20 December 2007


I've been working on our baby pages and grown pages and I've started on the London Holiday in November. My camera is near death so I can't take many pics.

I love scrapping. I'm getting more confident with cutting/ripping pp. I was worried that if it went wrong then I'd just wasted that piece of paper.

It's Christmas in FIVE days. Hopefully my red paper will arrive before then so I can start a few of the Xmas lo's.

13 December 2007

Bad dragon. Stealing my cigarettes.

My gorgeous little angel.

I love this layout. It has all my favourite things on it. And I love that it all fits together.

12 December 2007

more pics

The trees outside the lounge. One looks like it's moving and the other is still.

Artistic trash

Gorgeous family members. Mojito (my baby) Ogg (my nephew) and Krak (my brother)

My fingers always freeze at Christmas time when I'm on the computer. I remembered to buy some of these gloves when I saw them.

11 December 2007

some pics

I love these boots. They are my 23rd bday pressie from my mom.

4 December 2007


years old.
It's 3 weeks till Xmas!!!!!!!!!!