3 March 2013

I have moved to a new blog.
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23 February 2013

JKM 2013 Layout

I created this layout for the Sketchbook 365 sketch challenge

I've had the transparency for years and years so I decided to add it over the photograph and tags etc.

 photo 2b7c481e-83c7-4cbd-a51a-0edb8828ce61_zpsdfa7103d.jpg
The title is quite simple... my initals and the year.... 

I inked the cardstock to add some more detail and interest.  Washi tape is at the top of each tag (I have a lot of washi tape so I try to use some on each project).Love my Tim Holtz tiny attacher.... which is holding the transparency in place.

So happy that I've finally used this camera transparency!

 photo IMG_4439_zps3f992ac1.jpg

1 February 2013

Possibly or not....

I've decided to start a new blog.  I can start again with labels (since there isn't an easy way to delete the ones that aren't needed) and hopefully get a good feeling with a new blog.  I've been very indecisive about this for a while and finally decided to go ahead and do it!

This blog is feeling stale and... I'm still not sure..... Should I try to revamp this one or start over again??

The problem now is...

what name/title/blog address should I use???

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to keep this blog and make it better please share!

31 January 2013

Project Life - Week Three and Four

I'm still liking this way of documenting. My system is currently to think about what photographs to take and to make notes during the week and then getting everything printed and done on the weekends. Week Three photo IMG_4374_zps72a93713.jpg
Week Three
All these photographs were taken on the Friday. It never snows in Guernsey! So when it did this year and my Mom woke me up early I was quickly onto the cameras to get lots of shots! I used three cameras in total. My big DSLR, my camera phone (and I figured out how to get the photographs onto my computer so I could print them) and one Instax shot.
Week Four photo IMG_4375_zps383c0c82.jpg
Week Four
I'm still not sure how to use the 6x6 page protectors. I searched for a way to print a 12x12 photographs but it seems expensive to get this done so I printed out my photographs at 5x7 and cut them to size.  I had a couple sick days this week so read a few books while resting and feeling yucky.

 I'm looking for other Project Lifers who blog! I like reading and seeing what other people are doing... any blogs recommendations??

15 January 2013

100 Books and New 50 Books


In December 2011 I thought it would be interesting to keep track of all the books I read in 2012.
In February I decided to have an aim of 100.
100 books is a nice round number.
And pretty much unreachable....

So I just kept reading and kept aiming for as many books as possible.  I read 38 books in 2012.

My aim for 2013 is more attainable.  50 books.
Photobucket Photobucket I'm already half way through book three. Would you like to join me?

13 January 2013

Project Life 2013 Title Page Week One and Week Two

My title page for Project Life.  This is the first year that I've done Project Life. I've been looking at other peoples Project Life in 2012 and I am excited about doing this.I just need to add a couple photographs.

  Week One.

Week 1.1

Started this quite simply. A photo of my Mom on her Birthday. A self portrait taken on the first.

Week 1.2
Christmas lights and One Little Word.

Week 2
This week I had to think of what to include... not much is happening right now so I listed all the clothes that I wear to work (thermals, extra socks, fleeces etc) and plan on doing another one like this in Summer.
We watched NCIS and CSI a few times.  I just need to add an 'art' card in the bottom right corner - haven't got any inspiration right now.
Week 2.2

Looking forward to documenting more.   I am printing out digital cards to use in the pockets and am planning on having all these in a box for easy access.  Maybe I will make a box for the cards instead of searching for a plastic box the right size....

6 January 2013

What I should be doing....

Add sidebar links to Project Life and OLW.
Edit labels/tages (but it is taking so much time - can't there be an easier way)
Do my "Snapshots of 2012" album and get an ebook about it up.
Revamp my blog design. (Although this is just a distraction).
Tidy up the craft room.  Even just putting the alphabets stickers away would be good.

But I don't really have any motivation to do any of this right now. Hope I'm not getting a really bad cold.... (haven't really been that bad this winter).