20 December 2007


I've been working on our baby pages and grown pages and I've started on the London Holiday in November. My camera is near death so I can't take many pics.

I love scrapping. I'm getting more confident with cutting/ripping pp. I was worried that if it went wrong then I'd just wasted that piece of paper.

It's Christmas in FIVE days. Hopefully my red paper will arrive before then so I can start a few of the Xmas lo's.

13 December 2007

Bad dragon. Stealing my cigarettes.

My gorgeous little angel.

I love this layout. It has all my favourite things on it. And I love that it all fits together.

12 December 2007

more pics

The trees outside the lounge. One looks like it's moving and the other is still.

Artistic trash

Gorgeous family members. Mojito (my baby) Ogg (my nephew) and Krak (my brother)

My fingers always freeze at Christmas time when I'm on the computer. I remembered to buy some of these gloves when I saw them.

11 December 2007

some pics

I love these boots. They are my 23rd bday pressie from my mom.

4 December 2007


years old.
It's 3 weeks till Xmas!!!!!!!!!!

28 November 2007

22 November 2007

All Grown Up. This goes next to the baby page below. I love the paper and the little skull brads. There are some fuzzy rubons and some letter stickers.
P.S It's my 23rd birthday in 11 days

19 November 2007

Baby Page

I'm working on a general scrapbook we can look at when we're in New Zealand. I am doing a two page layout of each family members birthday. (one page when they were babies and one page of them now). I've just finished this one for my baby page.

I loved pink as a kid. These are the first set of pictures of me. I haven't done any journalling yet coz I'm not sure what it should be.

I might trim a small part from the edge so it fits in the page protector better. I'm okay with this layout. I don't love it (it will grow on me). I have some fuzzy rubons that I will add. And I have to work on the grown up page now.

16 November 2007

My entry for Scrap Naked's first challenge, and my first actual layout to do with me (the others have been holidays).
I used Bazzill Bling paper in Black and Pink.
Black ribbon
Scraps of Glitz Design Hot Mama paper.
I might add some hidden journaling near the tags.
EDIT: I have figured out how to do the hidden journaling. I am going to add a scrap of the black bling paper and fold it over the ribbon with journaling on the inside.
"Scrap Naked - show the imperfections"
"I keep my secrets hidden from everyone!
Even myself."

First Post

Blah the first post.