30 July 2009

Worn Out

I've been meaning to take these photographs for a while. My 13x13" cutting mat is getting quite used. This mat is only about two years old!
Seriously, how much cutting do I do?!
It was a week ago when I took a close look and saw that I have started cutting bits away. I knew it was getting worn, but I didn't think I was actually cutting through the mat. (Notice the 4" mark).

Maybe I should list these at FotoGeeni...

28 July 2009

Enjoyment and a mini sneakpeak

These are all the cards that I made TODAY. I loved using my new supplies but it is time to stop for today and rest (since everyone will be home from work soon).
Gorgeous, shiny pink stamped sentiment "Sending you sunshine and laughter" with three brad cherries.
This card is gorgeous, and still drying. The little bits of glitter are glitter glue and is making this card sparkle with happiness.
All the cards together. Sorry about the background, my desk seems to change between tidy and messy on a weekly basis... oh well.

Tomorrow morning, I will be able to get some great photographs of these cards and then list them in my store.

Hope to see you there.

27 July 2009

Tuesday Morning

These are just a selection of the new items I have been listing in my store today. I have a lot more to list, and even more to make!

I don't know where half of my cards have been hiding, but I have been trying to sort through every box and find all these cards that aren't listed, and list them.

I have a lot of freebies and goodies to give out with sales, I just need some sales!!

I'll try to post again today, or tomorrow and show some more goodies.

24 July 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ 1CardCreator

This weekends feature comes from 1CardCreator.

I love making cards and the reason I decided to sell them quite honestly is to have a reason to make them. I can only make so many cards for family and friends.

Although many of the customers I have made cards for feel like my friends now.

I love to customize my cards by putting the names of the recipients on them, like on my wedding cards. I will soon begin designing cards as part of the design team at DieCutsRUs web store.

Along with card making I enjoy cooking and I also collect and read antique cookbooks.

I also enjoy sharing my cardmaking tips with instructions and tutorials on my blog at 1CardCreator.blogspot.com.

23 July 2009

Bad Day

I was going to take new photographs of lots of my un-listed cards and list lots of new wonderful items. But I installed Norton 360 Anti Virus last night and now none of my photograph editing programs are opening. (Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop). I have spent the last two hours!!!! trying to fix this problem, but the Norton bit always goes "Not Responding".

Nothing is working with this!

Planning on sending a ton of emails to them (if the contact page works) and get a refund. Will get McAfee...

Suggestions? What internet security program do you use?

20 July 2009

SENZ Afterwards...

My mom make this stamp and glitter card. The glitter is so gorgeous!

From a cuttlebug. The blue paper is a new emboss design from Cuttlebugs and the butterfly is from a Spellbinders. My mom cut these out.

My mom's first time making an ATC. I love the picture and words she choose for this.

And this is mine. The blue mesh is magic mesh meaning it is self adhesive. I love the picture of the girl and the contrast between blue and purple.

Both the ATCs together. We were sitting right next to each other making these. Using the same supplies. I love how different they are. I had to include the postage stamp in mine. And I know that ATC's should be exactly the right size - with nothing hanging over, but since this is just for me I like that the "I went to Create at SENZ09" tag is slightly over the edge.

There are a few dozen thousand ideas floating around in my head. I don't think there is enough time in the world to get them all done. I have a nice new selection of papers, a few more stamps and some white flowers (which were cheaper because the tub is broken).

16 July 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ajsdesigns

This weekends Window Shopping feature comes from the store of ajsdesigns. She has a wide selection of wonderful handmade cards in various stores. (They are listed at the bottom of this post)

I am now residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am married to a wonderful man. (I count my blessings every day. And, I make him count at least once a week.) We have two beautiful children, a daughter and son. Our daughter has given us two grandsons who are now age 14 and 11. Our baby, well he's 27 now, just married a beautiful woman in January. No grandkids there yet, he is still in law school.

I opened my Etsy shop http://ajsdesigns.etsy.com in February 2007. I really got busy with it in 2008. I still do not have everything posted.

I sell collage art, handbound journals, mini wall art (collage on stretched canvas no larger than 5"x7"), art cards, greeting and note cards, mandalas, mandala art cards, seasonal items such as ornaments and holiday cards. Just about everything I create involves paper and rubber stamps.

I cannot live without rubber stamps and paper. Rubber stamps are the greatest. I had to learn that a rubber stamp is a tool. What I do with that tool is the fun part. I have an over abundance of both and I still keep collecting both. If I every decide to have a garage sale, just to clean my studio, I would probably be able to make the next two house payments. The other items that I could not live without are my X-Acto knife, paper trimmer, watercolor brushes, watercolors of all kinds, and rulers.

I have always been drawn to paper. I remember while growing up making my own "little books." Some were small enough that Barbie could hold them. And then I did grow up and was lucky enough to land a job in a print shop. Thus began my career in graphic arts and print production. I was introduced to typesetting on some of the first photo type computers (I'm getting ready to show my age here). And I gained experience in operating printing presses. I realized then that some of the art that I created I could reproduce. Reproduction involved typesetting, dark room work (shooting negatives), burning printing press plates from those negatives to make the positive, getting the press ready to make the job complete. The most fun was choosing the paper for the job. I could not wait for a paper salesman to come and peddle their wares. They brought the most beautiful poster samples that was printed on "the stock of the month." Now began my second career in collecting paper. The fire marshal would probably have a few words of concern.

My studio is a 6'x8' attic room. I have spilled over into the attic for storage. Whatever project(s) I am working on seem to over flow onto the stair landing. If I am doing a lot of tearing and meticulous trimming I will be in the living room and/or sun room. The dining room table I use as a catch all and packing for art festivals. I store my inventory in the spare bedroom closet. My shadow box frames are stored in the downstairs hall closet. My husband and I share an office with our computers. He's the Director of News and Analysis for RigData and he telecommutes. He's also a writer. Hmm..two creative people living together 24 hours a day. I do allow him to have his own desk in our office and he gets to use the kitchen table in our sun room. Hey, I had to learn to not talk to myself.he thought I was talking to him!

My craft is rubber stamp art and I am self-taught. I was needing a creative outlet. During a year of watching Carol Duvall and the rubber stamp segments, I kept repeating to myself, "I could do that." I guess that my husband got tired of me talking to myself and bought me my first rubber stamps as a Christmas gift. I already had all the paper stock and he knew my creative side. He did create a monster. He asked me "just how much paper and how many stamps do you have?" Needless to say I changed the subject.

I have one Etsy shop: http://ajsdesigns.etsy.com

I do have three other online shops. They are:

I also have a blog. The majority of what I write are spotlight blogs for other artisans. My blog is http://ajsdesigns.blogspot.com

Wow, that is a long post. I am off to a craft fair on Sunday so (hopefully) I'll be picking up a lot of wonderful new supplies.


Finally the time has come for another survey/giveaway. And this time EVERYONE that completes and emails this survey to me will receive a coupon code for a 20% discount.

Please fill out this survey, by HIGHLIGHTING, COPYING and PASTING it into your email window, and after filling out each question send it to me at pnkgeeni{at}gmail{dot}com. Once I received your email I will email you the coupon code asap. (Within 24 hours at the latest)

Only emails will be accepted! and only surveys that have been ENTIRELY filled out will receive the coupon code.

Use the subject title: I’vedonetheSURVEYnowgivememyCOUPON

Please be honest with your feedback

1) Male or Female?
2) Your Age?
3) How did you find my store?
4) Your favourite item from my shop?
5) Have you looked through my Etsy shop yet? (Prior to this survey).
6) What do you think is missing?
7) Please visit and let me know if you would/wouldn't purchase from the shop.
8) Have you purchased from me yet?
9) Would you purchase from me again? If no, why not.
10) Why wouldn't you purchase from my shop?
11) What do you think of the;
11a) Categories?
11b) Descriptions?
11c) Photographs?
11d) Prices?
12) What type of card do you give out most?
13) How did you find my blog?
14) How many cards do you send a year? (Approximately)
15) What age group do these cards go to?
16) Any other comments would be appreciated.


The deadline for this survey is: July 31 2009

12 July 2009

Starting Monday With A Thoughtful Thought

Today, I would like to give this award (that I received from Sally a while ago) and I would like to give it to Sharon. Sharon always leaves lovely comments. (Like this one.)

10 July 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ Tasha Ryles Designs

This weekend I would like to invite you to Tasha Ryles Designs. Or visit her website.

I draw inspiration from the personalities of people around me to create one of a kind pieces that reflects their diversity.

I am a full time psychiatric nurse at an inner city hospital. This occupation has taught me to pay attention to detail and patience.

I started designing jewelry as a way to "unwind" after work and it has since developed into my passion!

I live in Atlanta Georgia with my children (my 2 dogs and cat)!

And just a reminder about my coupon codes and giveaways.

9 July 2009

200 Items

There is a surprise for my readers at the bottom of this post...
I think this is a cause for celebration, although I am a little confused...
Should I still list my new items?
Is over 200 items TOO difficult to keep track of?
I went through my shop to find these cute little pictures for you to look at.
Maybe I need to have a huge sale to get some items down.... Have you forgotten about the coupon? No-one's used it yet....

The above is for BLOG readers only!!!

7 July 2009

Have to been to my store lately?
There are lots of wonderful new cards for you to drool over and buy...
And remember about this great blog offer? You still have time to take advantage.

And drop by my other blog for a great giveaway!

5 July 2009

I was featured...

My mustard yellow handmade card was featured on this wonderful wedding blog on Friday.

3 July 2009

Special Offers For July

Normally, there would be a feature from another Etsy seller here today, but I don't have that info yet. So, I am moving forward this special offer.

I am offering this to all my Facebook friends/fan and everyone that reads this blog.

The details:
Buy One Get One Free (up to a max of Buy Five Get Five Free) on all the cards and notelets in the Back To School section.

This offer ends at midnight on July 16th 2009.

Please put the code (BLOGBOGO) in message to seller and wait for a revised invoice, or receive a refund within three days. (Three days, because of the weekend and time difference).

If there is a card/set that isn't in this section that you absolutely love - please CONVO me and we can sort out some resonable offer. (Examples: Buy One Back To School item and get the non Back To School item for half price.... Buy Two non Back To School items and get One Back to School item for free....)