31 October 2008

Oh Wow

I have about 77 folders on my computer. Each flower contains photographs from ONE card. And there are still a few cards that haven't been photographed yet.

I stitched on a few more cards since I got three very nice replies (one here and two on lollishops) about the flower stems. But I still need to practise to make the stitches neat and pretty.

I think if Sunday is nice and sunny I'll try to get my mom to go skating with me. IE we'll both learn how to skate and not fall.

30 October 2008


stitchedfllower1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

What do you think of these stitched stems?

This is the first time I have hand stitched anything on card. I was inspired by a similar card in a magazine.

Would you like to recieve this card??

I have been living in NZ for 6 MONTHS! It does not feel like 6 months. We landed in Wellington on May 1st, and every time the month gets near to ending I think "Wow, we've almost been here another month".

Sharon - your little pressie will be posted today (it should take about 5 working days to get to you).

28 October 2008

and the winner is...

Sharon's Cottage Quilts

if you can email me your full name and address I can post these little beauties asap



Okay, so Always Amy is having a blog giveaway. Pick two pairs of her earrings and blog about them.

It took a while to pick my absolute favourites but I think I have to pick the apples and bows.

These juciy apples are just gorgeous! and must be healty, right.

These pink bows are just adorable!!

27 October 2008

These house rub-ons are so pretty and gorgeous. This card comes as a set.

A tiny cute Happy Birthday Card.

26 October 2008

Blog Giveaway #2

6 matching cards and envelopes of various sizes
Comment to this post
Ends: Wednesday 29th @ 12noon NZ time when ONE person will win these cards.

23 October 2008

What day is it? Thursday...

So today I made a few professional looking envelopes. And tried to make some boxes to hold the card sets but the boxes are either to big or too small. I'm trying to find another way to box them together.

I really need to have a very creative day tomorrow. I hope it's a little sunny.


22 October 2008

penguin card

pencard, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

Still not sure if this card should get a "Thank you" stamp or a "Happy Birthday" stamp in the top right corner.

The little penguin dude has a 3D effect and pops off the doodled dotty paper.


nzbrooch1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I picked this little thing up on Saturday from a local craft fair. This is for my Gran's Christmas Present. She always wears a brooch on her scarf when she goes out of dinners or to church.

My envelope maker hasn't arrived yet. It should be here by tomorrow. Then I can try making some custom sized envelopes.

21 October 2008


love3, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I go through the latest uploads to my photostream and pick a photo that grabs my attention. Today it is this i love you card.

Handcut circles with flowers and ribbon.

20 October 2008

Quick Snaps

Just a few quick photographs of some new cards. I will take better photographs tomorrow, but wanted to do a picture post today. I'm getting over my "I don't really want to cut into this sheet of paper because it's so pretty" and realising that I can just buy another sheet.

New pressie paper + stamp = A pretty birthday card. This is such a pretty card, with space next to the stamp for a special message or a photograph.
Buzy Fuzzy Card
Butterflies Jewels. I wanted to show my mom that these little jewels aren't difficult to use. This is a very simple card made from two sheets of paper and some sparkly little gems.
They make a wonderful impact.
A set of about 12 cards (or maybe two sets). I love these cards. I have made a little box for them. I love all the rubons! They are gorgeous!!! I'm not sure how many cards should be in a set...

19 October 2008

Oh Wow

I just checked on the google anaylics thing and I have actually had some views on my website. I really didn't expect any since I didn't think I was promoting it enough. I would know what you think of it.

I'm trying to find a way to get a checkout/shopping cart thing, but I'm not sure where to search for one.

My mom made her first Christmas Cards today! She made four cards from a kit to get into the crafting frame of mind, then she did another Christmas Card from patterned paper and a really gorgeous kiwi christmas stamp.

16 October 2008

Happy Birthday with flowers

cake7, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

The shadows are a little harsh. The sun was a little too bright that day.

This Happy Birthday card is simply delicious with a cute cupcake in the corner.


ribboncake, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

one of my new cupcake stamps. On some really gorgeous paper that has lines of glitter. And some of the flowers have glitter too!

The ribbon hides a "Yum!" and keeps the card closed so you can keep little treasures safe.

I.E Photographs of your daughter's birthday party.

Even better if you give this card to your little girl.

15 October 2008

really need to....

clean my creative area. a small part of the dining room table. it's a good thing we rarely eat at the table.

i really need to organize my papers before i start making anything.

my mom will be making some christmas cards at the weekend so I need to get the card blanks ready for her.

there is a craft expo here in wellington this weekend. I was thinking of going just to get ideas for if i decide to have a stall next year. but how many cards would i need to make??

and i have to get a small scrapbook/photo album for my dad. he's asked what I want to Xmas!


roarboy, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

A cute little tag for a little boy.

A piece of card and one sheet of patterned paper are the only ingrediants.

I don't have much boy stuff so I had to cut out the arrow and cute little rhino to decorate this.

It's about 4" x 3" and absolutely adorable.

14 October 2008

When the Snow comes down....

I have listed four Xmas cards on my site http:pnkgeeni.com/index

I need a specific code or something to get my template that I've been working on since last week to go live on the website. So I've just tried to make it look pretty and simple.

It would be wonderful to know what you think.

Need more coffee!!!!

My WebSite


New Cards

What do you think of this snail card?
I had the sudden urge to paint the florish a nice pink and put it on some bright orange paper. But then I didn't know how to finish the card. I remember seeing a doodled snail in one of my scrapbook magazines and decided to give this snail a chance at life.
But I'm not sure if I like it or if other people will like it??

My new stamps, inks and papers! I spotted these cupcake stamps and just had to buy them to use on cards exclusively for lollishops.com. I saw them and thought "Those would be perfect for LolliShops." A tiny mini brad finishes of the little cherry on top.

Stamps are so much easier to use with good ink and an acrylic block.

13 October 2008

this is the title

I am still trying to get my website the way I want it. I have managed to upload a few of the pages but the images haven't gone with the pages.

you can see it here but just remember that the actual pages are still a work in progress.

I need to make a lot of really pretty cards today. Felt a little dull and energy-less for the last few days.

please look at this site

pnkgeeni cards

what do you think??

12 October 2008


Relax, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

A beautiful card to relax with.

I'm still waiting for my website to go live.

The cut off date for international shipping is 29th Nov. So I just want to try out this website thing and see if I can sell any Christmas Cards.

Yesterday we went on the train to Upper Hutt for a Scrapbook and Stamping Expo. Bought lots of stuff. Even my mom got some things. There was so much wonderful stuff and I had to stop buying a few things.

My mom ordered this chipboard table top Christmas Tree for her to decorate for her desk at work. And one for us here.

And I got some really cute stamps!

I was so tired when we finally got home. I didn't have any energy to play with anything but today I can drink a few gallons of coffee!!!

I'm still thinking about the next giveaway.

10 October 2008


Crown, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

Love this card.

Rock star themed crown masked in green paint with a black line showing the crown. On traditional 18th century patterned paper and an orange card blank.

Perfect for a little rocker boy.

9 October 2008

Christmas Card

Size: 11cm x14cm
Color: Red, Green
Materials: Patterned paper, Ink, Glittered Chipboard

Have a Jolly Holly Christmas with this fabulous 'bling' card!
Will be posted in a plastic envelope
And FREE shipping

Only $6.00 USD

Thursday Post

I printed out some more business cards and decided to just take some shots of them.
My gift from artbynaomi.com
I loved the way it was all packaged up and the stitching on the cards.
Thank You Naomi

7 October 2008

New Card

boy5, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love this little card.
It's so pretty in blue (not pink).

So simple and boyish.

Perfect for babies.

I only had one "Y" and I didn't find this out until I started creating.

Winner of Blog Giveaway

Out of the 57 comments, the winner for the 12 sheets of patterned paper is....

on this piece of paper....


and using random.org the comment #45 will recieve a gift too...


who I will email and post these little gifts off asap.


There are currently 50 replies to the blog giveaway post. I don't know how I'm going to pick just one person. I think I will ask a random person to pick a number (or two).

I have made a few cards today. But I sorted out all the cards I have made. There are a lot. I think I counted 30 Christmas Cards!

6 October 2008


I was not expecting over 40 comments in reply to the blog giveaway. And there's still two days left till I pick a winner.

I started doing some productive work but a few hours ago my energy lagged. Right now I just can't seem to make myself do anything. It's currently 17degc and so hot! But its hotter outside.

I really need to get a bikini. I bought a lovely one last year but packed it in the container which is still in the UK. So I need to find another pretty one. I hate that some of my favourite shops don't have online shops. I always spend ages choosing the right bikini, and standing in an actual store for hours always feels weird.

We have to start getting our Christmas presents to send back to the UK. The last international shipping date is the 28th of November.

I really don't feel like doing anything.


3 October 2008

GiveAway! Finished!




Busy Creating

We sort of. I've made a few cards but the last one wasn't that good so I'm taking a break.

I need to grab something for lunch before I forget to eat.

I am still working on a few more Christmas Cards but I really need to take some photographs before I have too many things to photograph.

And I need to get onto that giveaway I'm thinking off!
I will get some of the stuff out now and post it later today. (I Promise.)

1 October 2008

Let It Snow

Let It Snow, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love this card.

A square of gorgeous american crafts patterned paper and a simple american crafts "Let It Snow" rub on.

I really don't know if I could let this one go.

waiting for diamonds

yesterday we found out that my mom has got her 2 year work permit so we can stay in new zealand. YAY. so now we can actually start looking for a house.

i've made five cards this last week. I've been busy with scrapbooking our photos from April. I'm on June now so I should be caught up with this album soon.

I need to stop thinking about my banner for http://LolliShops.com and work on the policies and descriptions. It's going to be open soon!!!!