31 March 2009

Latest Cards

I managed to make a good selection of cards today. Which is really amazing, since I haven't been able to get this many made for a few months.

I have some others that just need a few finishing touches. Then photographed and listed.

My latest giveaway is over at the FotoGeeni blog.

I am going to try and find a lovely layout to change this one (getting a little sick of all the blue), then it's time to rest, watch tv (not read because I tend to keep reading until 1am, and I really need my sleep), and relax with my diet coke.

30 March 2009

Limited to ONE person.

Next person to buy TWO cards from my shop gets free worldwide shipping! http://pnkgeeni.etsy.com

29 March 2009


What is on my wish list for my small business?

1) An unlimited supplies of wonderful paper and embellishments. (Pretty unlikely)
2) More storage! I really need to sort out all my crafting bits and keep things tidy!
3) My own crafting room! Where I can leave things out on the desk and don't have to tidy up all the time.

24 March 2009

It feels like I haven't blogged about anything is such a long time. My brain hasn't been able to create anything in a few weeks, but today my mojo came back and got quite a few cards made.

I've had these little baby girl stickers for a few months and only today thought of something to do with them.

I don't know if it's just that I wanted to hand stitch something or not, but I love the little clothes hanging on a hand stitched washing line to dry.

I think it's just perfect and so simple for any baby occasion!

I grabbed a treasury @ Etsy a few moments ago too.

And I created another category at my shop. I've been thinking about these types of cards for a while and just got round to making this pink one.

I might list the above card later tonight....

19 March 2009

March Madness Sale

15% off EVERYTHING in store
Use Code: MM15
Ends: 22nd March

Hand Stitching

This Hot Pink Flower Card was made yesterday.
The gorgeous pink cardstock has rounded edges and three flowers. I love how bright and warm this card is. The middle flower has been stuck on with a 3D pop dot to give some dimension.

This one, a hand stitched crocheted flower card just finished about 30 minutes ago.
The only adhesive on this one, is the double sided tape holding the patterned paper to the white card blank.
Hand stitched leaves and stem lead to the wonderfully bright and cheery crocheted flower.

I have been extremely tired lately. Even though I've been awake for a few hours I am still yawning and really need to get some more HOT coffee made. It'll be wonderful if I remembered to drink the coffee when it's still warm.

The next giveaway will be on my Foto blog. Still not completely sure what the prize should be.

And I have to thank Sally for giving me my first blog award.

16 March 2009

Right now I don't feel like doing anything. Maybe that's because I'm only half way through my first coffee.

I really want to get lots of wonderful and pretty cards made today. I feel like I haven't done anything truly creative and happy for so long.......

GiveAway Winner

It's still a few hours from being the 17th, but I'm going to pick a winner now.

Using random.org, the winning comment is #14!
Who is Shanda!

12 March 2009


It's time!

You have a chance to win a set of SIX handmade postcards, worth $4.00.
Each postcard is 6"x4" and has been decorated with various acid free quality patterned paper, epoxy words, flowers and glitter.

Each card is completely blank on the other side for your own message.

Giveaway is OVER!!!!
Thank you to everyone that left a comment.

8 March 2009

Coming Soon

I have decided on the next giveaway. I just need to get these cards made and photographed before starting the giveaway.

5 March 2009

UK Mothers Day Special Offer

I just finished making a key chain for myself. I want to test the durability of the whole thing and the glass that covers the 2 photographs.

I have figured out the shipping problem. Lots of bubble wrap and lots of security! In a big box.

A UK Mothers Day offer:
Buy one of these key chains and get a handmade card for ($6.00) FREE!

3 March 2009


I am thinking of the next giveaway through this blog.
To stop me getting confused, Pnk and Foto will be alternating each month.

I'm just not sure about the prize right now.
I'm open to suggestions!

I think I need to have a mental detox before I can make any cards that I like. Tried getting some cards done today and they haven't turned out the best.

Time to grab another coffee before hitting the gym.

1 March 2009

Mothers Day

It's Mothers Day soon (March 22nd)! In the UK anyway, so make sure that you get your wonderful Mommy's a wonderful heartfelt handmade card.

LOVE Handmade OOAK Valentines Card $6.00

For You Handmade Card With Button Flower $5.00

Mothers Day Altered Album KIT $30.00

Love And Flowers Handmade Card $6.00

Photo Challenge
1. Go to the photo folder in your computer.
2. Go to the eighth folder of photos.
3. Go to the eighth picture.
4. Put the picture on your blog along with a description of it.
5. Invite eight friends to join the challenge.
So, here's my picture:

It's a semi tradition for me to take a self portrait (threw a mirror) when I dye my hair. This photo is from Sept 08 after I had my hair cut for the first time in about 6 yrs.

Now I have to pick some friends to tag....