31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

Tomorrow the One Little Word class begins, and I have just finished my front title page for it... and I hope to finish the Italy album and a few other things too.

Going to go have a nap soon then enjoy the end of the year.  I will probably have a love to do list for the next couple days - lots of crafts and home improvements are planned!

See you all next year!

23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Still got lots to do tomorrow!

Play with an adorable baby and take lots of photographs
Tidy and hoover
Dye hair
Bake cookies
Chill out and relax
Get to bed early
Get my December Daily up to date

I am going to change my nail polish tonight - a beautiful red shade by Rimmel.  I might be online tomorrow to post the December Dailies.

Happy Kissmas everyone!

18 December 2011

Scrapbook Layouts

 Potato picking in September.
 Moving Home in March.
 My 27th birthday layout.
 Journaling about what I got as pressies and that my Dad was left holding me....
Silent Night Angel. Snowflake lacey paper. Hand written journaling. A rubbed some brown Close to my Heart ink across the white snowflakes.

17 December 2011

December Daily 12 - 16

My December Daily is starting to feel a little bland so  I have been adding a few stickers and some more inserts. I don't want to buy anything new for this so am trying to use up old stash - but I never seem to have what I need!  I've added some inserts for earlier this month.
 Day 12. Something Red. A gorgeous Pooh bear from WDW 2006.
 I wanted something Glittery for Day 13 and remembered this blog post from CaptureYour365. I used the light from our Snowlady and held up my bottle of glittery nail polish and got some really good shots.
 Day 14 is a photograph from the day before - but I wanted a couple spare photographs for days like this that are just a little bit busy.... wonderful warm bright socks and Christmas Robins.
 This hand cream rocks! Badger Balm is lovely. It stops the wind and cold weather from freezing my fingers. It seems to soothe and 'heal' the paper cuts I get and it smells absolutely wonderful! I keep it with me pretty much all day!
 Time for me to be leaving for work and  it started hailing!!! This was a really quick photograph looking at the garden since I had to leave to get to work on time....
Day 17 isn't really finished yet.  I've added two label stickers and written my journaling.12 random things from today.... and I added a receipt from Costa too.  Mom and P are going for a work Christmas party so I am alone tonight - was thinking that todays photograph could them both all dressed up....

12 December 2011

December Daily Day 11

 Twinkling lights up along the stairs.

We put Snowlady up too but I am waiting for take her photo incase our new curtains arrive in time for Xmas and she is surrounded by gifts.
And this is how thick my Dec Daily is already!  I can't make small things!

My photo for today (12th) has been taken and I think I will print it out soon.  I feel a little inspired to start scrapping the Italy trip....

11 December 2011

Random Sunday

 My Mom did some more decorating while I slept in bed all morning.  She put these lights up around the Let It Snow window cling and it looks so pretty. I was going to use this photograph as my Dec Daily but I think it would look better at night time.  When it's dark outside and the berry lights are glowing slight blurred lights.
 We also have some lights going up the stairs to the first landing.  They look really pretty now that it is darker outside.
I love the magical sparkle of Christmas. December Daily for today is done - not sure what tomorrows photo will be yet.

10 December 2011

December Daily Day 5 - 10

 Day Five is my gorgeous lovely morning coffee!  I wasn't feeling all that Christmassy so I added a tag that says "He who has not Christmas in his heart will  never find it under a tree"
 Day six was my internet free day.  I read for a while and played with my Instax camera.  I have a few inserts to add to these pages.
 A picture of my Mom's winter hat, a bit of packaging of a Strepsils box and day seven.
 Day Eight - our favourite carollers.  This is a window cling that I grabbed last year.
 A close up of the glitter I added to the center of the icicles.
 Day 9. A lovely warm shot of the coffee jar.  I used a piece of wrapping paper as the back drop.

Day Ten.  I did take my compact digi to town this photograph of a Lindt Snowman taken with my dSLR is much better.

I can't believe that we are already two weeks into December and my Dec Daily is already quite big!  *Sigh* How's your Dec Dailies?

9 December 2011

Three days without the internet has been quite nice.  Coming back to a bunch of emails and blogs to read though.  This photograph was taken on the 2nd - today is blue sky is a bit paler....  And I think I need to start putting on my lamp when I wake up otherwise I just fall back asleep for a few more hours.

It's day nine of December Daily and I've been journaling and taken photographs.  I'm making notes about which photographs I am using each day so it will be easier to print them out at the weekend.  Just took today's photograph while I was making my coffee.

I've taken a bunch of photographs so I have back ups in case I don't find anything to photograph on certain days.  It's already getting a little difficult trying to think of things! 

It's getting colder every day! Not nice when I have to go out to work! Having problems with the storage draws made from chipboard - they just don't seem to want to stay together!!!!  I am so glad that today is Friday.  Our weekend is already full with to do lists and craft items that need to be started/finished.  I'm not sure if I want to take my dSLR camera out with me.  Hmmm....

What are your plans for the weekend?

4 December 2011

December Daily (Days 1,2,3 & 4)

I've never even heard of December Daily before but this year I've decided to join and create my own.  I used some free Christmas papers I had from last year and folded them in half - making them about 6"x2".

 The front of my journal.  Using old letter stickers and a velvet flocked tartan Christmas tree that I've had in my stash for a few years.
The first of December is just a self portrait.  I like the soft yellow lighting.  And I have already lost a "t"
Day Two is my lovely work boots.  My journaling is really simple.  One or two sentences about the day and the weather.
Day Three is my birthday so I have a double page for this day.  Photographs of the cards I received.  Journaling is on a sticky label.
It was just me and Mom most of the day so we got out the decorations and tried sorting through them.  Throwing out the lights which don't light and the really old things.  The little polaroid snap is Birthday present.  A few people had these Instant Polaroid cameras in Italy and they looked like so much fun - Thank You Mom.  So I used this camera to take a self portrait in the mirror.
Day Four.  Mom took a photo of me in my DB and DSIL's house.  We stopped by for a while and came away with a vegetarian cookbook, a couple plants and a bag of apples!  Me and Mom both took our cameras to take some shots but it started raining and was getting cold so we decided to come back to hide home.
Just a general shot of Mom crafting....

A Random Cookie Thing

Tried the melted snowman cookies yesterday. Didn't work with the ready-made icing. We definitely need the make your own icing sugar!  At least we have a bunch of yummy cookies with thick vanilla icing to eat.

3 December 2011

Third Day of December

And three pictures printed and added into the December Daily.  Not much scrapping done today.

  Spent the morning getting some decorations up in the lounge and front hall.

 Afternoon was spent trying to figure out why some programs aren't working on the PC. I think we've found a solution for right now....

 My bday pressie - the Fujifilm Instant Polaroid camera I wanted! :)

30 November 2011

10 Things About Me This Week

  1. I will be 27 on Saturday.
  2. It's cold
  3. My scrapbooking is up to date
  4. My bathroom is looking more finished
  5. We need to make some more cookies at the weekend
  6. I need to finish tidying this craft room
  7. And finish covering the storage drawers
  8. December Daily starts tomorrow
  9. I wish there were more hours in the day
  10. I love reading good books.

Wintery Shots

 These trees are beautiful in Spring and Summer.  Leaves fall in Autumn.  And in Winter they look like this.
 Still beautiful but with a sharp harsh coldness.

29 November 2011

The Garden On Sunday

 I am loving my new camera!
 The garden has changed a lot in the last year.  Even a few months ago it looked completely different.
My poor blog is starting to get neglected again.

I need to think of some weekly subjects to blog about (Wordless Wednesday.... etc)

What do you think?  Let the suggestions begin...

27 November 2011


 We got in the car.
 Grabbed a few things from Waitrose.
 Took a self portrait wearing my other glasses.
 Looked at the Christmas decorations in a garden center.

 Finished the new storage drawers for my desk.
Ceramic angel from Vernazza in Italy. I think she needs a nice vintage looking frame around her - just to make her presence felt a bit more.