31 December 2010

Happy End of 2010.
I am working on the journaling for the mini albums and layouts I have planned out.  Today I made a couple birthday cards that are needed soon.  I have.... 3 birthday cards to make that are needed between now and March.

Hope 2011 starts out good for you, and continues being good for the next 12 months.

22 December 2010


Remember this post from last year? The whole Grinch all festive and warm.  I have Grinch songs in my head! Even the Grinch from when he was a special guest on The Simpsons. 

I've picked up some more mince pie filling and finally found some ground rice to use for the shortbread (instead of corn flour) - I might do some baking tomorrow afternoon.  Or maybe the afternoon after.

I have to get the bus into town tomorrow at 11am to meet my Mom so I can't really have much vodka tonight.  The last minute presents are wrapped up (unless a few more get bought).  I need to put up some more decorations and seriously tidy up.  I have to print some tags out too.  Pretty sure I can get all this done in time.

I hope anyway.
Happy Christmas

7 December 2010

Aww, poor snowwoman (my Mom doesn't like men in the house)! Can you see what she's written through the box?

I'm sorry but Mom won't let you out yet. Soon.

2 December 2010

 These got mixed up. Some are from yesterday and some are from this morning.  The footprints are from this morning - the snow was the thickest it's been so far.
 I was tempted to build a snowman but it was just sooo cold. Not used or prepared for this cold snowy weather.
 I bought this window decoration yesterday. I slowly put things up - my Mom always says that we can decorate on the 24th but I can't wait that long.