29 November 2010

This weekend

it snowed. It NEVER snows here in Guernsey in November. It might snow in Feb - but even that is usually unlikely.  At 9.30am my Mom came into my room and woke me up.  I was out of bed quickly and pulled on my boots to go outside and take some photographs.

The two photographs above were taken before 10am.  Doesn't the snow look lovely?
It was 1pm when we decided to wrap up and go out to take some photographs. Thick coat, woolly hat and gloves and still only lasted about 3 minutes until we went back inside.
Cold but still beautiful.
This is my Mom taking a photo of Sally the pig.  (Who hasn't moved in the last month - I don't think she is real).
Just after midnight this morning it started snowing again! It is really cool.  Maybe it just seems more amazing and fun to us since it never snowed in Wellington NZ.  (And because we are having this cold weather earlier than 'normal' - Aussie and NZ will be having an absolutely gorgeous summer)!

A couple from this morning.  It was quite sunny so most of it has melted.

Beautiful.  I might be having a white birthday this year.

24 November 2010

Glass Pendants

My supplies for these glass pendants arrived last week. I quickly made one for myself (not shown here) then started on these.

I LOVE them.  They are so pretty and simple but they look so amazing.  The dimension is wonderful.  The glaze/glass adds so much extra vibrancy to the colors.  And they are quite tough! I've accidentally dropped one and it's perfectly fine.

I am selling these on Etsy and Folksy.

What about you think about them?
I'm in love.... I need some more supplies!

15 November 2010

While we were traveling my blog was awarded this award.  Someone (I'll need to check) picked my blog as one they'd like to read while on a deserted island.

I am planning on teaching scrapbook classes etc next year. My mom and myself are hosting a crop next month so I needed to make an example of the layout for January. I'm being quite secretive about it - I don't want anyone to see the whole thing right now. It will be on show at the crop and after that I will post the whole layout on the CraftinGsy blog.

I am providing the whole kit to make this layout and about five cards. I don't know if we'll be able to do all this in 2 hours but we will be trying! We need to decide on the cost too! And get the word out (probably being a little lazy over this) so people will show up and have fun.

I finally got round to making some Christmas cards today. I've made three so far. Not really sure how much I like them, but I like them a lot better than store bought cards. I'll take photographs eventually but the lighting is really bad here.

I'll try to get another post up soon.

10 November 2010

feeling lazy

which is probably why there haven't been many posts lately. I just don't feel like bothering with uploading photographs.  I am planning craft crops/classes so busy thinking and planning those. 

We are staying in a damp condensation cottage until we can get back into our own house in 124 days (approx).  Of course, I am prone to getting colds in damp places.  Trying everything I can not to get one.  First Defense sprays and cough sweets.  I can't take any cold/flu OTC medicines so I really try NOT to get a cold every year.  Plus, my food allergies still suck.  I think I may have had some nuts by accident and my throat feels a little odd - of course that could just be the start of a cold.  Drinking some Ginger Beer right now to try and calm my throat and stomach.

Every night my stomach hates me.  It growls and grumbles when I am trying to get to sleep.  Should I ask my Doctor for a nut allergy test?? He will probably think I am just a hypochondriac - which is why I didn't mention this to my Doctor in NZ.  I'm feeling cold and achy and shaky. 

Our stuff from NZ will hopefully arrive before the year ends.  I miss my crafty gear.  Even that table I was always hitting my knee on!  We should be having an Italian lesson tonight at some school.  This will be everyone else in the classes 6th lesson but our 1st.

Great, getting a head ache now.  I'd love to curl up on the sofa and read but I have stuff to do.  Maybe it's not my allergies - maybe I just have a sucky yucky cold.

3 November 2010

Funky Mini Album

I really love crafting.  It gives me something to think about and you get a great item at the end.

This is the album I've been making today. Inside are blank dark brown cardstock folded like a accordion. I just been to find/take/decide what photographs to use for it.

I might try to push the black circle bit up.  Its a piece of chipboard with a brad holding it through the cover but it is very difficult to tie together.

Our Italian lessons are tonight. I have to keep an eye on the time.  I need to make sure that all three of us have notebooks, pens and our books for the class.  I am even making a packed dinner for my Mom to have in the car on the way to the class. (Should probably find out where it is).

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to write a little bit of Italian.  I'll let you know how it goes.