6 September 2010

almost leaving

we are currently getting ready to leave nz. I have just finished re-packing my suitcases (yes, that is a plural because I can’t fit everything in my brown suitcase so we have to pay for the excess luggage! I can’t throw any clothes out...)
Woke up on Saturday morning and saw the news about Christchurch’s earthquake. I think the aftershocks have finally stopped. i haven't seen the news since this morning. at least there are community halls and places for people to go to.  at least people look after  you when things like this happen (like when we got evacuated in pounawea in feb).

last night we went to see Avatar in 3D at Reading cinemas in Courtnenay Place. It was so cool! Although I didn't realise how huge my regular popcorn would be.  Earlier we went to the Carters Observatory at the botanic gardens.  I haven't been able to find any Pressed Pennys or Souvenir Coins in Wellington.  All gifts have been bought and are packed up - I just need to get a few things from Sydney.

i can't remember what time I logged on - I only have an hours access. my next post (and I'll try to post some photographs too) will be in Australia!!!! I will be dying my hair a gorgeous bright RED!!! and we are going to a Johnny Cash tribute concert at the Sydney Opera house.  Me and Mom are gonna be walking across the bridge too!!   I will try to blog again in a couple days.

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Jeni, I have been thinking about you so much since I heard about the earthquake! I'm so happy that you were not affected by it. Enjoy yourself above all!! Missing you,Sharon