26 May 2012

Retreat Away

 I love travelling by tube! We went via Baker Street station.  I am such a huge Sherlock Holmes fan that its a little strange I've never been here before.  I took my Polaroid Instax with me since I haven't used it much and its fun to experiment.
 The hours journey on the tube from Baker Street station to Chesham - the end of the line.
 Once we'd got to our rooms and unpacked a little we went to explore the hotel grounds. So many beautiful trees and flowers to photograph. And lots of pollen too. So glad that I took my hayfever allergy spray with me.
 The start of Saturday.  My sweater was too thick for our lovely handmade name badge so I had it pinned to my jeans pocket all day.
 A few sneaky shots of my mom hard at work.  We went to 6 classes and are slowly finishing the projects at home so I will get some photographs when they are done.
 There were two table and lots and lots of examples everywhere!!! I love this card with the owls.
 And I will be trying to re-create this at home.
 I said that there were lots of flowers around right? It is always wonderful to get great close ups of flowers.
 We had a goodie bag with this stamp set inside so I snapped lots to get ideas how to use them.

 Waiting for the train at Chesham station last Sunday. It was starting to get cold and we were a little crafted out.
We stopped in Victoria station for a coffee and snack before getting the Gatwick Express back to the airport.  It was a really fun weekend and we were inspired by the projects of so many people. Really glad that we both had Monday and Tuesday off work to recover!

16 May 2012

Something's been telling me to go PINK

Okay, I love pink anyway. I LOVE this colour! But it just seems to be my rebellious nature that since Race for Life (which we are doing in a few weeks encourages the use of PINK) I don't want a single drip of Pink on me.  But this last week something has been telling me that my finger nails NEED to be a bright zingy PINK pink!

I'm giving in to my girly girly side for a while.

14 May 2012

One Little Word - May

 Twenty things task/mission/objective/thoughts/stuff to do.... I only used two sheets of cardstock as I did these double sided printed and just used some tissue tape to cover the little ink marks my printer left of the card.
 I really love some of these! Some are easy like 'being nice to everyone apart from the morons etc" and "be a good daughter" and some are more out there like "climb a mountain" and "be tidier"
I just need a photograph or something to go in the top left of the first page protector (near the stamped "remember this" tag).

12 May 2012

One Little Word - April

 April was about writing a letter to yourself.
Right now I don't feel like writing much.... The writing was quite easy. Taking the photographs was difficult - I got a lot of the side of the garage door that I was using as a reflective surface.  I stamped on the photographs and machine stitched!!!!!

6 May 2012


Yesterday was a cold rainy damp day. We still went on the PhotoMarathon.We got disposable cameras with 12 exposures and 4 topics at the start of the day.  We had to think and think and think and take those 4 photographs before going back to HQ and getting 4 more topics, and two hours later we got 4 more topics. 
The topics were:
1) Trapped
2) Flight
3) Off The Beaten Track
4) Lost
5) Direction
6) Sink Or Swim
7) Obstacle
8) Out of Reach

9) Aging
10) Follower
11) Hidden
12) Dream
It was really getting colder as the day went on.  I think we were damp and just wanted to get to a nice dry warm home around 3pm.  But we were close to finishing so quickly handed in the cameras and went home.  It would have been much more enjoyable if it was sunny or at least dry but I think we're all okay with the photographs we've taken.... we'll find out the results soon.

2 May 2012

What I did on Sunday

My new curtain for one of my bedroom windows. (The other window is a french door so needs a bigger curtain).   For the last year I've had an orange throw hanging up.

With a little bit of help from my Mom I did all the stitching on this curtain.  It's taken pretty much a whole year to find this pink check fabric and the green floral fabric. 

I did the bobbin bit myself - changed it to green with the other thread being pink.  It's not perfect stitching... there are little wobbles but at least I have some proper curtains and these fabrics aren't just hanging around in my room anymore.

Just need to find some time to get working on the other curtain!!! And I should do a scrapbook page with some of the cut offs about my time machine stitching.