26 February 2009

Easter Card Sale

All these Easter Cards having a Buy ONE get ONE free offer.
Celebrate Easter with Glittered Eggs and Bunnies, Chick and Rabbits.

Buy One Get One Free on all these EASTER CARDS
Offer Ends: April 10th

24 February 2009

New Listings

Two of the photographs above are new listings from yesterday (The stitched postcards and the red thank you cards). And two of the photographs have NEW photographs!

Yes! I finally got round to taking some new (better?) photographs of the mini thank you cards and the doggie cards.

I had hoped to have a very productive day today but felt really ill. And it sucks.
Hopefully I'll be able to get a lot of work done tomorrow.
FotoGeeni has a giveaway starting tomorrow too (the 24th which is the 25th for me). And my new skates should arrive. These are more like the retro style. Four large wheels. Will post photos. Can't wait to use these!

Time to get some rest before bedtime, and I have to do some yoga tonight.

23 February 2009

1) Five names written on pieces of paper and put in pink tub.
2) Lifting the lid, two names fell out.
3) Re-do with those two names
4) We have the winner!

The cards were posted about 24 hours ago.

In other news, FotoGeeni will be having a giveaway tomorrow. And I need to decide on a special offer to offer next.

I managed to get some new cards made yesterday.

And I need to put up what I learnt from the survey.

22 February 2009

Giveaway Winner

I almost forgot about this.

I changed the end date from the survey giveaway since I didn't get many entries and I seems a bit pointless to drag this out.

I have put all the names into a pretty pink tub I got with my last order from Michelle.

The lid is on the tub. Being shaken. Now I just have to pick a name....

Okay, just lifted an edge of the lid and shook.
Two bits of paper fell out!

So do I have two winners?

Or do I put those two names in the tub and shake again....

Lifting the lid slightly one name fell out.

I think I have my winner.

19 February 2009

Just a selection of the thank you cards available in my store.

Earlier today my mouse wheel went weird. It stopped working. Now I have a gorgeous new mouse. This one is what I originally wanted but the shop was out of stock. The wheel moves so perfectly with this one. (Logitech). I think I'm in love!

Anyway my mom is reminding me to get something for dinner so I guess I should go.


*Just buy two items and get a refund*

17 February 2009

The almost complete PEACE album.

It's lovely and sunny. The only thing that would make this day any better would be a couple sales.
Lots of free goodies to everyone that buys something today. (From http://pnkgeeni.etsy.com or http://fotogeeni.etsy.com)

16 February 2009

This is the other altered mini album I have. I have just finished painting the edges of it a nice shiny green. The paper in the photograph are the ones that will cover the word 'PEACE'.
This is going to look gorgeous! And it should be listed tomorrow afternoon at $15.00. What do you think of the price??

A gorgeous set of Chi doggie little note cards. A set of eight. Hand painted with an ink pen and water pen.

This is the complete altered wild boy mini album. The edges have been painted a nice olive green to match to ring binders. Four pieces of naked chipboard have been covered in this great Wild Crazy Boy themed patterned paper.
Each side of the chipboard pages has been covered with acid free patterned paper. With minimal embellishments, there is enough space for you to add photographs, embellishments and your own journalling.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a busy and productive day.

15 February 2009

I have spent most of today decorating a funky boy style mini album. I'm trying to keep this cute simple and unpersonalized so I can list it on my etsy store.

Happy Birthday Handmade Card

Remember there is still time to complete the survey and win some cards.

And remember that there is a special offer at my etsy store.

Buy ONE and get ONE FREE on EVERYTHING in my shoppe.

Simply pick two handmade cards or sets and wait for a revised invoice or a refund through PayPal.

Then sit back and relax while waiting for the postman/woman.

And enjoy your purchases.

12 February 2009

Still Untitled

So sunny, warm New Zealand has turned in sad and rainy. It's still quite warm - but wet.
Which is probably why I feel like curling up with a hot drink and not doing anything.

Easter Card
This Easter Card hasn't gotten many views. I like the classic and glittery look it has.

Cute Doggie Note Card
And of course, this doggie! I love this doggie. I can't wait until I get my own. Hand 'colored' with markers and a water pen.

Thank You Cards
Simple circular cards to send out with your orders. Perfect. Cheap. Customizable.

I've tried to be creative and make some cute little cards today but the weather puts me off.

I am part of an Etsy Team and there is a wonderful post showcasing just a few really lovely goodies but some of the team members.


And the GIVEAWAY is still going on. I've had some great responces and have taken their thoughts into consideration (what? did I really just say that!) I've made a few changes that were suggested. And I am adding a few more cards into the giveaway, so please enter.

9 February 2009

Survey Giveaway

You have a chance to win this wonderful handmade card by filling out a quick survey.

Fill out this survey, by HIGHLIGHTING, COPYING and PASTING it into your email window and after filling out each question, and then sending it to me at pnkgeeni@gmail.com

Only emails will be accepted! and only surveys that have been ENTIRELY filled out will go into the draw to win.

Use the subject title: SURVEY

Please be honest with your feedback

1) Male or Female?
2) Your Age?
3) Your favourite item from my shop?
4) Have you looked through my Etsy shop yet?
5) Please visit and let me know if you would/wouldn't purchase from the shop.
6) Have you purchased from me yet?
7) Why wouldn't you purchase from my shop?
8) What do you think of the;
8a) Categories?
8b) Descriptions?
8c) Photographs?
8d) Prices?
9) What type of card do you give out most?
10) Are there any other paper crafts you would like to see in my store?
11) How did you find my blog?
12) Any other comments would be appreciated.


I will put all the email addresses/names into a hat and pick a winner for this giveaway.
Deadline: Changed to Monday 23rd Feb

8 February 2009

Easter Cards, Princess Notelets & Love Notelets.

I haven't been feeling very well today. So I've just tried to drink lots of water and rest. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll get lots of cute little cards made. I have lots of ideas.

I invested in a new craft knife, by EK Success. It has a retractable blade. But on my new one, the button won't keep the knife up. I sent an email to the company and they are going to replace the craft knife for me! I love these types of craft knifes, and so happy that I don't have to buy another one.

I think I'm going to start offering envelopes with my cards. I hate making cards in bulk. It's so mind numbingly dull. When I sell a card - I will make an envelope just for that one.

And I think FotoGeeni will need it's own Etsy Store. It's a little difficult with just one store. I can't devote time to promote FotoGeeni on it's own.

New update tomorrow.

2 February 2009

A brand new Easter Card I made yesterday.
Subtle pastel shades mixed with wonderful flowers with just a little bit of beautiful glitter.
But maybe it's still a little too early for Easter.
What about a Buy One Get One Free offer for Valentines Day.
I've figured that (giving you a day in case you need to post the card) the last day I can send these Valentines Cards out is the 6th of Feb.

1 February 2009

Buy Handmade and show your Love.

Visit this page, find the discount code and buy some

wonderful handmade Valentines Cards.