26 February 2012

Snapshots of 2011 - Tutorial E-Book

It is already nearing the end of February! And I've been meaning to do this since this year started... it's been on my to do list every weekend and it always gets pushed back so I decided that today I have to get this done!

We all do so much throughout the year! I started making these Snapshots Albums as a quick way to look back on the year and see what we were doing in a specific month.

This is a small PDF file to help you create your own Snapshots Album. Complete with colour photographs.

You will be emailed with this PDF 24 – 48 hours after payment. If you still haven't received anything after 72 hours please send me thousands and thousands of emails! No refunds or returns.

£10 GBP


$15 USD

19 February 2012

These photographs

were taken last weekend. I needed Mom to take these photographs of me for the full page photograph for my One Little Word. I wanted me, my camera and my camera bag - which has an embroidered map of the world on the front.
It reminded me about having faith that I will travel to new and exciting places....

I've typed the journaling on the photograph and printed it out yesterday but I forgot that the page protectors is 8.5x11 and the photo paper is A4.... different sizes!!!! But I little editing and it looks fine.

13 February 2012


 A few possible shots to go into my One Little Word album for the Feb prompts.
 Faith.... I saved this quote from Jamie Stahl's facebook wall a while ago and it will be making it's way into my album soon.
"Sorrow looks behind,
worry looks around
but faith looks up".

5 February 2012

Blog Post #502

I really need to do posts earlier... I find that if I wait until the afternoon I always get a little sleepy and I seem to forget how to write.... 

For the One Little Word we need to take 9 photographs of our word.  Currently all I am contecting to my word is:

I have FAITH that it will start warming up soon!

Feb is always the coldest month and it is almost half over! I will not be freezing and shivering all day - very soon.  It will start warming up and the sun will be lovely....

I have managed to get some scrapbooking done this weekend and I have 100000% enjoyed it.  I have made a box that is just drying and got some photographs printed out from Siena to be scrapped.

This last week I have realised that I NEED to have a craft night sometime during the week! 

It can't be this cold forever and soon I can wear my converse sneakers (instead of my wooly winter boots) and I'll be walking home in the daylight.... soon.

4 February 2012

Birthday Boy

 It was his first birthday last Saturday, so we saw him on Sunday.

 Yummy food!

 We had so much fun with a little face cloth (Disney's Cars). I put it over his head, and he pushed it down and posed so Nana could take these photographs...

He couldn't pull himself up onto the small coffee table... so he crawled underneath it...
And he tried to get downstairs head first.... it wasn;t working.... I tried to teach him to go down on his butt....
Boys are silly....