25 March 2011

The move went okay. Slept in our NZ sleeping bags on the floor for three nights until our beds and mattresses arrived.  Had no lights in the lounge on Friday night so watched DVD’s on the laptop by candle light.  Monday 14th was busy!  A couple hours starting from 8.40am and all our stuff from the 40 foot container was delivered.  Lots and lots of boxes! Lots and lots of boxes of books too.  And a lovely huge new TV.

On Wednesday I thought a very silly thing. “I’m going to try to find a book to read.” I must have close to 100 books and I’m going to try to find something to read!

My little nephew came to visit on Tuesday too, with his mommy, daddy and big sister.  Layne (nephew) is so cute and adorable.  I was holding and carrying him around for about an hour.  I burped him and he fell asleep. He was so quiet (apparently they aren’t always like that).  His big sister loved our over grown garden – she was happily walking around with a huge smile on her face.

I helped baby sit on Satureday night too.  He was being fussy though – didn’t want to go to sleep – then he wouldn’t wake up long enough for his bottle and burping – drank a third of his milk then went right back to sleep.  Babies are so cute and wonderful but I’m sticking to dogs and other animals.

Our bathroom is coming along nicely.  I think most of the tiles are up on the walls and all the little leaks have stopped.  Even the toilet doesn’t leak when it’s flushed anymore.

All the rooms are still packed full of stuff but we have space to move and it’s livable.  I think we’ve taken two huge boxes down to the charity bin already – might be some more going there, and I’m thinking of taking some books I’ve never read to a charity shop too.  We have so much stuff here now! It all came out of this house, so it all has to go back somewhere!!!  We survived in New Zealand for three years without all these books and shelves and plastic storage boxes and whatever else.

I found Morna, the baby I’ve had since I was one years old.  She’s quite happy in her plastic box wrapped up in bedding – where she’s been for the last three years with a little cuddly bear.  Her head was a little sticky so I gave her a wash and cleaned out her ears, nose, mouth and wiped her hands.  Apparently she did have legs and a body made out of plastic once.  I only remember her having her head and at least one plastic arm.  My Gran made her a body and legs ages ago – she’s on her second.  I would like to try to find replacement parts for her.  I think she is an “Effa” doll.

I’ve got my DSL Film camera back too! And I found the batteries, and there is film inside.  Taken some shots of our ‘new’ house.  Should take some more photographs for the scrapbook.

To Be Continued...

10 March 2011

new home

I haven't taken many photographs lately. Been too busy painting and cleaning, then it's too late to get any good shots!  This is our newly decorated lounge.  We are getting a Chocolate carpet and a Chocolate sofa (which should be delivered on Monday!!!!)

My bedroom is almost ready.  We are putting the new luxury underlay down tonight and we should be able to fit the carpet over the weekend.  It should be a nice relaxed weekend....

Until Monday rolls around.  The mattresses and Chocolate sofa are being delivered.  As is our 40 foot container of belongings! So much!!!! It will be a little scary seeing all those boxes piled up in every room but I think opening them will be fun. 

I get to find lots of clothes and shoes I'd forgotten about.  (Okay, most of the clothes will be too big for me - but I am keeping my favourite and altering them - turning others into cushion covers??? or something and the rest to charity).  And lots and lots of books!  I will have so many to re-read! 

And I can look through my first scrapbooks.  Ooh, and some more craft tools are coming home.

This is exciting!!!!!