3 September 2010

greetings from wellington city

we have been in this okay hotel in the city since tuesday and i am finally not completely exhausted and am sleeping the whole night through.  i've been trying to have lots of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables to stay healthy. yesterday me and mom went to a scrapbook class in petone. we got to use the new society bird range from kaisercraft. and got absolutely soaked on the way home!

i just need to send a couple more emails then i can read for the rest of the afternoon. we are planning on going to the gym later (then a sneaky starbucks) i haven't really taken many photographs and i still need to find some place that has souvenir coins or pressed pennies in wellington. i have a bunch from around nz but none from wellington. any chance you know which place will have these???

i will try to come on again before we leave for sydney on tuesday.


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