30 November 2008


My LolliShop store is open for business!

Click on the images to go to either the Birthday Cards or Valentines Day Cards

This site is so amazing. It is just so wonderful.
Go visit and fall in love.
My Store At LolliShops Is
The first ten buyers get a nice little
free gift

29 November 2008

100th Post

and the winner of the last giveaway for 2008 is.....



27 November 2008

I've been working on some of the descriptions for LolliShops today. Editing photographs, getting the sizes and tags typed down to save some time later. I always get stuck with what tags to use.

Why is it only after I get ill I remember to drink water? I need to drink water before I get yucky. Do you think that because the Earth is 70% water, and because you are "surrounded" by it constantly that you just forget it?

I haven't made any new cards today. I've been packing a few up in cello bags ready for their new owners. The first ten buyers from my LolliShops store will be getting a little surprise with their purchases. I don't want to say too much.

I'm still not sure which banner I will be using in my store. I have a thing about having all the banners/avatars/business cards etc matching.

I don't know what else to say????
It really has to be something interesting if I want people to come here and read this.

I'll try to make at least one really gorgeous card today so I can blog about it tomorrow. (Going to have a little rest of five minutes first.)

26 November 2008

Goodies Are Here

This is my little daughter Mojito. It's her first birthday in 6 days!!!
Lover of Pink and Bling
She loves wearing ribbons in her hair but it's so difficult to find ways to do this.
The pink bow is from Michelle's Charm World. I just clipped it to some white elastic and made her a nice little headband. I wasn't expecting to find three bows when the package arrived. A great little surprise!

This is what I was expecting. A Lilo and Stitch Phone Charm for me. I've been looking for a phone charm for about 6 months and could never find anything I liked. These are wonderful. They feel secure, and won't scratch my phone.

I also got a Tigger (and Mickey head bead) phone charm - probably for my mom.

And a Mr Incredible - possibly for my dad (I don't know if his phone can have a charm, and my brother doesn't know what a phone charm is. In his words "Not Irish, so not sure what you mean by charm" - Give him a break he's old.

Oo, and a really nice pair of earrings. And....

There's an and!

... a little plastic box that will definately come in useful.

Okay, I think that is all I have to say about this order.
Have you seen this??


Great for Advertising

Indie Craft Wall

25 November 2008

3rd Blog Giveaway

The last giveaway for 2008.

You have a chance to win these three cards.

Just leave a comment here with a valid email address.

I will pick a winner on... Sunday 30th November

Thanks for reading the blog.

Comment away....

24 November 2008

owl card

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

Loving the colours on this card. And the owl stamp is just so pretty.

I'll probably be back tonight to blog more. Feeling energy less right now.

23 November 2008

I'm thinking about doing one last giveaway for 2008.
Something to tie in with the offical opening of LolliShops.
I need to figure out exactly how many to include, then I will do this last giveaway of 2008.

It will be a beautiful candy covered card giveaway.

I got some gorgeous new gladiator style sandels today. My other sandels tended to "flop" so I needed something that would stay on my feet and not hurt me. They are so gorgeous!

Tomorrow I will be making lots more new cards and taking photographs and blogging.

Good Night

21 November 2008


Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

It might be a little early to be thinking of Valentines Day. But I have about ten cards for this special day already.

I love the bright colours on this one.

All Christmas pressies have been posted back to the UK, and I picked up a few more Christmas Gifts. I got a little Chi stamp a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it. It's such a cute stamp, and I am so glad I bought some great black ink that doesn't runs when you use water pens. It's even cuter coloured.

Have to go get back to making some more cards and sets of cards.


19 November 2008

Bamboo Flowers 2

Bamboo Flowers 2
Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

This lovely little bamboo flower card will be available through Lollishops. You pick up this cute flowered card on Monday 1st December for $4.50 USD (exclu. shipping).

I love the texture of the bamboo paper. Maybe I should call it "Summer Garden". The rick rack ribbon and the bamboo stalks remind me of a little flower planter or flower patch in your garden.

Pink Princess Set

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I've been trying to find some photograph to blog about. I finally decided to see if Flickr would actually post this photograph of three cute princess cards.

These are just plain cute! Shiny embossed patterned paper with a sweet cupcake image stamped randomly. These cards will be available only through LolliShops. Which opens in about eight days!!!!

Our skating lessons are this Saturday. I already feel addicted. I've been looking at forums and videos etc to pick up tips on the basics. Moving forward, stopping, turning.

Watching Heroes right now (i think it's the third season) but I should switch off and relax the few hours before bedtime.

Tomorrow I have to get working some new wonderful cards.

whatever you want to call me

18 November 2008

Gifts for buyers

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I've been thinking about what to offer the first 10 or 20 buyers from my shop at LolliShops. So far I've only got three sets of these little cards, but would you like to receive these?

I know Sharon loved them when she received some similar to these. But how many should I make?

Ten sets of Twenty sets??

We are almost ready to post all the Christmas presents to the UK. Just have to make sure that everything is secure and tape up the boxes. Then I will be sent to the Post Shop to get them gone!

I only have a couple of Christmas pressies left to buy - but they don't have to be posted anywhere, so there's no rush to get them.

And I'm thinking about getting a couple vouchers for some people. (I can't say who in case they read this).

Time to get back to drinking some coffee and maybe doing something creative.

17 November 2008


Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I really enjoyed making this skull. It's made from chipboard which I painted a nice espresso brown. It has now been covered with green/pink/grungy patterned paper.

I love how this has come out.

You can see the front page @ this blog

I haven't done any crafting for lollishops today, but since we did a lot yesterday I figured it was alright to rest today.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

14 November 2008


Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

Get on the Dance Floor under flashing neon lights and celebrate a wonderful party and present filled birthday with this amazingly bright card.

I'm been trying to change the email address for this blog, but I hasn't moved the comments replied to thing. Back to using about three email address - but its a lot simplier to use.

Have to see if the Xmas rubons I have will work with the papers on my Christmas tree.

Hopefully we're going skating tomorrow. Will make sure I have the camera AND memory card and plasters (just in case).

I may find something more interesting to say later.

13 November 2008

Love This Tree

tree1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love this photograph. I was going to blog about one of my new cards but looking through flickr this is the only picture that really reached out and grabbed at my heart. If you want to see these cards click HERE.

It's the bright colours and non-traditional Christmas colours. Since this is my first Christmas in Summer I didn't want any deep reds or greens.

LolliShops is going to be open soon! Exciting!! Make sure you check out all the wonderful stores that will be there (and mine!!)

Time for another coffee or else I will fall asleep.
Should get back to make some more cards.

11 November 2008

Christmas Tree Glitters Under The Stars

The mostly finished tree for our dining room table. The one in the background is for us. The one in the front (painted egdes only) is the one my mom is making for her desk at work. Photo taken on our lovely Kiwiana wipeable table cloth.

Paint the tree with trusty acrylic using a foam brush, use the tree as a template and cover with paper, add embellies to make pretty.

I still need to add some little things to this tree, just to tie all the pieces together.

The front cover. Simple embellies over a gorgeous Doodlebug Designs loopy paper. I don't think that tag is going to work. It's too heavy at the top. And a little paisley thing hanging from ribbon. Just to add interest.

Mix and match of scrapbook quality patterned paper. Doodlebug Designs, American Crafts, and small bits from Kaiser Crafts. The doodled egdes really finish the whole thing perfectly.

believe - i hate bad rubons. These weren't the best. They moved so the finished piece had white lines where the paper had moved. Filled in with a good black pen.

Santa Claus. I'm going to try and move the "S" closer to the "anta".
I love the page with "claus" in green Doodlebug Rubons. The page is so simple and clean but so gorgeous!

I just bought a new 1" circle punch since I knew that I wanted actual circles (not almost circles) on this tree. Used sugar coated brads from Doodlebug Designs to hold the circles, which are stuck with Pop Dots.

Believe in Magic. There should be a tag under the two strips of ribbon, but it fell out. The snowman is semi-surrounded by the sugar coated brads. My mom said that they look like sweets.

The back of the album. Pretty plain. I have a nice "Limited Edition/OOAK" stamp to go on the back here.
Any suggestions to complete this tree?
I'm thinking of the next blog giveaway - but it will have to wait until December. I think I will tie it into Lollishops.

Oh Christmas Tree

We bought two of these chipboard bare naked swivel Christmas Trees.
I started the painting of these trees a couple days ago, and got most of the paper cut and decorated yesterday.

I have just finished the front cover - when the tree is closed. I added a tag out of DoodleBug paper, sugar coated brads and a simple rub on.

And please ignore my messy desk.

Hopefully on Saturday we will go skating. I booked some lessons (mainly to learn to stop!) but haven't had any confirmation.

I wanted to get lots of really bright pinks and oranges and blues from the scrapping store, but they didn't really have much choice. I like how the whole trees come out. It's not finished yet, but at least most of it is finished and there is still a lot of choose of papers etc for my mom to use.

It's about 44 days to Christmas, and theres a few birthdays before, and one a few weeks after.

Do I have anything else to say???

LolliShops is a juried, online selling venue for talented artists, collectors of vintage and art supply vendors

I guess not.
Remember to come and visit LolliShops when it offically opens in a couple weeks.

10 November 2008

crown birthday

crown1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

Have a Royal birthday with this cute 3" square card.

I didn't make any new creations today. I have been busy painting a tree, then covering it in paper and other pretty things.

And please check out this blog.
Should I make more of these cards/envelopes?

9 November 2008

Love You Card

loveyou1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I loved making this card. The pink background paper has pink stamped swirls all over it.

Completed with a simple velvet heart brad and love you letters.

8 November 2008

just a little note

we grabbed the train to the craft store at lunch time. picked up a few good non leaky glasses from the mitre 10 store then it was to the craft store!

they didn't have as much as i would have liked. (this is only the 4th time we've been there). but we spent a few $$$, and probably have enough stuff for the trees to be decorated nicely.

then we went for a walk around petone (we lived there for about four months) not much has changed. finally the train arrived and we journeyed home.

i so needed a nap when we got back home!

7 November 2008


lovestm, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love stamping on textured cardstock. I love the effect it gives you. And it works really well with the aged effect on the cardstock. A couple paper flowers finish it off perfectly.

Tomorrow we are going to pick up these chipboard Christmas Trees and buying everything to decorate them with. I'm still stuck on the design on mine. I just can't decide how to decorate it. So I just have to make sure I buy enough to give me choices when we get round to doing these.


6 November 2008

Love Notes

note1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love this photograph of five little square notecards in a little box (will be re-made) and tied up with gorgeous pink ribbon.


4 November 2008

The rules are that you can only answer each question with one word - not a simple as it sounds. Here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? bed

2. Your significant other? mojo

3. Your hair? red

4. Your mother? work

5. Your father? UK

6. Your favorite thing? pretty

7. Your dream last night? forgot

8. Your favorite drink? coke

9. Your dream/goal? success

10. The room you're in? lounge

11. Your fear? illnesses

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? NZ

13. Where were you last night? home

14. What you're not? busy

15. Muffins? banana

16. One of your wish list items? dog

17. Where did you grow up? Guernsey

18. The last thing you did? tweeted

19. What are you wearing? clothes

20. Your TV? living in the sun

21. Your pet? liluns

22. Your computer? lizzie

23. Your life? umm

24. Your mood? okay

25. Missing someone? no

26. Your car? no

27. Something you're not wearing? shoes

28. Favorite Store? starbucks

29. Your summer? Christmas

30. Your favorite color? All

31. When is the last time you laughed? Yesterday

32. Last time you cried? Sunday

33. Who will/would re-post this? You

a) starbucks
b) borders
c) post shop
d) new world

a) liluns
b) mom
c) bro
d) spammers

a) cheese
b) Chocolate
c) Salad
d) egg

a) nowhere
b) sunbathing
c) nowhere
d) shopping

So here's the tag part....if you feel inclined to post this little game on your blog and tag yourself or others, please leave me the link to your blog in a comment so that I can get to know you too!

Love Card

love2, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

Maybe it's a bit early for people to be thinking of Valentines Day, but I am still working on a few cards right now.

This one is 5" square on cream cardstock. Four pieces of patterned paper with stitched effect stamping and bling shiny glittery letters, spelling out "LOVE".

I am trying to think of something to do....I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything really productive. I was planning on working a lot today and getting lots of things done.

I work a lot better when the cards I make are connected by a theme. I.E Travel, Christmas, Birthdays. When I can keep all the same embellies and paper out.

I'm blank.

Hopefully tomorrow's post will be more interesting.

3 November 2008

Four Thank You Cards

th2, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

That come in a little "matchbox" type box.

I am trying to find some inpsiration to get up from behind this screen and make some really pretty cards. I have painted the egdes of four Christmassy themed chipboard shapes. But I hate the paintbrushes I have. They were cheap, and are cheap. Have to pick up some foam brushes soon.

I should clean my work space first. Theres lots of little bits of paper and plastic wrappers that I don't need. By going down to the bins I usually am motivated by the time I get back to the apartment.

And I should thank everyone for visiting this blog. I love seeing the number of visitors when I check Google Anaylics (sp?).



That's it for now. I have to clean!!!

2 November 2008

First Post of November

So far today has been average.

Sat in the sun and read.
Made a few tags. (I need to check the spelling of one word).
Need to change one letter on the above tag.
Made some thank you cards to send out with my stuff.

Need to make a "Get Well" card for my bro.