18 December 2008

Business Cards???

I'm not sure about these cards. They double as a thank you card. Meaning that I can write a message and coupon inside. I thought they were fitting since I make cards. But I'm not sure they really work.

The design is always difficult for me to decide on. I always change my mind and can never make something that represents my work.

And because I always want my shop banner, avator, website etc to match so it's difficult and time consuming to change all of them.

What about the above design??

I'll print a sheet out tomorrow and see what they look like in real life.


TinyBear said...

I know exactly what you meen. I find it so difficult too - have just blogged aboy├║t this issue too.

TinyBear said...

Can´t spell eighter - I meant 'about' :o)

Amy said...

I think the birdy in your banner would really be cute...but the cards you created are really cute, too. I like the thank you concept. Very clever. Could you brand yourself with the birdy or something else so shoppers can remember you?