29 December 2012

December Daily - Day 16 to 25

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December Daily - Day 8 to 15

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8 December 2012

December Daily Day 3 - 7

I am loving December Daily but I'm trying not too overthink anything and not to make it look like last years.  Since we have the same decorations and do the same things day after day I'm trying to make it interesting and different!

Day 3
Day 3 Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

 Day 4
Day 4 (Other than writing that its cold and I want to stay home all snug and warm I don't know what to write....)

 Day 5
Day 5 Spotted Alf (Elf on the shelf) sitting in my Mom's boot.

 Day 6
Day 6. All day while I was shivering at work I was dreaming on snuggling under our nice red blankie!

 DAy 7
Day 7 Lists and dates.

2 December 2012

December Daily 2012

I've had a countdown to when I could start my December Daily for the last two weeks. I am so happy I can start playing!!! Still not sure if I have given myself enough 'stuff' but I should have enough to keep the crafter in me happy.
My front cover. Usually I don't decorate the covers like this, but its for Christmas. I used some Mister Hueys mists. Stamps. Washi tape (which isn't really sticking) and some Studio Calico Mistables - which are lovely!
I tried to keep the first page quite simple.  A basic title of December Daily 2012 and some tree embellishments.

December 1st. I got a hair cut so used a self portrait with my shorter hair (about 5" was chopped off).

December 2nd. We had Layne here for a day of playing.We all did some coloring.

These photographs are really dark. I will try to take photographs of the other days earlier when there is more natural light. Tomorrow is my XXth birthday so I have an idea what my photograph will be. I horribly will have to go to work too. Wearing lots of layers from now til Spring time. Shiver.

Before and After

Yesterday I had my first haircut in about 4 or 5 years! I was ready for it to go. It was getting annoying having sooo much hair! But it's weird having 'shorter' hair!
hair before 
 hair after 
After I don't think I will wait as long for my next hair cut.
I have a before and after photograph that I would love to show you! And I need to start getting December Daily posts up!

I am out of storage for uploading photographs!!!!!

Not sure what to do - so... advice?