31 January 2009

I just sold my first card since re-opening my etsy store.

Still 5 days left on my offer:
Buy One Get One Free
On All Valentines Day Card

Use the code: BLOGLOVE
(You HAVE to use the code.)

30 January 2009

I have a feeling I'm going to be taking the rest of today and the whole of the weekend off. I am just energy-less right now. And I can't think about promoting my stores. Getting good views but no sales.

No matter how tired I am I HAVE to do yoga. Woke up with such an achy back this morning.

Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday. Time to rest and catch up on sleep, reading and maybe some scrapping.

28 January 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

I haven't had much time to make any new cards, but I still have about 60 at my store.

26 January 2009

Still having a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
on ALL Valentines Day Cards

Use the Code:

Offer Ends
6th Feb

25 January 2009

I haven't really been very creative lately - hence no posts.

My goodies arrived on Saturday. So I managed to finish a scrapbook and need to start on the next one.

My allergies have been really bad as well lately. Yesterday, we walked through the Botanic Gardens to home. When we got back I realised that my allergies were worse than they usually are.

I have lots of ideas for cards so I will get back to making some and hopefully I'll get them listed today. Lots of tiding to do first!

20 January 2009

I have my new photo printer. It is GORGEOUS!
I printed 2 4x6 photos in less than 5 seconds and the colors are so clear and Gorgeous.
It was so heavy to carry back here. When I got home my right arm just gave up for a while.

My box of goodies haven't arrived yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
Which will be six days since it was shipped out from USA.

Hopefully I'll get some cards made tomorrow and have some wonderful things listed and posted.

19 January 2009


I've been trying to make some kind of dent in the stash I have before all my new stuff arrives. Hopefully tomorrow. Today (Monday) is a national holiday in Wellington, so pretty much everything is shut.

But they are working everywhere else in the country, so I hope that my box of supplies is making it's way down the country. I know that next week sometime Auckland is having it's national holiday, and all the other cities will be having their days off sometime this month.

Blue and Pink Set of Thank You Cards

So to use up some of my gorgeous stash I have been making some Thank You Cards sets. These are 30% cheaper if you are a LolliVendor.

Paisley Muchas Gracias Set of Thank You Cards

15 January 2009

Love Cards

I seem to have been slacking off with my blogging. This happens when I haven't been making many cards often. I have got some wonderful Thank You Cards ready to go to a new home, and a couple more that aren't in a complete set yet.

We'll probably be going skating on Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday (which is a national holiday).

Buy ONE Get ONE FREE on all Valentines Day Cards
Use the Code: BLOGLOVE
To date: No-one has taken adventage of this offer :(

This is just one of the Thank You cards that I have ready. They are so cute, and small enough to send with every purchase. These ones are a set of eight for $5 including world wide shipping.

I should have lots new Thank You stamps on their way here, so expect lots of new little cute cards like this.

What them in a different color? Or a larger amount? Just let me know.

I Heart Jam Sandwiches Handmade Card

14 January 2009

Mom's skates finally arrived! We had to send them back and get a larger size sent back. (Ordered from LA USA, via Canada, Hawaii USA, Sydney AU, Auckland to Wellington.)

She really got on well with them. Going up and down the open lounge space without any help!

I think she's planning on going to the waterfront this afternoon for some more mother/daughter fun.

12 January 2009

Just over a month until these cards will be needed. And I still have a lot of wonderful Loved Filled handmade Valentines cards ready to be posted.

The special offer (see above) is perfect incase your OH 'forgets'. A least you get something.

In other news....
I am waiting for my scrapbook supplies so I can start working on this years general scrapbook album.
November - March 2008 is finished.
April - November 2008 is mostly finished.
November - ??? hasn't been started.

I have a lot of pictures of print out and a lot of organising and tiding to do before the new stuff arrives. And I still have lots of ideas for cards. But they don't really seem to be selling.

I'm not sure what else I can do. I know that it's still early and things are just settling down from all the holidays....

The more you list the more you sell.....

11 January 2009

I just ordered about $300 USD worth of Scrapbook/Card Making supplies.

The things that put the cost up are the scrapbook albums and all the cardstock that I need.

Anyway tomorrow, I will get back into card making.

Please check out both my stores:



9 January 2009

Special Offer!!!!!

Buy ONE get ONE free on ALL Valentines Cards!!!!!

*Small Print*
You can either wait for a revised invoice (please be aware of the time difference) or get a refund via PayPal.

8 January 2009

New Store is Open

Photography prints
Photography cards
Lots of wonderful photographs still to be added

7 January 2009

It's the new year so I have been forgetting to post this.

I am part of a giveaway over at MilkAndCookees.

Those three cards were handmade by me especially for this giveaway.

6 January 2009

Photo Prints/Cards

How would like to buy these photographs as prints or cards??
Set of Four Photos

5 January 2009

Vaction in Review

Just a few pictures of our holiday. I will be doing a larger post over at Kiwigirladventures.blogspot.com later.

Day One 29th Dec
Boat ride across Cook's Strait to Picton.
Coach to Blenheim.

Day Two 30th Dec
Arrived in Kaikora.
Went on a tour. (Fur seals, lookout, lavendar farm)

Day Three 31st Dec
Whale watching cruise. (Didn't throw up!)
Coach to Christchurch.
New Years Eve Party.

Day Four 1st Jan

Day Five 2nd Jan
Skyline Gondola
Minus 5 IceBar!!!!

Day Six 3rd Jan
Mom's Birthday
Helicopter Ride up to a Glacier!
GlowWorm and Bush Walk.
Day Seven 4th
Coach ride from Fox Glacier to Greymouth
Train from Greymouth to Christchurch
Plane from Christchurch to Wellington
Shuttle home!!!
I need to find a map online so I can mark our route.
It was a good holiday but very tiring.
Today we went into town and got a gorgeous lovely Starbucks coffee (the starbucks at Christchurch and Queenstown just didn't taste right).
I will get working on the photographs and trip report very soon. And I really have to clean my desk so I can get back to card making.
Happy New Year Everyone!

4 January 2009

Got back from holiday about 2 hours ago.
Am now fed and in clean clothes.

This morning we were in Fox Glacier South Island.
A coach ride, train journey and plane ride got us back home to Wellington.

Have loads of photos so I will post them over the next couple days.

And I sold a card while I was away!!!!!