31 May 2010

Mid Winter Christmas

It's almost June!
It's almost half way through the year.
And it's almost Mid Winter Christmas!

I really truly love having a nice warm sunny Christmas.  I love being able to wear shorts and be barefoot all day and going out to sunbathe along the waterfront - but it doesn't feel like Christmas. 

So having a Mid Winter Christmas in June is wonderful.  It gets dark, cold and rainy! And it feels like Christmas too! (Although if you talk to people born in NZ, they can't imagine having a cold Christmas).  Plus, there are all the Mid Winter Christmas sales in the shops, and my shop won't be any different.

Very soon I will be listing Christmas cards at special prices.  A great chance to stock up on cards and get a bargain too!

My monthly newsletter will be going out soon (do you want to sign up?)

Once I have listed some Christmas items I will be sending out another mini newsletter will a special offer code just for the subscribers. Make sure you have signed up so you don't miss out!

27 May 2010

Finishing Touches

I've been working on my scrapbook pages this week. I started this page yesterday and added the journalling today. I needed some time to think about the title.

My Mom added a velvet strip onto the collar of her new purple coat at the weekend.  For some reason I was in a stitching mood yesterday.  The black running stitch border around this double page layout was done by hand.

I used some of the extra black velvet we had to make some of these ribbon/fabric flowers.  And I tried one in purple ribbon just to see how it's meant to look.  I think the fabric is just too 'floppy' for this technique.

I finally got a page from the Round The Vines 10k walk we did back in March scrapped. I've had the journalling typed and printed for a while it just took me a while to decide on a photograph. I wanted one that had all three of us.

The title was done with an alphabet and my Cuttlebug on Purple Shiny Sticker paper.  The dies didn't really cut all the way through properly so I have accidentally ripped some of the letters but you can't really tell.  The edges of the papers and photo has been inked with Ancient Page in Lavender.

And I have finally finished this page.  It only needed a title and some journalling and I have done both today.

26 May 2010

Mother Layout

Okay, I'm not sure about this.  I have a clear idea when I started it but.... Maybe its the bold red circle?

I used my Stampin Up scallop punch on a piece of scrap card and used it as a template to give a scalloped border doodle.  And a simple stamp in Lavender to finish.

25 May 2010


I made this layout yesterday but something didn't look right.  I wanted to add another button the other side of her name to balance it out, and maybe some glitter to the star.  The three photographs are of Maddi.  My baby barista bear from Starbucks.  She's showing off her foot with the Starbucks label.  I couldn't do anything to it yesterday since I had to run out to catch the bus to the gym.

I finished it off today.  I love it.

24 May 2010

Your thoughts on this stall set up?
I wasn't sure about it all day.  Something didn't feel right....

19 May 2010


blueyou3, originally uploaded by Jeni PnkGeeni.

17 May 2010

A Simple Yet Delicious Greeting Card

When I saw this card sketch I instantly had an idea what to do. I love the simplicity of it.

It is available at my Etsy Shop here.

16 May 2010


P5080034_edited-1, originally uploaded by PnkFotoGeeni.

I took this photo at the end of our last Stall day. This Saturday will be our third stall. We are getting the same sized table. Can we improve this set up at all?

15 May 2010

Etsy Greetings Team Sale!

The EtsyGreetings Team on Etsy are having a 5 Spot Sale!

For Saturday, May 15 Only! if you spend $5 in a participating shop, you will receive a $5 gift certificate toward your next purchase of $10 or more!

See the EtsyGreetings blog for all participating shops.

14 May 2010

Happy Birthday

We are celebrating a couple very special Birthdays today.

Today is my little Dragon Brothers Third Birthday.  We had a quick impromptu photo shoot earlier to get some good shots of lil KJ (short for Krakofski Janet) for his scrapbook birthday page.
KJ (or Unkie KJ) is originally from Krakow Poland and was picked out of a 'shop' by my Mom and Stepdad.  Making him my adorable baby Brother.  When he was 4 months old he went to Disney Land Paris and spent a week with Cinderella! (In the castle!!) Ate too much chocolate with Cinders (in bed - I'd guess) and had a cutie baby named Oggie.

And my Dragon Tattoo is exactly a year old.
Happy First Birthday Charlie.

 She was born a year ago today at 11am approx.  I still love her.  She isn't teething or digging in her claws anymore and can't wait for a nice treat later tonight.  (Red Bull Vodka).

Keeping Charlie nice and warm.  I had to cover her when I was making her little birthday card.

13 May 2010

I did make some cards today and I've been playing around with some origami.  I want to do some other origami cards other than these

My light box is currently covered in other cards so I can't take any photographs right now.  But I promise to take some tomorrow.

In my shop, I have been re-listing some Fathers Day cards.  If you would like a custom one, then please Convo me or leave a comment here.

10 May 2010

Many Shades of PINK treasury

I'm in a treasury!  My Happy Birthday Butterfly card is right there! Just above this text.  (Row 4)
Go to this treasury and leave some love.

9 May 2010

It's time for vote for the title of this layout.  The poll should have gone up on Friday but I was super busy with getting everything ready for the stall.

Vote wisely, because the winner will be getting some goodies from me.
35% off all full priced items!
Must be paid for today!
Sunday 9th May
Ends Monday 10th @ 9am

7 May 2010

Where will you be this weekend?

This Saturday I will be a stall holder at Frank Kitts Market from 10am - 4pm
In the evening I have a few last minute things to do on the Mothers Day gifts, and Sunday will be a nice relaxing "read all day" day.

6 May 2010

Going for an urban look/feel with these photographs.  The lace card that covers this acetate card is the left over from this layout.  The color has slightly changed because of the ink I rubbed over it.  I just need to put a white insert inside - so you can write on it and it's ready to be sold.

I love how these cards look. 

What I look at everyday.  It's just to the right of me.  My wonderful wall hanging which I made myself before we'd moved in here.  My lovely Japanese Cherry Blossom incense bamboo sticks thing.  I love the scent!  And some work in progress and other things.

4 May 2010

A busy day looks like this!  And this is only half the table. But at least I got something creative done today, I can clean up later.....

Another layout with photographs from Easter.  Slowly getting through them.  I used five small photographs as the title.  I like the small border around all the photos and three bright boy themed buttons look wonderful on the bright red cardstock.

This next one is something new I tried.  Didn't work out exactly as I'd thought but its still cool.

I ripped and inked the edges of the photograph and did the same with the card matt.  Behind the photo - instead of having a full page of that pink leafy lace paper I cut a corner out.  Used a few glue dots to hold it in place and rubbed in over it to give a nice relief stencil effect.  I would have liked to have a more ragged ripped edge instead of a straight line.

Finished with some butterfly punches (from pink alligator textured paper) and a little bit of bling.

The best thing I learnt today:
If you have a sheet of lace paper but the color isn't the right shade you want.  You can rub ink over it (I used cotton wool balls) and change the shade of it.  Now, I have a piece of lace paper that is a nice darker pink.

Four days until my next craft show.  (Getting a bigger table).  I know I should be working on some things for it.  Still not sure..... signs are important but where's the best place to put them?

I am now going to rest and continue reading James Patterson's Pop Goes The Weasel.

1 May 2010

Exactly two years ago today we arrived in New Zealand.

I remember being stuck on a plane for four hours!  Or flight was delayed in Heathrow.  (Uncle John passed away about two days before).  But we eventually got on a working plane and took off. 

I'm still glad I didn't take a sleeping pill until after take off!

I watched a total of 10 movies from LAX to Auckland Airport.

From Wellington airport we got a taxi to Petone.  (And learnt how to pronounce that too.)  Then it was a walk to Briscoes to get some bedding and Pak N Save for food!!

Then what.... none of this is really scrapped so it's just from memory.... I know I fell asleep and when Mom woke me up it was time to go to bed.  I had a lot of chocolate chip cookies from Pak N Save for dinner around this time.

Just remembered that I did scrap a page about this.  But since it has heart felt journalling - I hid it behind another layout.