31 March 2010

EGYPT Teaser

I'm not in a photo editing mood right now.  Still trying to figure out the new program I have. But I have been meaning to post these photographs for about a week.

This is just a mini sneak shot of the cover of the album.  As you can tell the photographs are from when we went to Egypt in 2007 (I think?) I will get the other photographs ready and post them tomorrow (or the next day).

I have some really great cards that I want to show off and get listed tomorrow! You will love them! I hope so anyway - I love them.


Need some help on where to find these hidden Easter Eggs?  Michelle from Michelle's Charm World has created this image to help you out.

There are two different Eggs in each participating shop hidden in this way.  Just CONVO the seller with the links to both eggs and you are in for a chance at winning some great prizes!! More details here.

30 March 2010

Time.... Slips Away

I always plan on doing a blog post. I hate when blogs I go to daily don't have anything new. Time does seem just to disappear. Suddenly it's 5pm and time to quit whatever I've been doing during the day. Which on a good day is crafting and on a bad day like today when I was woken up at 5am with a spam text, then overslept till 10am and just wasted time online.

I've been searching for a pair of killer headphones. These are my current favorite in looks. 

And these pink ones!!!! were my favorites last week.
I'm constantly changing my mind.  Even when I go to the shop to buy some I'll be changing my mind.  Right up to that last second when the cash register rings out. (Do cash registers ring anymore?)

Tomorrow I PROMISE to get some actual work done and craft something. Or at least take some photographs of the paper craft that I've done lately.

26 March 2010

just having a nice lazy day crafting.
mom is finishing her funky album that we started last week.
i am working on my title for my funky album.
and not caring about proper grammar and punctuation.

and i either need to wear a belt or get some smaller jeans.
keep having to pull these up!
YAY for losing weight.

keep on losing all you great people.

25 March 2010

Egg Hunt Ring

This weeks Topic is "Egg Hunt! If I were to Win, I would want what prize?"

I flicked through the EART Blog where you can find all the great prizes and these jumped out at me.  Not literally.  They are a bunch of polymer beads by divadea. Even if for some reason you don't like these (maybe you make your own beads) go read the description - it's great.
To see all the great things you Egg Hunters could win go to our team blog and enter!

And Alissa's blog is the next in this ring.

23 March 2010


Come and join us!
The EART TEAM is having a hunt.

Round The Vines

On Sunday we got up at 5.30am and got the Les Mills team bus to Martinbourgh for the Round The Vines Fun Walk.  The Les Mills theme was purple.  We started the walk at 10:41am.

10k's is a little longer than I thought.  You just had to remind yourself to look up at the view occasionally. I have some shots that I will post later.

We actually got to walk through these vines.  And none of us had any tasters of wine. Only water that Mom started to fight me with!

I crossed the finish line at 12:31 and Mom and Peter were about 30 seconds behind me.

Our bus driver left at for Wellington, and we had a nice scenic tour because he turned the wrong way a couple times but we got back home by 5pm.

What did you do this past weekend?

17 March 2010

It might be a bit early to think about what you're going to do at the weekend but this weekend is jam packed full of things.

On Saturday, Mom and me are going to our favorite scrapbook store in Petone for a Fresh Fold Album. It folds out into an accordion style mini album. I'll take photographs afterward, and can hold 11 photographs.  I just need to decide on which photographs to use.  I'm guessing we might be home by 5 or 6pm.  And then we are going back to town and staying overnight at a hotel because.....

On Sunday, we are getting a bus to Martinbourgh to walk 10kms! In the Round The Vines Fun Run.  Yes.  We are getting up at 6.30am.

The image above is from their website.

We are going as part of the Les Mills team and getting our packs on Friday (including purple hats - which is half the reason we want to do this). Dressing up is a huge thing in NZ.  The theme for us is purple.  Not saying any more.....

Of course I will make sure that I have my camera with me, so I get lots of photographs to scrapbook.  Did I mention that all 6 drink stations will have wine.  I hate wines but Mommy loves it! I'm really hoping she gets a little drunk, coz that's always fun.

Back to today, Thursday and Friday.  I need to get a crafting mojo running on caffeine! I really need to get a lot of cards and sets made.  I feel like I have been abandoning my shop so much lately.

16 March 2010

I don't know what else to put here right now.  My brain has stopped working. So I am looking to show off some new finds from the Etsy Street Teams I am part of.

Jasper Boot Anklet
by feralspassage from the EART TEAM


All I Am or Hope to be I Owe to My Mother Card
by adorebynat from the EtsyGreetingsTeam.

15 March 2010


Some days just majorly suck. It's been a very bad day.  I needed something to put up on here today so I just randomly searched Etsy for relax and picked these three items which grabbed me.  (Not literally, nothing came through the screen and attacked me).

First up is this Butterfly Art Print by LoganTroy's shop.  I see a lot of butterflies living on here in the suburbs of Wellington.  And they are just so peaceful and beautiful floating and fluttering.

Next are these Sugar Cube Scrubs.  These ones are Lavender and Rosemary and ususally I don't like Lavender.  My Mom is addicted to it and I just don't like the smell.  This photograph just looks gorgeous.  I might have to take a deeper look through FlourishBathBody's store to find a smell I prefer.

My last pick are these engraved pebbles by sjengraving's shop.  I definately need something like this right now. Something inspirational and calming.  I may actually get these - eventually.  Have to figure out what we are doing in the future.

11 March 2010

Thursday's Blog Ring

This weeks EART TEAM Blog Ring question is very appropriate for me right now.

"What do you do when your creativity gets 'blocked'?"

I hate when this happens. 
I flick through craft magazines.
If it's sunny I will go 'sunbathe' for a while.
I pull out some new supplies that I haven't play with yet.
I attempt to tidy.... this never works
Read a thousands blogs
Play FarmVille (I am one of those people addicted to this game on FaceBook).

Actually this happened to me a couple days ago.  I got out my stamps and a pack of paper that I've had for ages and just started making some cards.  They even turned out good enough for my shop. And yesterday I wanted to continue with this creativity but I ended up organizing and cleaning all my stamps. So it should be easy for me to find the stamps that I want to use.  Now, to work....

Wanna read more? Head on over to Michelle's blog to continue our EART TEAM Blog Ring.

9 March 2010

Thanks And Thinking Cards

Why do I feel like I haven't done anything in so long? I've been neglecting this blog and my shop. Well, I am here to make reparations.  I've been on a great card making mojo today.  I got out some stamps and started playing with Hoot The Owl and the new foam tape I got in the post today.

(Love this photograph.  The colors look so amazing.)


I've had this Owl Stamp (named Hoot) for about a year and I think this card is the fourth time I've used it.  Well, I am changing that! Hoot will be getting a work out from now on.  This is a really cool stand up card.  The first I've made of this kind.  Like I've written in the description, I can imagine this card being given to a wonderful and proud Grandpa. 

And these leaf stamps are brand new.  About two months old and today was the first time I've used them.  Trying to keep the design simple to let the handwritten message shine through.

I have one more new funky item to list on Etsy, then I am going to rest before everyone gets home from work and this place suddenly gets 250% louder!

4 March 2010

Thursday Blog Ring

(This post is pretty much Wordless....)

Carribean Blue Statement Necklace By HairsbowsWonderWorld

(Where else could you find this necklace?)

Glee Inspired Note Card
by ThePaperWhisperer

Continue @ Michelle's blog.

3 March 2010

Vintage Layout

This was the first layout we created. I loved the lace and all the little bits.  The hanger was cut by hand, so not that good.  The beautiful lace was originally white, we rubbed sepia ink into it.  I love making these types of flowers too.  They are gorgeous. 

2 March 2010

Made By Mom

During our weekend craft retreat I finally convinced my Mom to let me list some of her cards in my store.  She doesn't know anything about selling online, so I have created a section titled "Made By Mom".  I will be listing a few cards now and then.  It all depends on what cards Mommy wants to keep.  She is very much like me.  Absolutely loving what you make and not really wanting to sell it.

Let me and Mommy know what you think of her cards.
I'm in this treasury
My Just Saying Hello card ($3.60) is the first one on the second row.
Click And Comment!

1 March 2010

Pounawea Craft Retreat

Friday we went for a walk around the area.  Mom walked out onto this boat walkway thing.  But I safely stayed on land!

Saturday morning at breakfast time.  We all got our name tags with flowers. So cute, and matched my clothing too!

That night before going to bed we tried to get some photos of the beach area.

Sunday morning at about 6.30am when we were woken up to be evacuated!
Me looking somewhat awake.

This is the first time I've been to a fire station. About 50 people drinking their coffee and having their cookies.  One fireman even went to the shop to get tea bags.

I will take photographs of what we created soon.  My PaintShopPro photo editing software has decided to stop working, so I am trying to get used to PhotoShop.