27 October 2012

Italy 2011 - Scrapbook on the Road

 Almost a year later I am finally blogging about my Italy Scrapbook on the Road.  We (Mom, Me and StepDad) went to Italy with ScrapMap and had a scrapbook class with Ali.

 I learnt a lot from the classes with Ali. Like, you can cut page protectors and you can put stickers and embellishments on the outside of page protectors.

 I loved playing with all the little bits we had in the kit and all the little bits I collected during the holiday.

 This isn't every page - probably ever over page. The album is pretty packed full!

Up next is to finish the Ireland Scrapbook and get that blogged. (hoping to get that done before December Daily starts!!!)

15 October 2012

Back from Irelaaannnd

It was a fun adventure. I'm still tired and its cold here!!! I really loved the crafting and sightseeing parts.
You'll have to wait until the weekend for me to have some energy to upload some photographs.  I've done a little bit in my journal today... maybe a craft evening is in store....

5 October 2012

Ireland Packing Etc

Almost time for our holiday. Yesterday was a lovely day! Nice and sunny. And what should have been a quick 10 minute trip to town turned into a couple hours and buying a few more things. Both me and Mom got some gorgeous furry gilets from FatFace to take on holiday.

I guess I should go pack a few more things now. My wonderful brother is being our taxi to the airport. I wish I could find those little tags I bought to go in our travel album.... oh well... I'll find them when we get back.