26 December 2009

Our pressies from Santa in a nicely decorated basket.

On Christmas Day we went to the Waterfront. This is the Christmas Tree at Midland Park.

Looking up from under the cool Christmas Tree at the Waterfront.
Relaxing on the bean bags under the Christmas Tree. This was very cool. The sun was out, you could make a wind barrier with other bean bags and just fall asleep.

25 December 2009

Boxing Day

How was your Christmas? Good I hope.

Start Boxing Day off with a great sale
from PnkGeeni Handmade Stationery

more details here

23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

(The title can be replaced by whatever festive things you celebrate.)

This is our Christmas Tree and table. Exactly the same as we had last year. Lots of pressies under the tree and under the table.

I am going to be taking a nice long break from the internet world. *shudder* I will still be checking my emails in case I have any sales.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Sale

As promised, I am having a HUGE (60+ item) sale in my shop.

From December 24th 2009 until January 7th 2010
everything in this section
is reduced as much as 20%!

You can pick up some Christmas Cards
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All sales will be posted out
December 28th

Or some great note cards and birthday cards!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am only posting this because I don't know what else to do. I am waiting for a parcel to get delivered, then I can print out some digital stamps and get coloring. I want to make a special card for my Mom today. And I still need to make some Christmas Cards.

In half an hour I will go down and check the post again. Hopefully there will be some boxes there!

22 December 2009

Secret Santa

Some of us from the EART TEAM took part in a Secret Santa. The big reveal was last weekend. I sent some goodies to Deb. And got a great pressie from Jenn.

I would post a picture of it right here, but it got re-wrapped and is under the tree.

My great gift was from Jenn. I got a pair of mittens and a headband! I actually don't have a pair of gloves. Usually I get woolen ones and since they're always cold I don't use them. But these are crocheted and so warm!!! Lots of space for my fingers to wiggle and keep warm!

I am working on a special offer for my shop over the holidays.

21 December 2009

Yikes, This looks bad

Sometime last week I realized just how messy my work area is. But I also wanted to buy some new things to play with. The problem was where would I put this new stuff?

This is messy! And when I actually agree with my parents that it's messy then it is REALLY messy!!

I figured that if I tidied up then I could buy some new things as a reward.

Another before shot. I spent most of the afternoon going through all the papers and putting them away in the drawers. Picking up rubbish from the carpet and trying to organize everything.

This looks so much better!!! You can actually see the carpet! It's even a little more tidier right now.

So, do you think I should a little reward??

17 December 2009

Ring Of Blog

This weeks blog ring from the EART TEAM http://theeclecticartisansteam.blogspot.com is to share your favorite Etsy shops.

How much time do I have?

My first favorite has to be Michelle's shop. I have a phone charm, bracelets and necklaces from here and love them all. I actually try to stay away from this shop so I don't spend all my money! LOL


I won a wristlet in a giveaway from SweetIrie's shop. It is so useful! Eventually I'm going to need a small wristlet bag and a thing for my camera - will be going here.

I've peeked into this shop too and have fallen in love with the jewellery.

I have a bad bad habit of adding things to my favorites and leaving them there even after they have sold - because they look nice!

Unless you want me to ramble on for a few more hours I am going to stop now....

Continue this blog ring at Mama's Little Treasures Blog. ( http://www.mamaslittletreasures.typepad.com )

16 December 2009


My origami Santa Earrings have been featured on Dotty Jane Design's blog.

14 December 2009

ooh, a title...

I don't really have any plan behind this post. We have been searching for somewhere to move to. Today, me and Step Dad walked up this long gently sloaping hill to a house and for some reason I wanted to wear my jandels (flip flops). It is quite warm (verging on hot) today. Now I have achy feet and the start of some blisters.

With my trusty cup of coffee, I got on with some scrapbooking. Still have most of the photographs from our bush walk to scrap. Most of these aren't completely finished.

My desk as it currently is. Very messy (even for me). And a layout in progress. I need to wait for the flowers and buttons to dry.
My big, old, balding brother. This is unfinished. It needs something.... but what?

We went to Otaki/Wilton's Bush a couple Sundays ago.
Me eating some rice crackers. This is unfinished. It needs a title and some more embellishments or journalling. Any ideas?

That's it for today. I've put some cream on my feet and will limp around home and rest.

Maybe I'll clean my desk tomorrow and be able to show that photograph. Who knows?

10 December 2009

Favorite Colors?

We are back the the EART Blog Ring. This weeks question:

What are your favorite colors to work with? Is it hard to work outside of your favorites?

I love all the colors in the world. But my absolute favorite (since I was a little kiddie) is PINK. Which is probably why I have a lot of cards for girls.

I do use other colors as I realise that not everyone likes pink. What good is a pink birthday card for a boy??

I am trying to get a good selection in my store.

Continue the blog ring at HairbowsWonderWorld ( http://www.hairbowswonderworld.blogspot.com )
Cupcake card!

9 December 2009

A Labor of Love

This is Maria. The digital paper doll that I've been working on for a few weeks. I love her. I can't wait to print this out and start to play. What do you think of her?

7 December 2009


We went on a toured Bush Walk around Otaki's Wilton's Bush. It was only 2 hours long, but I was so glad to get home and sleep all afternoon.

Me and my brother. At the start of the walk.

2 December 2009

Happy Birthday to me.... I made the Front Page of Etsy. Sadly I didn't get a chance to see it for myself.

The first picture in the third row is my EXPLODING GIFT BOX.

And.... This very same Exploding Gift Box has been featured on Handmade Unique!!!

Wednesdays Wonderings

This is a tester of my digital stamp. I drew the doggie with my Bamboo tablet, printed out onto cardstock and colored with my Copic Marker.
I listed this little puppy (Named Pup Pup) and he said quite quickly. I love his little leg sticking out. Colored in with Copics too. I love how the yellow 'faded' on the floor. Not sure if I'll be able to get that effect again.
I dyed my hair this morning. It is a darker shade than I would normally pick, but the brightest reddest I could find! I will take another photograph tomorrow and try to get the shade better.

(It's my birthday tomorrow too, I have three cards from overseas and haven't really opened them).

Will I get any work done tomorrow?

I plan on having a lot of vodka Red Bull in the evening, but I want to get my doggie digi's listed.

30 November 2009

My first tutorial

This is the first tutorial I have done for FairyLandDreams.

How to make a Digi Stamp border like this one. For the full tutorial go HERE.

My finished layout. I don't really like this so I will be doing another one with bigger Gingerbread people.

Voila! The photograph is of my jandels, and the journalling reads:
"I can't wait for to begin enjoying my second Kiwi Christmas.
Spending all day in jandels and shorts.
The door wide open and strong gust of Welly Wind."

What do you think?

Please join me and the rest of the EART team in the Virtual Labs over at Etsy for our Holiday Trunk Show.

29 November 2009

Keep an eye out on the Etsy Virtual Labs for the
Trunk Show.

My special offer
will be
(you need the code)

26 November 2009

I don't really know what to write here. It is very hot right now (even though it's 4.22pm) and for some reason I can't find the energy or motivation to do anything creative. There are only four days left to post Christmas presents to the UK and I can't even get on with that.

I have a paper digi doll to scan in too. I listed this little Anna doll earlier. Not sure how well these will do, but very fun to draw. The one that is waiting to be scanned in is based on Marilyn (Monroe for those that don't know about my semi-obsession).

Really hoping to get everything packaged up and posted tomorrow! I have some secret santa things to do too. Those need to be finished etc (Any ideas what else I could include? Has to be made by me.)

Over a year ago I got a Bamboo Fun (pen tablet) so should scan in this movie super star and start getting her ready for sale.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate (and have a day off work) it.

23 November 2009

Origami Earrings


I loved making these origami earrings. (Jewelry is so fun to make!) They look amazing! I can't wait until I sell the first ones and get some unbiased feedback on how they were are.

What a cute little swan, to swing beneath your ear.

These are the latest ones that I just finished making. They are an amazing deep blue color! And all the little beads just look amazing.

What do you think of these?

22 November 2009

Sundays Showcase of the EART Team

Please click on the shop names below to find even more great festive items in these Eclectic Artisans stores.

19 November 2009

EART Blog Ring

This weeks blog ring question is "How did you get started doing your art/craft?"

I've added some photographs so it isn't just lots of words.

In 2006 I spent 10 months planning our Summer Holiday to WDW and found out about scrapbooking from one of the forums I visited daily.

Walking around ASMu

I am wearing that sweater right now!

Eating lunch at Crystal Palace


Then we went on our "Once In A Lifetime Holiday" to Egypt, in 2007. I knew that I wanted to scrapbook this holiday.

At this time we were still living in Guernsey (small island between England and France). So I ordered the supplies (album, paper etc) from America.

I had to wait for all this, so I started digital scrapbooking.

I wish I had brought that tiny sweater with me!
It would be perfect in Summer. I also left my SLR camera in the container.

About this time, we decided to move to New Zealand, so I decided to do a general scrapbook of our home/life.

Birthday pages. Now (me at 23)

And then (me a few days old).

Since we were moving 22,000 miles all our stuff had to get packed up into a 40' container (where it still is) but by this time I was addicted to paper crafting! I started making cards.

The first dozen were really bad. Thankfully they are so much better now! I am limited with space, but manage to keep a (semi) tidy craft area.

Origami santa

I am learning a lot of new paper folding techniques and trying to challenge myself to make better cards.

Origami swan

Phew! Continue the blog ring at HairbowsWonderWorld

17 November 2009

A Few More Sleeps...And A Special Offer

Can you believe that is it almost Christmas?! It is almost December 25 2009!! It seems like only a few months ago it was February, and now we are all rushing around getting presents ready and planning what we will be doing on the day.

Make sure you notice the special offer at the bottom of this post.

I have a bunch of great Christmas Cards still sitting in my store.

I can't pick a favorite. I love all the cards in my store! The newest technique I have finally learnt is the Never Ending Card.

The Special offer on Christmas Cards only is an amazing BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!!
Add three items to your Etsy Basket, then wait patiently for a revised invoice or for a refund via PayPal.
Make sure you use the code: XMAS09
This offer ends: Dec 1st 2009