22 February 2011

Redecorating Our New Home

My old bedroom is now going to be my Mom's reading room and is a mini crisp Mint green.

My new bedroom with it's undercoat. It was two shades of green which needed to be painted out.

The new craft room/office.

Smashing the kitchen tiles was so fun!
After the clean up.  All the tiles are gone now.  Hopefully our new ones will be here by Friday so we can get them up over the weekend.

My Mom's new bedroom (and stepdad's bedroom too). A gorgeous pink and soft cream.  She LOVES her red carpet and these colors are going to be so gorgeous!

My new bedroom. Bright bold vibrant green and soft "Fairy Dust" pink. I think the green is bold enough to make the pink more modern and grown up, and the pink is soft enough to calm down the green. I Love the green - currently no males do. Sort of good since it will keep them out of my bedroom.  My new bed frame arrived yesterday and will look amazing in this room.

The new craft room/office. A very bold blue and soft natural hessian shade.  It will be a wonderful creative area.  Everyone loves this room.

We only have about 10% of work left to be done.  And I'd guess that only 5% of that can be done by us.  Both bathrooms/ensuites need to be re-done.  The kitchen just needs to arrive and be fitted.  The lounge needs to be painted etc (Malted Chocolate and Dusted Damsel) which will look gorgeous with our mahogany furniture and the new brown sofa (which should be ready in a couple weeks).

Will be back at the new home tomorrow to get some more painting and sanding etc done.  I can't wait till we can actually move in!

11 February 2011

My Super Busy Brain

is getting a little exhausted and tired. Since... about November last year I was thinking about what colors/themes I wanted for my bedroom and craft room.  I've got a good idea of what I want - just need to claryify my thoughts a little bit more.

The craft room/office.  Soft neutral nature grey (might seem too cold) or a cream oatmeal shade on the two longer walls and a bright sky blue on the other windows.  (These images are from the B&Q Room Designer and Crown Room Designer websites).  The main thing with the craft room colors is that it needs to complment the pink bins and tubs I already have, but I also have bright green, bright blue and soft purples too!

I am planning on painting (and varnishing) the wooden shelving units a nice bright color - possibly pink? or maybe green?  I have lots of creative wonderful ideas for storage etc.  And a folding craft table for my Mom to use.

My new bedroom will be the middle floor (my old bedroom is now to be my Mom's walk in wardrobe, sewing and reading room).  My new room has a gorgeous huge window overlooking the back garden.  And is slightly larger than my old room.  (I think my Mom just remembers how messy my room used to be).  I was dead set on using vibrant bold colors everywhere but I don't want to get sick of them and have to re-paint after a year or so.  I was just messing around on the room designer things and picked this green and pink.  I like the soft feminine shades.

One wall will be green and the other four will be pink.  With lots of bright pink and deep green accessories.  I already have some furnishings too!  My boulser cushion cover is a bright green leaf design with a white background, and my lovely pink blanket will fit in this room perfectly.  I am searching for an antique looking ornate frame - a HUGE one - that I can paint pink and use as notice board type thing.  I will be painting (and varnish/gloss) my shelving units to match too.  I can envision this room being so pretty and welcoming.  My own little quiet safe space.

I get to have today off work (decorating, not crafting) but tomorrow I will be painting the ceilings white.  I hope to get at least two ceilings done, if not four.  I'm not sure how long painting a ceiling will take as I have never done it before.  Yesterday I finished the first undercoat on all the doors (there are about 20 doors) and averaged 15 minutes per side.

Taking today nice and restfully! This weekend will be busy!!!  Planning on getting to the house early about 9am and working till we all fall asleep! And the same on Sunday. Hopefully by Monday all the ceilings will be painted!  Then it's just the undercoats on the walls (to cover our previous colorful walls) and re-paint those.  And the doors still need to have another undercoat then two coats of gloss.