28 July 2010

Using the 'Bride' digi stamp from Sassy Studio Designs I wanted to make a super special wedding card.  This easel card is a whopping 6 x 6 inches big.  And that is a handmade paper rose on the base.  This is gonna need a equally special handmade envelope.

I love the subtlety needed to color in this image.  No huge bright colors just soft pink for the roses on her dress and for the the bouquet.  The small stamped tag in the corner says 'Mr & Mrs'.

Perfect for weddings right?

27 July 2010

I got my birdie punch!  And tried out the birdie family.  This is going to be sent to my Dad so I only needed two birds to represent him and me.  Everything is from Stampin Up apart from the base card (American Crafts) and the ribbon (not sure).

A New Happy Birthday Card

I love coloring in with my great Copic Markers.  My E00 (skin color) was running out of ink so I had to really use it only for the shading.  I actually like this subtle effect. 

Isn't this a great birthday card for grown up boys?  The price is already 20% lower than the normal cost, due to my Relocation Sale.

23 July 2010

A couple more digi's I've colored in lately.  This beautiful girl from Tiddly Inks and another from Sassy Studio Designs.

I wasn't sure about her trousers - the dark shadow - but I really like this now.  Sort of tried some new effects with these two.  They just need to be added to a card base and they are ready to go.

My E00 Skin Tone Copic Marker is running out of ink, so I realized that I'm gonna have to leave white space as highlights - which I don't really do much off.  I love the soft look this gives.  Her lips are just a little too deep red but I can't really change that now.  I am waiting for my Stampin Up Tiny Tag stamps and the matching tag punch to finish this special wedding card.  I am going for an elegant gorgeous special card.  I think that paper rose I made last week will work wonderfully.

Both of these digi stamps are from Sassy Studio Designs. I love their stamps!  Her skin doesn't look as blotchy IRL. I might do her 'clothes' in a soft pink to give a sheer lace effect.  What about hair color??  Maybe a light brunette.

22 July 2010

I saw this tutorial via Keryn's blog and decided to try it out. The only thing I got wrong was the score marks - but I don't use a trimmer and the tutorial does.  I did get them in the place eventually - but it doesn't open 100% properly.

Secret Project #1 Ready & Listed

 Secret Project #1 is finished! And I have just listed it for the sale price of $4.00.  It will only be this price for one week only!

You will receive a PDF file of 15 pages with ten sketches and all the terminology explained.  (Well, the terminology needed for Basic Scrapbooking).

I am still having a relocation sale at my shop.
Stop by and enjoy 20% off EVERYTHING!
(Even new listings).

20 July 2010

Fifth Coffee, Secret PRoject & A Possible Free Gift

I really wanted to get this Secret Project #1 finished today, but I left it too late to get photographs.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to take them while the light is still good.  I don't even know how this project will be received - I just hope that some people like it. 

I was planning on dying my hair today but somehow it's suddenly 4.50pm and the day is half gone.  I have no new photographs to scrapbook so I suddenly have a lot of time to do nothing. I really miss having lots of wonderful crafty work to do.  How am I going to survive our vacations?  I am addicted to paper crafts!

Also, I am nearly finished on my fifth coffee of the day.  Usually I have four coffees.  Not sure how the extra caffeine and sugar will effect me - I'll probably be all jittery soon.

Tomorrow I will try to finish Secret Project #1, and its gym day too.

Any guesses what Secret Project #1 is?
If you get it right I will send you 'it/one' for free....

19 July 2010


I have altered my 10% sale to 
that won't end until the 20th of August. 

I have changed all the prices so there is no waiting for a revised invoice or a refund. Just just have to find the perfect card and checkout as normal.

15 July 2010

Modern Mom Layout

I finished this layout yesterday. I love how it turned out. My Mom was trying out her new headphones on Saturday so I grabbed my camera to get some good shots.  The green leaves and birds are cut from a border ribbon thing (by Autumn Leaves). The patterned paper is from Stampin' Up. Sorry about all the mess on my desk.

I was going to make a different style of paper flowers but they woudn't have worked. But I did finally make some paper roses.  They look amazing but are quite difficult to make.

This simple circle paper turns into this really cool paper rose. I am so glad I actually tried this out. It would look so gorgeous on vintage style layouts or cards.  This is actually the second one I made. The first one isn't that good.

 I've been busy today sanding down keys (wooden ones) and adding dimensional liquid glue stuff and sanding some more.  Shh... this is to do with secret project #2 and #3.

13 July 2010

Okay, I am giving this new bright, modern design a chance. It's growing on me, but it's a lot brighter than my last one.

I did get one scrapbook page done today. And I made some paper roses but then I couldn't decide on a layout for the photographs. (One is below). A double page layout with paper flowers and bright green felt birds? Or a single page Rock Star Grunge style layout? I am using three photographs. All 6 x 4.

I also started working on one (just one) of my secret projects. Hopefully I can get some good work done on it. It's something that I will be able to do while we are traveling - so that's good. I am wondering if I should do a freebie/giveaway to see how/what the response is.

Just a little quick reminder before I go and have a nice rest, is to stop by my Shop because you can still get 10% off everything.

New Blog Layout

I'm not sure about this new layout style. I like the pattern and there's lot of clean space but... maybe I just need to get used to the new look.  I'll try to leave it alone for a while - try to get a feel for it.

Do you like it?

9 July 2010

The Eclectic Artisans Team: Friday Featured Artist: PnkGeeni

I've been featured on our team blog. Head on over there and check it out!

8 July 2010


SALE! It's that the best word in the English Language. I always wait for sales to get the best bargains.  We are moving from New Zealand to the UK.  I really do have a lot of cards waiting to be sold and posted to loved ones.

This 10% discount is valid until the end of July.  No code is needed either.  If you want to use a code in message to seller then you can use "blog 10" but you don't have to.  I will send you a revised invoice or a refund via PayPal. 

Just head on over to my SHOP and get shopping. 

7 July 2010

Treasury Love

Michelle from MichellesCharmWorld created this great treasury showcasing all of the active EART TEAM members.  Can you spot my two handmade cards?

Make sure you click and comment!

6 July 2010

The cold rainy weather is perfect for staying inside and crafting. The problem is trying to find some space to craft. I am attempting to tidy up so obviously the place is a mess and I can't really find anything.

5 July 2010

A short walk to the airport on a Saturday just to get some headphones.  I LOVE these! I took my iPod in case they let me try them and yep, they did. My Mom tried them too.  They are just amazing! You can't hear people talking that much - just a quiet mumble of voices. And with the noise canceling they are even better - I haven't really used the noise canceling much yet.

I listened to some music on Saturday night, and heard bass that I've never heard before!

The case is strong and my iPod fits in an empty space.  The little pocket can hold all the plug adapters and leads. (It came with an adapter for the in flight double plug).  They're comfortable too. And even work as ear warmers. 

Mom and me are going to Noel Leeming later to get a pair (similar but by Sony) for her. Using our FlyBuy points so they're not even costing any cash!
Yesterday we spent a couple hours tiding up and putting stuff in boxes and getting some more carpet to show itself to the daylight.

This is the tidy part. And WILL stay tidy! The other boxes that are all ready and packed up will be added to this section of the room.

This is the untidy part of the room. I'm trying to organize my papers before packing them up and started on this, but then I got distracted with other fun papers!! There isn't all that much left to do in here. Just need to pack up lots of papers and stickers and sort through the brads and buttons etc. Maybe I'll be able to craft tomorrow on a tidy table.

1 July 2010

Sharing The Word Love

My little shop has just been featured on Michelle's blog.  I feel the same way Michelle does. I hate when simple words get misspelt. (I am not perfect on this either - when I'm tired or super busy words get written down wrong - but never in letters).  And words that get shortened... I know a few of them but I always have to think about what the word is...

I have listed a couple of these HUGE sets or bundles of cards in my shop because we are moving! Can you believe that I don't really know when?? I haven't really bothered noticing the details. Anyway Michelle started this thread in the Etsy Forums about getting some PenPals. I'd love to join in but I don't think I have any time to do it properly.  My mind is busy with getting everything packed up and tidying (which I don't really like btw... sorry).

I would like to offer a 30% discount to the people doing this PenPal.
Just write "PENPAL30" in message to seller 
and I will send you a revised invoice (which will be through email
otherwise it could just take a loooonng time) within 24 hours. 
 Offer valid on everything in my shop no matter how big or small the order is until ..... 
15th July 2010.

You can brighten someone's day by sending them a hand written card and you can help me out by purchasing some cards, so I have less to pack up and take across the world.