15 September 2010

sunday - wildlife world

AHHHH... The frilled lizard is trying to eat my Mom!

The largest Croc in the world! Seemed very happy just to lie on it's heated (32 deg c) rock. It's swimming pool is only a cooling 28 deg c.  It is really because you could see it breathing but it didn't really move much.  He only eats one chicken once a month in summer time. Nothing in Winter.

Such a cute Koala! They sleep 16 hours a day and only wake up to eat, scratch or move before going back to sleep.  They just look so cute - I wanted to pick one up to cuddle!!!  Saw a few that were still semi-conscious before they fell into a deep sleep.

Kangaroos! How Australian.  These blokes were just lying in the sun.  A couple were scratching. I think they were just waking up from a nap.

In the afternoon we went for a walk along Millers Point and arrived at the Harbour Bridge.

Trying to get a nice shot and these boats kept going past!

On Monday we went to Bondi Beach!!!! It was lovely! Had a tour of Sydney first on a hop on hop off open top bus - remember to look out for those low branches! - The sand was nice and soft - proper sand nothing like at Paraparaumu Beach in Wellington.  Saw some surfers waiting for waves and some learners. Hot. Sunny! The surrounding bit was picturesque.  Mom says that the surfers were hot.

It rained on Tuesday - but lets not mention that. It can't rain in Aussieland or Kiwiland - that's not normal it should be nice and sunny all the time!  I got my fifth souvenir pressed penny from the Monorail - it cost $4.90 AUD each and took about 10 minutes to go all around the Monorail track but it was fun and dry.

Wednesday/today we spent most of the morning re-packing! Then went out for a little bit of shopping - Mom found a gorgeous purple necklace (which she will get a Christmas) and I found a nice shirt.  I think the back of my neck got sunburnt at Bondi.  It just aches and feels a little raw.  I always try to be careful - I still remember the sun burn I got in Russia - it killed me! and that was about 6 years ago.

Tomorrow we leave Sydney :(
Jumping on a plane for a loooonnnnngggggggg flight to London via Singapore for a few hours.  I will make sure that my iPod is fully charged before we leave for the airport and I have my sleeping pills and hand sanitizer and body lotion.  Food and drink will be purchased after getting through security - air plane food sucks.  See you in London.  We arrive on Friday morning. (6:35 am - apparently there is a 6.35 in the am now - who knew?!)

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