30 September 2008

Eyes are hurting

I've been trying to find the right code so I can put a background on here.

I've finally decided on a banner and avator for LolliShops. And I played with my Wacom Bamboo Fun for about an hour. My doodles are getting better.

Watching Dexter.

Five Flowers 2

A pretty little handmade cotton rag card I made a few days ago. I love the little paper flowers shooting up to the sky from hand stamped spiral doodle stems.

Five Flowers 2, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

28 September 2008


i had my medical today. it wasn't too creepy. i had to keep reminding myself to breathe.

i bought some cream card last week and i'm stuck on how to use it??

that's pretty much it.

27 September 2008

Floral Explosion

I have five cards that are all decorated with various flowers. I don't know if I should sell them as a set or a singles?

26 September 2008

Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbooking is what got me interested in making cards. When we were packing up to move to NZ, I had to put all my scrapping stuff away so I made a few little cards to curb my creative urges. I have improved a lot since then and it was only a few months ago. I used freebies from Card Magazines but now I buy quality supplies.
The essence of our garden in Guernsey. I made sure that I got lots of shots of the various garden bits. Bernie the bin, the bird house. Just imagine what it's like now with no one to weed or tidy?!
The last self portrait I took in the garden. It was extremely bright that day.
Our house. My mom is tiding the gravel driveway so it is all pretty and would sell.


My medical for Immigration was at 9am not 9.30 like I was told. So it has been resceduled for Monday morning.

I think I may be allergic to milk. Other than grabbing a trim latte from Starbucks everyother day I don't have milk. Chocolate uses "cooked" milk. I have to look back through my journal and see what I've eaten in the last few days.

I bought some gorgeous handmade recycled cotton rag cards today. They will be just for LolliShops. And some really gorgeous Momiji Stickers. I already have one of the keyrings. It's holding onto my USB drive that contains the last completed draft of my novel.

I hate feeling sick. I wish I was extremely healthy and didn't have to worry about what to eat.

I went to the shop to get some photo printer ink and they were sold out. So tomorrow I will go to town again and try another store. And have a Venti Vanilla Soy Latte.


25 September 2008

Run Out

Yesterday morning I went into town to pick up some photo printer ink, and today the cartridge is empty!

I'm going into town again tomorrow morning so I will go pick some up.

24 September 2008


My supplies arrived today. A beautiful big brown box was sitting above the letter boxes in the lobby area of the apartment. It wasn't very heavy either.

I love all the new little bits of goodies. Have you felt velvet covered paper?

I have lots of little stamps and buttons (which I can't find locally). I need to start thinking about card designs for when lollishops open.

I still need to clean my bedroom and take photographs of the cards I have already made.

23 September 2008

feeling weak

LolliShops is a juried, online selling venue for talented artists, collectors of vintage and art supply vendors
the reason for this...
i have been accepted as a vendor at lollishops. wasn't expecting this at all. i guess people really do like my handmade cards.

my photo printer is running low on ink, so i will go out tomorrow morning and buy a new box.

i survived my blood test and medical but i feel slightly weak. i've had something to eat and got a nonfat vanilla latte afterwards.(which i didn't even have to order - they know us at our local starbucks - ) is this the perfect excuse to have some extra chocolate today??

still waiting for my supplies to arrive from america.

i am listening to my wonderful ipod since my stepdad has the tv on. and im actually sitting at the table not at the sofa. i need to get started on the continuing rewrite of my novel.

i'm going to scrapbook the little plaster from my blood test.

22 September 2008

Just a quick note

to myself.

http://pnkgeeni.etsy.com needs to be updated with all the other cards I have made in the last few days.

Hits Hits Hits

But not any sales. I love watching my cards getting more and more views, and I love when people heart my store but I still have no sales. I really want to sell at least one card before Christmas.

Specially the Christmas Cards! My new supplies should be here by Friday and I have been thinking about lots of card designs.

There is a craft expo in a few weeks that we have tickets too, I have to get some business cards printed.

I have the first part of my medical for Immigration tomorrow. Seeing the nurse and having a blood test. I've already had my xray done which we can pick up tomorrow. So by next week all the medical for immigration purposes will be finished. And that's it. Apart from police checks and filling out application forms.

Emigrating is a long and difficult and confusing process. Eventually the immigration stuff starts making sence and it will definately be worth it!

Remember you get a 10% discount on ALL Christmas Items in my store.

18 September 2008

14 weeks till Christmas

I just counted this on my little calendar. There are only 14 short little weeks to Christmas Day.

I hoped to make a sale at PNKGEENI by Christmas. Do you think it will happen??

Just a cold morning

Well afternoon. I am getting my hair cut in a few hours. This will be the first my little strands of hair will be getting cut in about seven or eight years.
I have figured out what to order for my scrapbook supplies. It will cost about $500 NZD, which is only 200GBP.
But its all stuff I need for Christmas Presents and our scrapbook album. I have to make the pages from April this year until the album is completely stuffed full.
The first album I started for a yearly thing was last November, and I had planned on just using one album a year but that one was completley stuffed fun - beyond closing - in march.
It;s little Oggie birthday tomorrow. He's going to be a whole ONE YEAR old. And we still haven't got a present for him. I'm trying to find something bouncy - but I can't.
Mom was looking for a little banana yesterday but we couldn't find anything. I made the cute lilun a birthday card yesterday. A bright orange card with circles and a 1st on it.
I think I'm going to make some lunch and read for a bit.


I love that it is about 13 degrees c right now and I'm sitting here with frozen toes. When in the UK, the same temp would be nice and warm. And I love the little bit of Kiwi that slips into our speaking (bloody and yeeeea).

17 September 2008

Snow and Icicles

pic1, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

I love these stitched rub ons. They really do look like stitched and thread. These are for sale at http://pnkgeeni.etsy.com for only $8.00


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

15 -9-08

We moved to our new apartment on Thursday in the rain, and eventually got everything into our new place. But the Internet Company we had gone with hadn’t sorted out our broadband connection. So after hours on the phone, we were given dial up for free until they could get the BB connected. But it didn’t work. Nothing we did worked. We tried all weekend to get some sort of connection. Finally today we went with another Internet Company, but we still have to wait 3 to 5 days! One day we will have a descent connection for the Internet.

I haven’t had much time to make cards with all the packing, moving and unpacking. But I was able to take better photographs of the cards I have made and type up better descriptions. I have some ideas for Christmas cards but I still can’t find many Christmas decorations etc.

Anyway on Sunday morning (12:15am) there was a fire alarm. Someone was playing with tennis balls in the hallway of our floor and hit the sprinklers, which set them off. I was just writing my journal before going to sleep when a beeping started, then a voice saying to leave the building. After a few seconds I realised it was a fire alarm and pulled on some clothes. We found out where another set of stairs are – which is good. I remembered to grab the keys so we could get back in. So we (some in dressing gowns, towels, some dressed) were standing outside the apartment building for 30 mins, before we could go back in.

The firemen showed up quickly and tried to get the water out of the hallway, and currently there are carpet dryers out in the hallway. Some of the water came into our apartment under the front door and some got into my bedroom. So at 1am we finally got back to bed.

Saturday was extremely hot – it was only 15 degrees Celsius but it felt a lot hotter. (I actually bought some nice new flip flops).

And today, finally the wireless modem arrived so I am able to sit here on the nice soft leather sofa with my feet up and the laptop on my lap. (I'm glad it doesn't get too hot). Feeling a little sleepy right now. I have been up and doing stuff since 9am!!!!!

9 September 2008

Christmas Shopping

So far there are two sets of Christmas themed cards for sale at my etsy shop.


We are moving to a new apartment in two days so we have a lot of packing to do. Then we will have a lot of unpacking to do. I can't wait until we move. The new place will be warmer and brighter than here.

I have some ideas of sets of ten Christmas Cards but I have to wait until we move to try them out.

1 September 2008


There is an ongoing sale in my etsy store right now.

Buy any CLEARNACE item and get the second CLEARANCE item for FREE!!! and if you quote: "PNKG" you will receive a free gift

CLICK to go straight to these wonderful SALE items.

My allergies have been really bad today, and it has been such a HOT Spring day. In ten days we are moving apartments so hopefully I'll have more space to make stuff.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade