24 September 2010

in another time zone.

we have left sydney! the flight to singapore was okay. a bit horrible - the vege food sucked! i only had some of the last meal which was a tart of some sort.  at sydney airport (after security) i could only find chocolate, so got two bars to take with me.  i watched a lot of csi vegas and the mentalist.  (mom watched the last airbender). singapore airport was just like every other airport.  we got off the plane, went through security and then were in the waiting room for 30 minutes.

i took a sleeping pill on the next part of the flight, but it took ages to have an effect.  i just couldn't get comfortable and being suck in a tiny seat with no space to move around in.  i put the silence of the lambs on and eventually fell asleep.

london.  how can anyone live there happily? it was so busy and noisy and there seem to be all these rules - are you actually allowed to breathe??

we went into london on the saturday (i think) and found the disney store near bond street station. it took us about two hours to walk there from victoria.  we stopped for lunch outside buckingham palace, and asked directions from cops twice.

i definately miss starbucks in nz. i think mom does too.  it is no longer a trim latte. if you say trim noone knows what you are talking about. it is a skim or skinny or non fat.  all the coffee tasted different.

the hotel we stayed at in london is another story all together. i think it deserves a post of its own - my mom took some photographs of the problem.  in a nutshell the rooms they gave us were pure horrible and disgusting. coming from a 24+ hour flight it made us feel like getting out of london asap.

the first thing we thought when we got out of the airport in portugal was, firstly that we had gone the wrong way and secondly that it was HOT!  it was a nice air condictioned van that drove was here to the old town.  it is such a nice little area.  cobble stone roads and lots of street vendors. this is our fifth day here and i think we are used to the temperature.  i haven't accidentally had any nuts etc (only in london - a cheese toastie on grain bread - had an allergic reaction about 2 minutes later but was fine when we landed).  The only problem with food is that I found some ham in our cheese toasties - but only a small amount. 

me and mom have crafted almost every morning we've been here. we've explored quite a lot of the little roads and been in a few stores.  i have matching blisters on my first toes! so yesterday i was looking for some soft jandels or sandels with no posts between the toes. i found some gisele bunchen jandels. i saw these in napier for $25NZD and got a nice pair in bronze.  i was looking for the right size in the pink jandels but the shop didn't have any so i got the green.  they are so much softer than my others.  i didn't really want to buy any more shoes but it was either that or spend about the same amount on blister plasters.

we are going to try to get online today so i can post this.  i can't post any pictures because i wanted to re-size them and i can't find the usb thing for my mouse.  i will try to have photographs next time.

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