration from the colorful world that surrounds me.

Sparkle - An Altered Notebook for Journaling

3. I love music, especially 80's hair band tunes and new age music. My guys do not share in my taste in music.

4. I love genealogy and traced my family history back 7 generations.

5. The beach is where I long to be

25 June 2009

Supplies Pt 2

I will be going to a craft show next month so I am trying to find uses for all the bits and pieces I have had for over a year. This has led to a new section in my store. Supplies is where all the wonderful papers etc that I have collected are trying to find new homes. I had great ideas when I bought all this stuff but obviously that never happened.

Shipping is only 75% of the actual shipping price.

Time for me to get to work.

23 June 2009

Flowers For Boys

I just finished making these little flowers that would work on boy cards/scrapbook pages. The paper is boy themed and the little brads just add that manly touch.

Buy THREE cards and pay $5.00 for WORLD WIDE Shipping @ PnkGeeni Handmade Stationery

19 June 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ JBart

This weekends feature is coming from JBart.

Humming Bird

My name is jaleh and I live in Kenmore, Washington . I have lived in this area for 25 years and absolutely love it (even the rain!).I am a graphic designer .My day time jab is dressmaking and alterations .And at night i do my painting and designing cards.

I have always been creative , so it wasn’t something that just happened one day.

I love painting and Illustrating and best part is when i see the final creation.

My favorite art media, tools is Photoshop/Illustrator/and water color

When my creative block happens I go to park or art show or online to see what other doing .

16 June 2009

New Category

Finally found a place for all my crafting goodies that were bought with good intent and never got used. A new category in my shop called (amazingly) Supplies.

15 June 2009

Buy 3 cards and get $5.00 Flat Rate World Wide Shipping @ PnkGeeni Handmade Greeting Cards

12 June 2009

Weekend Window Shopping - Firefly Notes

This weekend's shopping feature comes from Firefly Notes. I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful cards.

George Herbert Quote GREETING CARD

5 random facts?? ummm....
I am a mother of 2 boys who loves to craft for sanity in any spare moment of the day.

I take my inspiration from my life experiences, friends and family.

I was featured in Scout magazine, http://www.scoutmagazine.ca search "fireflynotes". This was a great boost for Firefly Notes and me!!

I really like being a newbie on the craft fair circut. What fun this is!!

Etsy Greetings is a great place for info and networking!

11 June 2009

We got back from Hamilton on Tuesday but I just got round to uploading the photographs. This is me getting hooked up to the Rock Climbing rope.

3 June 2009

Weekend Window Shopping - Cards & Moore by Terri

This weekend's window shopping is coming from the store called Cards & Moore By Terri

I have always been an artsy person but I started stamping 4 years ago and it has been a great stress reliever for me.

I have 2 dogs Sophie a 4 yr old Border Collie Mix that we got from the Shelter and Lily a 3 yr old purebread Westie

I live in Denver, CO with my 11 yr old daughter Emilia and my husband Rich. I also homeschool Emilia.

I love bright colors but my favorite color is red with bright pink being a close second.

I make stamping technique videos once a month and share them on my blog http://www.terrbear38.blogspot.com/

I hope you enjoyed this weekend's feature.
This post is up a day early because first thing Friday morning I am on a plane to Hamilton. The one must-do thing there is the glow worm caves! I'll be back here on Tuesday night.
I have been home alone most of the day. The rest of the family have gone up to Hamilton. I am going up on Friday.

While I have been alone, I have been tidying up my crafting area. It's still a little messy but it tidier.

Last week, I recieved this goodie pack of Valentine scrapbook goodies, just from subscribing to the only New Zealand scrapbooking magazine. Since my mom pays for the subscription I am leaving half the goodies for her.

Inside the box:
Lots of heart shaped, cupid shaped, love shaped buttons, jewels and glittery bits.
Seven sheets of patterned paper.
Two sheets of lace paper.
Three heart shaped scalloped 12x12 paper.
Two sheets of 7Gypsies stickers.
One bear.

I spent a couple days thinking about what to make. I decided on using some scrap cardboard to make a three page "altered tabbed album". I added some more pages using matching red cardstock. I used about half one of the 7Gypsies stickers to finish the album. I printed the photographs (all of my mom) with a slight sepia effect so the colors wouldn't clash with the white, red and cream paper.

A thin piece of ribbon/fiber holds all the pages together.

I am giving this to my mom next Tuesday, when we get back from our short holiday.

1 June 2009

Monday Evening

Very soon, my brother & his girlfriend will be leaving for there trip around the world. First, they are coming to New Zealand. We will be having a short vacation in Hamilton, before coming back to Wellington.

Another update with (hopefully) new cards listed in my store will be here tomorrow.