29 April 2010

Fat Free Cupcakes

On Facebook I've been talking about Calorie Free Stitched Cupcakes.  This is the first one I've tried out.  I'm not sure about making them into cards or tags....

I thought of this last night and for some strange reason I was in a stitching mood today.

Strawberry and cream

I colored the cupcakes with my Copic Markers first.  Should I put some stitching on the cases or just on the frosting?

I might work on some more of these and take them to the next market we go to in Wellington.  If get a set together then I will list them on my Etsy Shop. (So leave a comment if you like them!)

Chocolate and cream

If you have seen the post below - these are what you might win.  Whatever flavor you like.


I love this layout. It just needs some journalling (there is a hidden tag - see the little purple pulls) and a title.  But I can't think of a title! HELP!

I thought maybe I could turn this into a giveaway. (Ending 7th May. Anyone in any country can enter. I will pick my fave or set a poll up).

If you can think of a good title for this page,
just leave a comment
& you might win a prize.

The photograph of me was taken on Easter Friday.  We had just arrived in Napier, grabbed a lovely cool Shaken Zen Tea w/ lemonade from StarBucks and went for a walk.  My Mom said stop! (Literally,a Do Not Move tone of voice) She liked my shadow and took a couple shots.

American Crafts Pink Cardstock
Black Ink
Stitched Stamp by Technique Tuesday
KaiserCraft La Di Da Paper Pack and Skip Paper
Stampin Up Scallop Punch
Foam Tape etc

27 April 2010

Our First Stall

We went to our first craft show on Saturday.  Our first craft show that we had a stall at.  Lots of cards out on display and not enough space for all of them.  (Our next stalls will be on a larger table).  The brand new table cover is a gorgeous white and beige check. Lil Dude is standing on a wicker basket (maybe he should be renamed "Wicker Dude") and holding a card.  Two wire stands hold even more cards, which I would like to paint pink.  Lots of cards got looked at, picked up, opened etc.  But only one sold.  Which is better than none.  (The teal and brown MUM card.  Middle back in a stand.)

I got lots of ideas for things to make for the next market we go to. 

Any suggestions or ideas on how to do a craft stall better? 
Better layout of cards?
Anything really....

I'd love the next one we go be more fun and profitable than this one.  But it was a good learning experience.

25 April 2010

I need to do something to cheer myself up.  I was going to get these in a couple months but I might have to get them sooner.

They are Sennheiser Noise Reduction Headphones.  I can't wait to try them with songs from Evita and Phantom.  Although if anyone has any other recommendations?

22 April 2010

Are You Ready?

Are you really ready?

These are my absolutely gorgeous new shoes! I love the bright bright blue!  And as usual when I get new things I want to keep them looking nice and new for as long as possible.  I only got them last Thursday and I've worn them once.  If I can - I will only wear them on nice dry days.  Try to keep the blue blue.

Tomorrow I really hope my toothless tooth is better.  I am sick of having to be careful when I eat and I can't drink water from a bottle - which makes Gym stuff a little difficult.

I hope to have another blog post tomorrow and maybe something more regular next week.  Really hope this tooth stuff is over by then.

20 April 2010

I haven't done much lately because of this horrible bad tooth. It isn't healing correctly so there is some gauze padding or something, it tastes like mint. I have some super strong pain killers. (Ibuprofen)

Tomorrow, if I am able to, I want to get some more photographs scrapbooked and I still have to take a photograph of my new shoes. Love them.

15 April 2010

I lost a tooth!

That is the best dentist in the whole world! I think the whole thing took about 10 minutes!!! It was a little tooth and I still have it.  (The other two teeth I've had removed have been lost). The difficult part has been trying to keep my tongue away from it.  It finally stopped bleeding and I eventually fell asleep.  I knew that when I'd wake up the numbing would be gone and it would all be okay.

I even have some new shoes! Just wait until you see the color!

14 April 2010

I'm being super duper lazy by not taking any photographs of what I made today.  I've been working on my Mothers Day present.  And just found a safe place to hide it until I get a chance to finish it. 

Tomorrow I am getting a tooth extracted.  So I won't be online much, if at all.  It happens in the morning so I will be resting for most of the day.  I've had two other teeth extracted in the past, so I know a little about what to expect. I will be watching TV while it gets done and have been told it will only take 30 minutes.

Please send good vibes to me. 

I am already planning the scrapbook page for this! And thinking of ways to turn the tooth into a necklace or something.

Time for me to go and watch the rest of Flash Forward. Then its' LOST!!!!!!
And tomorrow I get to wake up and go to the dentist.  (It's cool. There's a TV. KO drugs and no one wants to kill me - shut up bro's).

8 April 2010

I was randomly search for eart team on etsy and found this great vintage bouquet to add to my wishlist.  I doubt that I will ever get married so I would put these in an equally gorgeous vase as a decoration.

You can see the listing on etsy here and all the other great photographs.  It's made by Hairbowswonderworld.

Butterfly Love

I got these butterfly stamps and matching butterfly punch from Stampin Up on Tuesday.  I can't believe that I didn't get to play with them until yesterday.  This is the first card I made with these new goodies.

I love these stamps and I love all the bright colors on this paper!  Just not sure whether they should be single cards or sets?

And I really love this quote.
"LOVE is like a butterfly... it goes where it please and pleases where it goes."

6 April 2010

Easter Vacation

Yesterday we left Napier and drove about 320kms to Wellington.  I am still tired even though all I did was read (Stephen King's Cell) and nap.  I'm just gonna pick a few photographs.  Of course these will be scrapped later, I will try to take photographs of them and show you.

In Napier with my lovely Venti Shaken Zen Tea With Organic Lemonade from StarBucks.

I took this photograph at 6:57am!!! On Saturday morning!!!! Maybe I should start taking sleeping pills on vacation so I actually sleep through the night.

This would have been on Sunday about half way to Taupo.  We went for a loooooong drive and stopped here (not for a beer) for a coffee.

What did all of you do over Easter?
Something fun with your family?

5 April 2010

We're on our way back to Wellington now.  If it's anything like last year when we went to Taupo and Rotoroa then there will be lots of cars and traffic on the highways.  Hopefully we'll be able to stop along the way for coffees and breaks.  And I hope we get home sometime during day light hours.

Coming soon.... photographs from our vacation and mini album ideas to show off those photographs.

3 April 2010

Just Love

I have a few cards that I just absolutely love and wanted to show to you.

The colors on this one are just pure gorgeous!  I don't know what to say about it.  There are just great layers and wonderful colors. Borders and ribbons.  A stamped sentiment and dimension.

This one has been in my shop for a while, but I am still in love with it! Those paper butterflies are actually meant to be flowers.  Don't they make great butterflies?

The way is opens and stands up is so cool! Simple and elegant with silky white ribbon and soft blues and burnt orange.  A few simple swirls stamped in the corner add enough decoration.  The sentiment, also hand stamped, says "thank you!"

And for $4.60 USD I must be a little crazy.  A lot of work and thought went into this card.  It's not just a machine made mass produced card from a supermarket aisle.  It's HANDMADE.

2 April 2010

What are you doing this Saturday?

I have no idea what I'll be doing today. 
We're still in Napier, so maybe we'll go for a walk or a drive. (Do you think I'll be allowed to drive?)

1 April 2010

Egypt Mini Album

As promised, here are the other photographs of my mini Egypt album.  It is just so cool!  And a great way to show of vacation photographs.  My Mom already wants to make more! (Her's uses our Craft Retreat photographs).

I really wanted to use these photographs for this album. But since I don't have the original files I had to download them from my PhotoBucket account.  They wouldn't print out standard 6x4 size.  So I printed them as 3x2's.

 This is what it looks like completely open.  Sorry, it doesn't fit in my lightbox so please ignore the carpet and little scraps of paper there.  I am so glad I spotted that HOT PINK card! I really wanted this to be bright and colorful! Mainly to match my clothing.  Bright orange trousers.  Acid yellow vest.  Hot Pink on my hat.

I started with the first day in Egypt.  Walking along the Great Pyramid.

This is how the card folds up on itself.  Each sheet is 9x9" and it folds up into a 4.5" square.  The only other album we have about Egypt is a HUGE 12x12" album of about 100 pages! And I miss these bright clothes and my green converse! So I wanted to keep the focus on me!

On the other side are these photographs.  I just used the middle section.  These photographs are from the cruise boat we went on and our last days in Luxor.  I had to get my photograph of BATS in this album.  I am so glad that I got to see BATS! Although the camera flash did scare a couple of them.

This bit just holds it closed.  Not sure what it's proper name is.  The title letters are from Tim Holtz Grunge Board (I love grungeboard!)  I covered each letter (which is a different font) with the left over orange card.  Filed and distressed the edges and my Mom inked the edges in orange.

Thursday Blog Ring

This weeks question: "Do you have family members who are artistic like you are?"

I have a thing about getting everyone I know into crafting!  You might have read that we went on a craft retreat in Pounawea and got evacuated.  This photograph was taken (by Me.  My first ever bedroom used to be my Dad's darkroom), once we were allowed back to the camp and started a new craft project.  Some how I've gotten my Mom addicted (small addiction) to card making! And even my Step Dad enjoys making cards.  My Mom used to make glass things.  We have a clock, some Christmas decorations and window hangings.

I even got my brothers girlfriend to come with me to a card making class in November.

Continue the blog ring here.