12 September 2010

in sydney

I can't remember when I last blogged or even the last time I came online.  i have lost all track of the days! My new headphones are super cool! We had seats over the engines which did suck - but my headphones (with the noise cancelling) worked really well.  It didn't block out all of the noise but it was a lot quieter. When we got to Sydney it was dark.  We eventually got to the hotel and found somewhere to get some food.

The next day (Wednesday) was better.  We walked to the National Maritime Museum - which was free - and went to see an exhibition called Quest, about finding the magnetic South Pole.  On Thursday we went to the Sydney Opera House mainly to just pick up our tickets for Friday's concert - Man In Black. 

Amazing!  And today, we ended up there again.  Went on a tram ride around the Botanic Gardens and just did some shopping.  I need to upload those photographs to the computer later and put them in another blog post.

I've been surprisingly okay without 24/7 hour access to the internet. I seem to be needing over 2 litres of water to survive! And we are trying to eat heathliy etc.

I will try to post some more photographs in a couple days.  (This is posted a day later than written because I was told we could get 30 mins net time - can't - an hour is the least amount of time and it is 11.30pm and I'm getting sleepy).

I've lost my mouse mat too so I am using a magazine which is getting annoying! Still have 20 mins of internet time left so will try to upload some more photographs.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Beautiful photos friend! You look wonderful and well rested. Have fun and keep us posted on your adventures!! Love and Hugs, Sharon

Michelle said...

Glad you are having fun!!!