29 September 2011

Re- Vamp

I've decided to revamp my blog once more.

What are your favourite blog designs/layouts?

11 September 2011


I seem to be obsessing about what to take to Tuscany.  I always pack to much and half of what I take never comes out of my suitcase.  We are going in October and I've been reading blogs etc and the weather seems changeable.  Either nice and sunny or rainy and cold.  The average temps are from 11 deg to 22 deg.  Maybe what I am planning on taking will be okay.  But do I really need 6 pairs of trousers/shorts?

I will definitely be taking my SLR camera.  There is something about the mystery of not really knowing what the photograph will be like until they've been printed.  And I know that this camera will capture the architecture and feeling to Tuscany perfectly.  But how many films should I get?

We are going for 15 days including travel.  An average of two rolls of film for 13 snapshot taking days = 26 rolls of film.

The films I will be getting have 36 exposures. So, 36 x 26 = 936 photographs.

That (scarily) seems about right.  I took close to 1,000 photographs when we went to Egypt, and probably Disney too, and 300 photographs when we went to Russia.

26 rolls of film from Amazon is over 100 quid!  Maybe I should take less photographs??

10 September 2011

I felt it coming on Monday, a tickle in the throat that lead to a horrible detestable cold.  I you're a friend at Facebook then you have probably heard all this. I hate being sick! Had to take two days off work - it would have been nice to craft or tidy up a bit but I didn't have the energy.  Ironically this was when my lovely $20NZD watch broke.

Today I bought a Baby G one. Like this one only in pink.  The shop only had blue or pink and my Momma said pink.  I try not to get too much pink - don't want people to think I'm really girly.  Hopefully it will last a good long time.

This weekend I am continuing making my ATC cards for Tuscany.  I haven;t mentioned that I have a new cutting mat have I?  It's a lovely purple one! 13'x16' so large for a full sized layout with some spare.

4 September 2011

peek a boo

Poor blog. It never gets a visit from me anymore. I am just super busy all the time with no chance to really relax.  In 29 days we are going on a Bella Tuscany tour! (With Ali Edwards ).

 We will be spending about 10 days in Tuscany and about 3 days in Rome.  It will be so lovely to see all the wonderful sights.
Hopefully we are going to the Trevi Fountains and Gardens (above pic). This place just looks really amazing.

Our Italy travel book from Lonely Planets arrived a couple days ago so I will go through it with the itinerary and read up about where we are going etc.

Will try to get another post up here sometime next week.