27 April 2009


Two prizes! Two winners!
One person will win a $10.00 coupon code and another person will win a $5.00 coupon code!

Wanna win:
  • Just head on over to my shop, find your favorite item and leave a comment (one entry)
  • Blog/Tweet about this giveaway (one entry - please comment with the link)
  • Purchase from PnkGeeni or FotoGeeni (one entry for each purchase - please leave a comment)

On May 4th:
ONE person will be randomly picked for the $10.00 prize.
ONE person will be randomly picked for the $5.00 prize.
An email will be sent with the discount coupon code, so please make sure you add an email address in your comment.

Discount coupon codes must be used by May 15th.

Anyone from anywhere on Earth can enter this giveaway...

Comment away.....

26 April 2009


My latest offer of special kindness to the wonderful people that like my cards is...

FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING on selected Mothers Day Cards.

Hopefully I will get my scrapbooking up to date, then I can concentrate on some cards.
I need to finalize my supplies order a bit more.

Gym day today - going to go and sweat a lot!

23 April 2009

For some reason I haven't really been in the mood for creating anything. The Yeart Sale is still on. I've had some great sales but they are still over $50 items waiting to be picked up.

Trying out these subscriptions.
12 months & 6 months.

I've been scrapbooking our latest vacation photographs. Half the vacation is scrapped, but I get stuck in using the same designs and layouts.

Hopefully I can get lots of cards made tomorrow....

19 April 2009


Still going strong! on the EARTTEAM's YEARTSALE!

There are a lots of our wonderful Ecletic Artisan's with great YEART offers!

17 April 2009

The Eclectic Artisans Team: You are Invited to the EART team YEART SALE!

The Eclectic Artisans Team: You are Invited to the EART team YEART SALE!


It's almost time!!!
for the Yearly YEART Sale!

All these cards and more will be in the YeartSaleSection.
See my shop announcement for more details.

This is a looonnggg sale so make sure you keep coming back to find something that will fulfill your life! And please look at the other EART sellers that are having YEART SALES!

15 April 2009

Coming Soon....

Our wonderful Street Team is having a YEART sale
Check out all the wonderful special offers.

Mothers Day

Do you have a Super Mom or just need to say Thank You?
I have a wide selection of handmade cards for you.

Mothers Day is coming up fast!!
I can even make a Custom Card for you.

13 April 2009

I'm back from our Easter Family Vacation.
I'll stick a full post with pics up at the kiwigirl blog.

8 April 2009


On Friday morning, we are driving to Taupo, then to Rotorua.
We'll be back Monday night.
With thousands of photographs.

I will be on vacation from Friday 10th to Monday 13th
You will still be able to purchase items
But I am unable to respond to CONVOS/email
Or ship any purchases

7 April 2009

What to do??

What should I do?
My craft knife is too dull to do any type of cutting, and my news ones haven't arrived yet. Hopefully they'll be here tomorrow. So I can't cut any paper, and I'm lost.

I've tidied up some boxes, which I thought would take a few good hours, and was finished in about 20 minutes. I found some cards to destash, have taken photographs and have listed some on etsy.

I am trying out the cheap scrapbook albums, but have to wait for stuff to dry before I do anymore.

I am just being lazy. I could clean up my desk. Or print some photographs and make some coasters. But that involves moving my laptop over to the table, moving the things from the top of the printer.... see, laziness.

Last night I did wake up at 3am (was awake until after 4am). I guess this could justify a nap...

I would love to make a few cards with the inspiration that came to me at 3am, but I have NO sharp blades so the cards wouldn't be good quality.

Okay, I'm going to finish listing this card, check my emails and have a little nap.

1 April 2009

My mom's favorite color is purple. She loves Lavender plants. Gets dozens of lavender scented gifts for her birthday and Christmas so my instincts go towards purple and flowers for mothers day cards.

Help me out with other colors by voting in the poll. (Above left).