30 November 2011

10 Things About Me This Week

  1. I will be 27 on Saturday.
  2. It's cold
  3. My scrapbooking is up to date
  4. My bathroom is looking more finished
  5. We need to make some more cookies at the weekend
  6. I need to finish tidying this craft room
  7. And finish covering the storage drawers
  8. December Daily starts tomorrow
  9. I wish there were more hours in the day
  10. I love reading good books.

Wintery Shots

 These trees are beautiful in Spring and Summer.  Leaves fall in Autumn.  And in Winter they look like this.
 Still beautiful but with a sharp harsh coldness.

29 November 2011

The Garden On Sunday

 I am loving my new camera!
 The garden has changed a lot in the last year.  Even a few months ago it looked completely different.
My poor blog is starting to get neglected again.

I need to think of some weekly subjects to blog about (Wordless Wednesday.... etc)

What do you think?  Let the suggestions begin...

27 November 2011


 We got in the car.
 Grabbed a few things from Waitrose.
 Took a self portrait wearing my other glasses.
 Looked at the Christmas decorations in a garden center.

 Finished the new storage drawers for my desk.
Ceramic angel from Vernazza in Italy. I think she needs a nice vintage looking frame around her - just to make her presence felt a bit more.

25 November 2011

Rome - the last day

 After climbing down from the dome, we strolled around.

 We went to Piazza Navona and had a gelato

 Going back to our hotel I noticed this cool road sign!
 Good bye Rome.  We were leaving the next morning....

23 November 2011

Rome Day 3.1

 Today we walked up the Dome!!

 Fab views! It was about 300 steps after taking the elevator.

22 November 2011

Rome Day 2.2

 Outside near the Swiss Guard.
 Across St Peters Square
 Stitch climbing the dome.
 At Tivoli Gardens and Fountains.

Beautiful views!

21 November 2011

Rome Day 2

 Outside the Vatican. In the queue to get inside.

 Beautiful sculptures etc.
Going up the stairs towards the Sistene Chapel.

18 November 2011

Rome Day 1 Part 2

 Bad photographs. I think the peak on my hat was stopping the flash from working properly.
 Trying to lighten these in Photoshop - a job for the weekend.