29 November 2010

This weekend

it snowed. It NEVER snows here in Guernsey in November. It might snow in Feb - but even that is usually unlikely.  At 9.30am my Mom came into my room and woke me up.  I was out of bed quickly and pulled on my boots to go outside and take some photographs.

The two photographs above were taken before 10am.  Doesn't the snow look lovely?
It was 1pm when we decided to wrap up and go out to take some photographs. Thick coat, woolly hat and gloves and still only lasted about 3 minutes until we went back inside.
Cold but still beautiful.
This is my Mom taking a photo of Sally the pig.  (Who hasn't moved in the last month - I don't think she is real).
Just after midnight this morning it started snowing again! It is really cool.  Maybe it just seems more amazing and fun to us since it never snowed in Wellington NZ.  (And because we are having this cold weather earlier than 'normal' - Aussie and NZ will be having an absolutely gorgeous summer)!

A couple from this morning.  It was quite sunny so most of it has melted.

Beautiful.  I might be having a white birthday this year.

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