22 August 2010

still packing... ramblings

I really don't like the packing part of moving.  There just seems to be so much to do and I don't really know how/what to do.  I tend to move stuff from one place to another without having any clear idea what to do with it. 

Even now, looking around the craft room I don't know what to do with some things.  I'd like to take some of these papers with me but will I be able to make good use of them? 

I got a pencil case for my Copic Markers but it's too small.  Five markers don't fit in - so they will be separate from the others.  I did get two cheap school style plastic pencil cases (Pooh Bear and Cars) for our crafting tools.  Seems better to have the craft knifes and blades etc in one bag together - safer.

My mind has gone blank.  Think I will go and start another good book.  Have to get to the library tomorrow.

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