28 September 2010

First week in Portugal.

I still don’t know where the usb for the mouse is so I will upload only a few photographs.

The beaches look amazing.

We’ve been on the beach twice so far. Yesterday, (Peter’s birthday) we went for a nice long walk along about three beaches and sat on a stepped pier to wash our feet and sit in the sun. I am really starting to get brown! and it’s not dirt!!!! But there are still whiter patches on my upper arms – so I am still working on my tan. I’ve used about half my 200ml bottle of sun lotion. Might be buying another one soon.

All the shops pretty much have the same things in them. There is a nice bag I’ve seen for 15 euros but I’m not really sure about it. It’s a multi colored (African?? fabric) and it is nice. I think if I can find a nice purple one with a cute design I will get it.

Suddenly we have noisy neighbours! Last week it was nice and quiet and now there are lots of people talking and doors slamming – which you can’t really help – the doors slam.

Mom is wearing some shorts she got last year and she is having the same problem as me – they are just huge shorts! Definately need a belt! Yesterday and today I am wearing my size 8 (UK size) shorts! ( and they are a little baggy).

I think next week is when my brother and his girlfriend are arriving for a weeks holiday with us. Bring lots of thin summer clothes and sun lotion. Sunnies and jandels are needed too.

It is very bright! mainly because I didn’t really check how many contact lenses I had before we left – only 20 days – I think I can start using them in a couple days for the month. (Lovely One Day Acuvue Moist). It might be next week when we go online again and I promise I will look for the USB for the mouse. It makes resizing photographs so much easier. And I will even try to tidy my room a little. Promise.

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