29 May 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ Jeraly Designs

This weekend's feature is from Aly @ Jeraly Designs.

FREE SHIPPING - Amethyst Butterfly Sterling Silver Earrings -OOAK

* I'm originally from Bristol, England but now live in Palm Springs, California

* I started out making (pretty lame!) charm bracelets in 2006 to try and make some money for my American boyfriend (now husband!) to stay in the UK for six months

* I fully intend to set up a proper studio when we buy our house within the next six months!

* I have two cats named Daisy (5) and Riley (almost 1) - Daisy came with me from the UK!

* I'd love to be a musician (singing, guitarring or drumming!) but am too shy and get too impatient learning instruments!!

FREE SHIPPING - Lucky Sevens Rainbow Bracelet/Anklet -OOAK-

I hope you enjoyed reading these random facts about Aly. Aren't the photographs just plain gorgeous??

26 May 2009

I've been thinking what I can do for Christmas presents this year. I have about five little notes from my Gran (all the same design) and figured I could give her a small stash of note cards.

Retro Circle note card in box

Last night, Mom and me went to our first scrapbook class at a scrapbook store about 20 minutes away. We started a tabbed journal. In two hours, we had covered the thing in patterned paper and sanded the edges. These will be holding about 30/40 photographs! Which we get to do in class next month.

Honestly the worst part was waiting for a train that never showed up. Then having to wait for a bus. When the albums are finished I promise to show you.

22 May 2009

Weekend Window Shopping - Michelles Charm World

First up is Michelle from Michelle's Charm World. (I personally own half a dozen things from Michelle and love every piece.)

Five random facts about Michelle's shoppe:
1) I've been creating my own line of jewelry for 12 years.

2) I always listen to 80s music in my studio

3) My inspiration comes from my childrens playroom
4) My jewelry line started when my collections got out of control (vintage buttons, Vintage Barbie Accessories etc, Legos etc.)
5) My kids craft with me while I'm in the studio.

Weekend Window Shopping

To keep this blog from crying over the weekend, (due to lack of posts) I have decided to start a Weekend Window Shopping Feature.

Each weekend one person/shop will be featured right here. Currently I am only featuring EARTTEAM and ETSYGREETINGSTEAM members.

The first feature will be later.

20 May 2009

The Y Chromosomes

A couple weeks I realized that I really needed to get some more boy themed cards listed at my store. Lots of blues and greens with dashes of red.

From Manly men cards for butch men! to cute little adorable cards for baby boys and toddlers.

It is Fathers Day soon (for most of the world) so I needed to get some DAD approved creations.

I've been a little lazy today. The weather has been very odd. Hot and sunny, then freezing cold! I would love to stay inside, nice and warm, but it is gym day. And I HAVE to go! Slightly tempted to suggest a nice Venti Starbucks afterwards, but they might be closed by the time we get out. And it is nice to get straight home!

I can wait for a nice hot Starbucks tomorrow. Have to buy some ink for my photo printer.

Family Birthdays:
Eldest brother - happy birthday for the 26th
Old Bald Git brother (his words!) - happy birthday for 6th June

19 May 2009

I must get a post written here soon.

I have an idea of what I want to write about, I just need to get some photographs.

12 May 2009


I'm honestly trying to think of something interesting to put here regularly. Not sure what...

I had a great creative day yesterday. Got lots of wonderful cards made, even though I had a slight headache. I did get a lot of my To Do List crossed off. Still have to tidy up a bit and take out some rubbish.

It's really getting cold enough here in New Zealand for thick scarves and warm hats.

I've been listing all the cards I made yesterday in my shop, so I now have over 140 items. In New Zealand (and Aussie) Fathers Day isn't until September but I have been making some Fathers Day cards. I actually don't know if I should send my dad one. He lives in the UK.... Anyway, there are lots for you to choose from.

The Best Fathers Day Card w/envelope $5.50

Next month, FotoGeeni will be having a giveaway...

5 May 2009


I created the survivor section in my shop when my brother was going to have surgury on his shoulder, we looked at cards in big chain shops (obviously I'd make my own for him) and we couldn't find any! So I decided to get a couple Get Well cards done. Then I started thinking about the people going through lots of difficult life changing situations...

....the simplest little thing can bring a smile to someone's face.

This Tough Cookie is the latest one. Gorgeous, bright candy colored paper with heart shaped word "Tough" and hand stamped "cookie". Perfect for any little girls that have to go through some hospital treatment...

This Strength card is very elegant and simple.

I do/will donate 50% of the list price to the charity of your choice.
The reason I haven't picked a charity is because these cards are for YOUR friends and family, and if they are going through cancer treatment, the money being donated to an animal charity isn't helping the receiver of the card.

4 May 2009

Tea Bags

My latest card making adventure is Tea Bag folding.

Tea Bag folding originated in Holland, by Tiny van der Plaas who had forgotten a birthday card for her sister. She started folding fruit tea bag envelopes and so this card making technique was created.

I have three of these cards in my store right now. And another one is being made for a family members birthday.

Each fold is done by hand, and adhered together with acid free glue.
I'm torn between thinking that it looks like a flower or a pinwheel....

This white, black and cream one is just so elegant. I can just imagine the impact it will make amongst cards at a wedding.

The Giveaway

is over, and the winners have been emailed.

Right now, I am half way through dyeing my hair. Just waiting the 30 minutes for the color to develop...