30 August 2010

another busy day

I just looked at my Google Calender and according to that the internet etc is getting switched off at noon today. I'm glad I looked just now I was going to add a great blog post later with some great moving/packing photographs.

The craft room is eerily tidy (shudder) but my bedroom is still a complete mess (yay) I'm trying to decide if I really need to take a nice black coat.  It is very pretty - but takes up quite a lot of space.... tomorrow at about 9am the removal men come to pack up our stuff for shipping to the UK.  Then we are going to a hotel in the city for a week, then the first flight to Australia. (Will be seeing a Johnny Cash tribute concert at the Sydney Opera House!). 

Then we are flying to London via Singapore - and get a couple days rest.  Then a flight to Portugal for a month for a nice long holiday, then back to London for about a day then onto Guernsey.

I am most excited about seeing my little 12 year old puppy! and then various family members.  I have to check a couple more emails and get back to packing up! I'm not sure the next time I will be able to post something here but I will try to, and I'm going to updating my Facebook status whenever I can.

See you sometime,

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Jeni, how exciting! Singapore...Portugal!!! Wow! Oh how I hope that you have a marvelous time! Please take lots of pictures!! Can't wait to hear from you. Love and Hugs~Sharon