28 December 2008

On Vacation

Tomorrow morning at about 7am we finally leave for the week long holiday to South Island, New Zealand.

So no posts until we get back with a LOT of photographs.

See you next Monday.

You are still able to purchase wonderful handmade cards from my store, but I am unable to post any until I get back home.

24 December 2008


we are going on a family holiday on the 29th
i will probably post something before then
planning a picnic near the waterfront
for tomorrow
today, i joined my mom at work for a christmas
party. Started at 12noon, got back home
at 5pm!
Lots of drinking, talking and fun
Nothing like Christmas eve
in the uk.
tomorrow, i will be taking my new camera
and taking lots of wonderful
and will be taking my skates
with me
so you (and me) can see then in action
on asphalt
i hope to use any profit from my card making
to get a full allergy test that is available.
It costs about $500AUD!!!!!
In Jan, I'm thinking of appling for another shop at
the wonderful
to sell some photographs.
i've been taking some really
photographs lately
and think they would look
lovely as prints
watching my poirot dvd right now
and need to have a wonderful
soothing shower tonight
before santa arrives!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone

22 December 2008


I was tagged by lelephantrose
The rules:

1. Place a link to the person that tagged you

2. List seven unusual things about yourself

3. Tag (and link to) seven other artists at the end of your post, and post on their blogs to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Here goes:

1) I don't really like to be tagged coz I can never think of anything.

2) I don't like rabbits but like bunnies.

3) I never (or rarely) have money on me.

4) I have a wonderful little doggie daughter - Mojito (a webkins).

5) My two nephews are an Ogg and a bear.

6) Unusual? What's usual??

7) I've already planned the tattoo I'll get when my big doggie dies. (She 10yrs old and not expected to live very long).

I'm tagging:


An extra tag:
Today we're off to shop a new marketplace! I have opened up shop on Lollishops this month and want to bring people to the world of girly girly goodness! There is so much to find and see here, that I thought I would bring you a peek at what is behind that pretty, pink, Lacy curtain!

From Left to Right in the gift-guide: Row 1-> Pink Whipped Cream Ring by MichellesCharmWorld
Pink Patchwork Pillow by BStudio
Cupcakes Magnet Set by HeatherKnitz
Cupcake Card Set by ExpressionsbyDevin

Row 2->
Embroidered Lavender Sachet by BailiwickDesigns
Vintage Whimsy from FadedButDesiredTreasures

Row 3->
Knit Baby Booties by MonarchDancer
Flowers 5 Card Set by Pnkgeeni

Row 4->
Faux Petit Fours by RenegadeRose
Gift Card Sleeve by ArtbyNaomi
Roses Roses Fairy House by CarolineAlexander
Victorian Boot Sachet by NanasNest

More Lollishops Goodies!

From L -> R

Row 1:

Sequin and Flowers Cards set of 4 by PinkPatriceBoutique

Button Votive Holder by PinkyLouLou

Girl with Bird Notecard by HappyDayStudio

Seaside Picnic Print by AliceInParis

*The two above banners and text were made by the wonderful Michelle*

21 December 2008

The Grinch

Every Who Down in Whoville Liked Christmas a lot…
But the Grinch,
Who lived just north of Whoville, Did NOT!
The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don’t ask why.
No one quite knows the reason.
It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all,
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.
Whatever the reason,
His heart or his shoes,
He stood there on Christmas Eve,
hating the Whos,
Staring down from his cave with a sour,
Grinchy frown,
At the warm lighted windows below in their town.
For he knew every Who down in Whoville beneath,
Was busy now, hanging a mistletoe wreath.
“And they’re hanging their stockings!” he snarled with a sneer,
“Tomorrow is Christmas! It’s practically here!”
Then he growled, with his Grinch fingers nervously drumming,
“I MUST find some way to stop Christmas from coming!”
For Tomorrow, he knew, all the Who girls and boys,Would wake bright and early.
They’d rush for their toys!And then!
Oh, the noise!
Oh, the Noise!Noise! Noise! Noise!
That’s one thing he hated!
Then the Whos, young and old, would sit down to a feast.
And they’d feast!
And they’d feast!
They would feast on Who-pudding, and rare Who-roast beast.
Which was something the Grinch couldn’t stand in the least!
And THEN They’d do something He liked least of all!
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small,
Would stand close together, with Christmas bells ringing.
They’d stand hand-in-hand.
And the Whos would start singing!
They’d sing!
And they’d sing!
And the more the Grinch thought of this Who Christmas Sing,
The more the Grinch thought, “I must stop this whole thing!”
“Why, for fifty-three years I’ve put up with it now!”
“I MUST stop this Christmas from coming! But HOW?”
Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!
“I know just what to do!” The Grinch laughed in his throat.
And he made a quick Santy Claus hat and a coat.
And he chuckled, and clucked, “What a great Grinchy trick!”
“With this coat and this hat, I look just like Saint Nick!”“All I need is a reindeer…”
The Grinch looked around.
But, since reindeer are scarce, there was none to be found.
Did that stop the old Grinch?
The Grinch simply said,“If I can’t find a reindeer, I’ll make one instead!”
So he called his dog, Max.
Then he took some red thread,
And he tied a big horn on the top of his head.
THEN He loaded some bags
And some old empty sacks,
On a ramshackle sleigh
And he hitched up old Max.
Then the Grinch said, “Giddap!”
And the sleigh started down,
Toward the homes where the Whos Lay asnooze in their town.
All their windows were dark.
Quiet snow filled the air.
All the Whos were all dreaming sweet dreams without care.
When he came to the first little house on the square.
“This is stop number one,” the old Grinchy Claus hissed,
And he climbed to the roof, empty bags in his fist.
Then he slid down the chimney.
A rather tight pinch.
But, if Santa could do it, then so could the Grinch.
He got stuck only once, for a moment or two.
Then he stuck his head out of the fireplace flue.
Where the little Who stockings all hung in a row.
“These stockings,” he grinned, “are the first things to go!”
Then he slithered and slunk, with a smile most unpleasant,
Around the whole room, and he took every present!
Pop guns!
And bicycles!
Roller skates!
And plums!
And he stuffed them in bags.
Then the Grinch, very nimbly,Stuffed all the bags, one by one, up the chimney!
Then he slunk to the icebox.
He took the Whos’ feast!
He took the Who-pudding!
He took the roast beast!
He cleaned out that icebox as quick as a flash.
Why, that Grinch even took their last can of Who-hash!
Then he stuffed all the food up the chimney with glee.
“And NOW!” grinned the Grinch, “I will stuff up the tree!”
And the Grinch grabbed the tree, and he started to shove,
When he heard a small sound like the coo of a dove.
He turned around fast, and he saw a small Who!
Little Cindy-Lou Who, who was not more than two.
The Grinch had been caught by this tiny Who daughter,Who’d got out of bed for a cup of cold water.
She stared at the Grinch and said, “Santy Claus, why,”“Why are you taking our Christmas tree? WHY?”
But, you know, that old Grinch was so smart and so slick,
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!
“Why, my sweet little tot,” the fake Santy Claus lied,“There’s a light on this tree that won’t light on one side.”
“So I’m taking it home to my workshop, my dear.”
“I’ll fix it up there. Then I’ll bring it back here.”
And his fib fooled the child.
Then he patted her head,
And he got her a drink and he sent her to bed.
And when Cindy-Lou Who went to bed with her cup,
HE went to the chimney and stuffed the tree up!
Then the last thing he took Was the log for their fire!
Then he went up the chimney, himself, the old liar.
On their walls he left nothing but hooks and some wire.
And the one speck of food That he left in the house,
Was a crumb that was even too small for a mouse.
Then He did the same thing To the other Whos’ houses
Leaving crumbs
Much too small For the other Whos’ mouses!
It was quarter past dawn…
All the Whos,
still a-bed,
All the Whos,
still asnooze
When he packed up his sled,
Packed it up with their presents!
The ribbons!
The wrappings!
The tags!
And the tinsel!
The trimmings!
The trappings!
Three thousand feet up!
Up the side of Mt. Crumpit,
He rode with his load to the tiptop to dump it!
“PoohPooh to the Whos!” he was grinchishly humming.
“They’re finding out now that no Christmas is coming!”
“They’re just waking up! I know just what they’ll do!”“
Their mouths will hang open a minute or two,Then the Whos down in Whoville will all cry BooHoo!”
“That’s a noise,” grinned the Grinch, “That I simply MUST hear!”
So he paused.
And the Grinch put his hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.It started in low.
Then it started to grow.
But the sound wasn’t sad!
Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn’t be so! But it WAS merry!
VERY!He stared down at Whoville!
The Grinch popped his eyes!Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small,
Was singing!
Without any presents at all!
HADN’T stopped Christmas from coming!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!
And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?”
“It came with out ribbons! It came without tags!”
“It came without packages, boxes or bags!”
And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.”
“Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
And what happened then?
Well…in Whoville they say,
That the Grinch’s small heart Grew three sizes that day!
And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light,
And he brought back the toys!
And the food for the feast!
And he,
The Grinch carved the roast beast!

19 December 2008


i can't seem to think of anything to blog about. it's raining (still warm). i hoped that i could take my skates out today. i might be able to blog something tomorrow. sorry for the dull post.

18 December 2008

Business Cards???

I'm not sure about these cards. They double as a thank you card. Meaning that I can write a message and coupon inside. I thought they were fitting since I make cards. But I'm not sure they really work.

The design is always difficult for me to decide on. I always change my mind and can never make something that represents my work.

And because I always want my shop banner, avator, website etc to match so it's difficult and time consuming to change all of them.

What about the above design??

I'll print a sheet out tomorrow and see what they look like in real life.

17 December 2008


I started this card last week. I made sure not to cut into the hedgehog so I could stitch around it. (Like a postage stamp??) with black thread. Then I didn't really know what to do with it.
Today I picked up the back striped paper and put the hedgehog over it. Found another piece of paper so make the hedgehog stand out and added a flower brad that I got at the weekend.
And I am having a BuyOneGetOneFree Offer for tweets and Lolli's.
(You have to give me the right code in message to seller through paypal)
Every single card is in the offer.
This is the perfect time to pick up a few Birthday Cards, Valentines Card or any other type of handmade card.
I'll try to repeat today tomorrow

16 December 2008

a few quick shots

the rain from a few hours ago. this was taken on standard settings from about 3 metres away using the zoom.
Using the super macro setting. From about 5cm away from the subject (Barry the Barista Bear).
I've changed some of the settings so there is no shadow on inside photos. Figured out how to alter the settings quickly. Just need to get a XD Picture Card so I can take panaramic shots.
I can't wait to take this beauty around, and it has a rechargable battery!!!
Still need to figure out some of the settings. Like face recognision etc.
The worst thing is that it uses different memory cards than our other digi cams.
I got a mini SD picture card with adapter but you need to XD one to use some features.
Another post, more photos and some cards (i hope) still to come!

15 December 2008

Sneaky Peeks

I managed to make new cards today. I had fun making these. I love intricate detail cutting and cards that end up looking wonderful - even when I'm not really feeling that creative.

These cards are only available from LolliShops. And there are still free gifts to be received!!

I think I will be buying a new digital camera tomorrow. I got $400 NZD from birthday and Christmas (I know! I shouldn't have opened anything) and I could either spend it on clothes etc or I could get a digital camera all of my own that doesn't run through batteries as fast as I drink soy lattes!

Just a thought: I could also get some wonderful scrapping/card making supplies....

I think I will stick with the camera. An Olympus FE 370 for $399 NZD. It will have to be Silver. My mom's camera is black and they do look similar. It comes in blue, pink, black, red and silver...

14 December 2008

So I was going to blog about another Lolli Vendor about once a week. Today I searched for Buttons. And I'm actually stuck between two items....

Mom and me found a cute little handmade shop on Saturday. As well as some funky plastic things. (A 'lubricated idea' keyring with a colorful condom inside. With Momma saying "What's That?")

Anyway we picked up some wooden Christmas decorations. Two strings of stars and one of trees. Just have to hang them up. And Mom found a recycled silk flower brooch that will complete a nice dressy dress she has. I'll take photos of them eventually.

And since I still can't decide I'll go with two things.

The first one is a set of buttons by Heather Knitz.

And the second one is this funky necklase by Shupg.

I may have another post later today if I get round to making some wonderful cards.

12 December 2008

So Many Buttons!

and one beautiful card.

My latest listing on LolliShops.

Tomorrow is skating and biking day.
Pictures will be coming.

11 December 2008

So no real post today. But a new design.
I'm not sure about it.
I made it with some digi scrapbook supplies I have.

Listed lots of new cards on LolliShops

*link fixed*

9 December 2008

Love You Card With Stitch Hearts

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I finally got round to making this card today. It is available only through LolliShops for $6.00. Those little hearts are so difficult to fix to the card. They kept trying to fly out the window and spread their love through out the world.

My allergies are getting worse. Tomorrow I hope to get more crafting done.

8 December 2008

A Happy Post

Earlier today I was feeling a little ill. Think really bad hayfever allergies in the middle of Summer and a really sore dry throat. I hoped that I would get around to making some wonderful cards, and was thinking of how I love feeling like I get transported to a quiet grass filled meadow with a single tree and stream nearby. I searched on LolliShops for meadow and found this gorgeous whimsical gingerbread house by Keepsakes Cakes.

"In a place more magical than you or I can Imagine there is a perfect little town."

"It is a quaint little street tucked right between a quiet marshmallow meadon and a bubbling soda pop brook..."

The description is so beautiful. I want to go live in LolliPop Lane. It must be so wonderful to live there. *Happy sigh*

I didn't get round to making anything today. The skates arrived so I played around with them for a bit, then I really needed to get some sleep. My throat is better but it's still a little achy.

I got a nice little sleeping cat thing from my Gran today. I don't know if it's for my birthday or for Christmas but it's such a cute thing. It came in a decorative soap box and I SO hoped that it wasn't soap. I do not like smelly stuff. Even perfume is horrible and hurts my throat/makes me sneeze and cough.

LolliShops has only been open a week and it's so amazing! Sometimes I just want to crawl inside and lie around on the soft cotton floor watching little bits of glitter float down.

Tomorrow I will get on with some crafting.

Skates are Here

My gorgeous new LandRollers Skates. They are huge!
I've only tried the right one on since we'll be going out soon. It is so easy to stand in them - even on one foot and they feel so secure.
My mom got some blue ones but I will let her open the box.
We got some protective gear too. Elbow, Wrists and knees.
I've only gone skating twice and had one lesson. LandRollers should be much easier to learn in! and they work on carpet and grass etc.
I am working on another post for today. Which will probably get written tonight.

7 December 2008


Love this paper and stamped image together.

I have to do lots of promoting and making new things tomorrow.

The skates should arrive tomorrow. They've been in Auckland for about a week waiting at Customs.

Another blog will be here tomorrow.

5 December 2008

My Doggie

This is my doggie Sunner.
She lives in the UK with my dad.
Runs around like a maniac! although she's slowed down now she's over 10 yrs old

I have more photos somewhere. In some box - safe.

4 December 2008

Pastel Smiles

Click on the picture above to go to that page and see more of the wonderful Pastel Smiles card.

I love the colors on this card. It's so peaceful and pastel soft.
Soothing and calming.
This design has been drfting through my mind for a while.
Hand cut circles/flowers on a bright pink textured cardstock card.

I still have all TEN free gifts waiting to be send off to their new owners. So no buyers yet.

I have a bunch of paper hearts that I need to find some inspiration for. I'm not sure what to do with them.

Our skates still haven't arrived. They should be here by next Tuesday. Hopefully they'll arrive later today, or tomorrow.

Going to buy a nice thin cotton sheet - it's only going to get hotter. Over night it tends to be about 13 - 16 deg c. I grew up in Guernsey. It might get to about 26 deg c during the day at Summer and maybe 12 deg c at night time.
Not used to hot nights!

We'll be picking up a picnic blanket as well. When the skates arrive - we'll be spending every weekend (maybe) at the Water Front.

My mom is having problems with Skype at work, so she's calling me to check it and then hangs up!

2 December 2008

Stitched Heart

Other than saying that it's a heart with hand stitching I don't know what else to say....
Check out that box to the side -------------------->
You can still get a nice little free gift with every purchase at LolliShops.

I should take new photographs of all the cards sitting around just waiting to be listed and bought. Then it's time to make lots of pretty new things.

I've been trying to think of something to blog about all day, and still can't really think of anything. I've been listing on LolliShops like crazy! The cards that have been listed are already wrapped up inside cellobags. I just need your address (and $$) to send them too.

I have to take some photographs of the new cards I have made so that they can be shown to the world.

Tomorrow (the 3rd) is my birthday. So as well as opening (store bought) cards I can make some really pretty ones too.

I've decided to add something to the free gifts for the first ten buyers. Still not saying what - I want it to be a surprise!

Any way, I will switch off and watch some TV before heading to bed.
I promise a more interesting post tomorrow.


1 December 2008

bird set

This cute set of six cards with various different cards is available through LolliShops.
For $5.00 USD.
The first ten buyers will be receiving a nice little FREE gift. No minimum purchase.

Monday Afternoon

LolliShops is OPEN

30 November 2008


My LolliShop store is open for business!

Click on the images to go to either the Birthday Cards or Valentines Day Cards

This site is so amazing. It is just so wonderful.
Go visit and fall in love.
My Store At LolliShops Is
The first ten buyers get a nice little
free gift

29 November 2008

100th Post

and the winner of the last giveaway for 2008 is.....



27 November 2008

I've been working on some of the descriptions for LolliShops today. Editing photographs, getting the sizes and tags typed down to save some time later. I always get stuck with what tags to use.

Why is it only after I get ill I remember to drink water? I need to drink water before I get yucky. Do you think that because the Earth is 70% water, and because you are "surrounded" by it constantly that you just forget it?

I haven't made any new cards today. I've been packing a few up in cello bags ready for their new owners. The first ten buyers from my LolliShops store will be getting a little surprise with their purchases. I don't want to say too much.

I'm still not sure which banner I will be using in my store. I have a thing about having all the banners/avatars/business cards etc matching.

I don't know what else to say????
It really has to be something interesting if I want people to come here and read this.

I'll try to make at least one really gorgeous card today so I can blog about it tomorrow. (Going to have a little rest of five minutes first.)

26 November 2008

Goodies Are Here

This is my little daughter Mojito. It's her first birthday in 6 days!!!
Lover of Pink and Bling
She loves wearing ribbons in her hair but it's so difficult to find ways to do this.
The pink bow is from Michelle's Charm World. I just clipped it to some white elastic and made her a nice little headband. I wasn't expecting to find three bows when the package arrived. A great little surprise!

This is what I was expecting. A Lilo and Stitch Phone Charm for me. I've been looking for a phone charm for about 6 months and could never find anything I liked. These are wonderful. They feel secure, and won't scratch my phone.

I also got a Tigger (and Mickey head bead) phone charm - probably for my mom.

And a Mr Incredible - possibly for my dad (I don't know if his phone can have a charm, and my brother doesn't know what a phone charm is. In his words "Not Irish, so not sure what you mean by charm" - Give him a break he's old.

Oo, and a really nice pair of earrings. And....

There's an and!

... a little plastic box that will definately come in useful.

Okay, I think that is all I have to say about this order.
Have you seen this??


Great for Advertising

Indie Craft Wall

25 November 2008

3rd Blog Giveaway

The last giveaway for 2008.

You have a chance to win these three cards.

Just leave a comment here with a valid email address.

I will pick a winner on... Sunday 30th November

Thanks for reading the blog.

Comment away....

24 November 2008

owl card

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

Loving the colours on this card. And the owl stamp is just so pretty.

I'll probably be back tonight to blog more. Feeling energy less right now.

23 November 2008

I'm thinking about doing one last giveaway for 2008.
Something to tie in with the offical opening of LolliShops.
I need to figure out exactly how many to include, then I will do this last giveaway of 2008.

It will be a beautiful candy covered card giveaway.

I got some gorgeous new gladiator style sandels today. My other sandels tended to "flop" so I needed something that would stay on my feet and not hurt me. They are so gorgeous!

Tomorrow I will be making lots more new cards and taking photographs and blogging.

Good Night

21 November 2008


Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

It might be a little early to be thinking of Valentines Day. But I have about ten cards for this special day already.

I love the bright colours on this one.

All Christmas pressies have been posted back to the UK, and I picked up a few more Christmas Gifts. I got a little Chi stamp a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it. It's such a cute stamp, and I am so glad I bought some great black ink that doesn't runs when you use water pens. It's even cuter coloured.

Have to go get back to making some more cards and sets of cards.


19 November 2008

Bamboo Flowers 2

Bamboo Flowers 2
Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

This lovely little bamboo flower card will be available through Lollishops. You pick up this cute flowered card on Monday 1st December for $4.50 USD (exclu. shipping).

I love the texture of the bamboo paper. Maybe I should call it "Summer Garden". The rick rack ribbon and the bamboo stalks remind me of a little flower planter or flower patch in your garden.

Pink Princess Set

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I've been trying to find some photograph to blog about. I finally decided to see if Flickr would actually post this photograph of three cute princess cards.

These are just plain cute! Shiny embossed patterned paper with a sweet cupcake image stamped randomly. These cards will be available only through LolliShops. Which opens in about eight days!!!!

Our skating lessons are this Saturday. I already feel addicted. I've been looking at forums and videos etc to pick up tips on the basics. Moving forward, stopping, turning.

Watching Heroes right now (i think it's the third season) but I should switch off and relax the few hours before bedtime.

Tomorrow I have to get working some new wonderful cards.

whatever you want to call me

18 November 2008

Gifts for buyers

Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I've been thinking about what to offer the first 10 or 20 buyers from my shop at LolliShops. So far I've only got three sets of these little cards, but would you like to receive these?

I know Sharon loved them when she received some similar to these. But how many should I make?

Ten sets of Twenty sets??

We are almost ready to post all the Christmas presents to the UK. Just have to make sure that everything is secure and tape up the boxes. Then I will be sent to the Post Shop to get them gone!

I only have a couple of Christmas pressies left to buy - but they don't have to be posted anywhere, so there's no rush to get them.

And I'm thinking about getting a couple vouchers for some people. (I can't say who in case they read this).

Time to get back to drinking some coffee and maybe doing something creative.

17 November 2008


Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

I really enjoyed making this skull. It's made from chipboard which I painted a nice espresso brown. It has now been covered with green/pink/grungy patterned paper.

I love how this has come out.

You can see the front page @ this blog

I haven't done any crafting for lollishops today, but since we did a lot yesterday I figured it was alright to rest today.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

14 November 2008


Originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts

Get on the Dance Floor under flashing neon lights and celebrate a wonderful party and present filled birthday with this amazingly bright card.

I'm been trying to change the email address for this blog, but I hasn't moved the comments replied to thing. Back to using about three email address - but its a lot simplier to use.

Have to see if the Xmas rubons I have will work with the papers on my Christmas tree.

Hopefully we're going skating tomorrow. Will make sure I have the camera AND memory card and plasters (just in case).

I may find something more interesting to say later.

13 November 2008

Love This Tree

tree1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love this photograph. I was going to blog about one of my new cards but looking through flickr this is the only picture that really reached out and grabbed at my heart. If you want to see these cards click HERE.

It's the bright colours and non-traditional Christmas colours. Since this is my first Christmas in Summer I didn't want any deep reds or greens.

LolliShops is going to be open soon! Exciting!! Make sure you check out all the wonderful stores that will be there (and mine!!)

Time for another coffee or else I will fall asleep.
Should get back to make some more cards.

11 November 2008

Christmas Tree Glitters Under The Stars

The mostly finished tree for our dining room table. The one in the background is for us. The one in the front (painted egdes only) is the one my mom is making for her desk at work. Photo taken on our lovely Kiwiana wipeable table cloth.

Paint the tree with trusty acrylic using a foam brush, use the tree as a template and cover with paper, add embellies to make pretty.

I still need to add some little things to this tree, just to tie all the pieces together.

The front cover. Simple embellies over a gorgeous Doodlebug Designs loopy paper. I don't think that tag is going to work. It's too heavy at the top. And a little paisley thing hanging from ribbon. Just to add interest.

Mix and match of scrapbook quality patterned paper. Doodlebug Designs, American Crafts, and small bits from Kaiser Crafts. The doodled egdes really finish the whole thing perfectly.

believe - i hate bad rubons. These weren't the best. They moved so the finished piece had white lines where the paper had moved. Filled in with a good black pen.

Santa Claus. I'm going to try and move the "S" closer to the "anta".
I love the page with "claus" in green Doodlebug Rubons. The page is so simple and clean but so gorgeous!

I just bought a new 1" circle punch since I knew that I wanted actual circles (not almost circles) on this tree. Used sugar coated brads from Doodlebug Designs to hold the circles, which are stuck with Pop Dots.

Believe in Magic. There should be a tag under the two strips of ribbon, but it fell out. The snowman is semi-surrounded by the sugar coated brads. My mom said that they look like sweets.

The back of the album. Pretty plain. I have a nice "Limited Edition/OOAK" stamp to go on the back here.
Any suggestions to complete this tree?
I'm thinking of the next blog giveaway - but it will have to wait until December. I think I will tie it into Lollishops.