28 October 2010

So, here were are in Guernsey. It took a total of eight separate flights and over a month traveling to get 12/13 time zones from New Zealand. We are living in a little country cottage for the next couple months. The spiders seem to be gone from my bedroom now - I think they picked up quite quickly that if they come into my room they will be killed.

Our stuff from NZ should be arriving in the UK next week - no idea how long it will take to make the short trip over here! I didn't bring any of my boots with me, and it is cold here! (And getting colder!!!) So I bought a cheap pair of boots to keep my toes from dropping off.

We've been busy settling in again and trying to find places. Especially places that have good coffee and a reasonable price! I have some job application forms that I need to fill in, and (more importantly) give in.

What's happened with ChristChurch? Are the aftershocks over? Our internet is slow and it isn't mentioned on the tv.

I have a lot of business ideas which I am keeping hush hush right now.

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