18 November 2008

Gifts for buyers

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I've been thinking about what to offer the first 10 or 20 buyers from my shop at LolliShops. So far I've only got three sets of these little cards, but would you like to receive these?

I know Sharon loved them when she received some similar to these. But how many should I make?

Ten sets of Twenty sets??

We are almost ready to post all the Christmas presents to the UK. Just have to make sure that everything is secure and tape up the boxes. Then I will be sent to the Post Shop to get them gone!

I only have a couple of Christmas pressies left to buy - but they don't have to be posted anywhere, so there's no rush to get them.

And I'm thinking about getting a couple vouchers for some people. (I can't say who in case they read this).

Time to get back to drinking some coffee and maybe doing something creative.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Well friend, I know I'll be shopping at your store!! Hee-hee! After reading your post...I'm getting nervous!! Yikes! I haven't even started Christmas shopping! I'm just not that organized! (smile) I need to take a lesson from you. Thanks for the link to my page...on your page! I really don't know how many sets to make, but I'm gonna get there as one of the first!! :-) (that is, if I'm organized enough) Bless you friend across the ocean! Sharon

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh yes and Jeni I love your page backround. Is that your artwork? The colors are Fabulous! Sharon

Kathy said...

Hi there~
I wanted to come by and thank your for visiting my blog and wishing me a Happy day! Thanks for entering my giveaway and I do hope to visit with you soon.

Tiffan Tales said...

We must be a bit alike. This, too is what I am giving lollishops customers. I think it's a great idea (we can use up scraps, it's free, and people love small things). AND coffee drinks ...mmmmm.