4 December 2008

Pastel Smiles

Click on the picture above to go to that page and see more of the wonderful Pastel Smiles card.

I love the colors on this card. It's so peaceful and pastel soft.
Soothing and calming.
This design has been drfting through my mind for a while.
Hand cut circles/flowers on a bright pink textured cardstock card.

I still have all TEN free gifts waiting to be send off to their new owners. So no buyers yet.

I have a bunch of paper hearts that I need to find some inspiration for. I'm not sure what to do with them.

Our skates still haven't arrived. They should be here by next Tuesday. Hopefully they'll arrive later today, or tomorrow.

Going to buy a nice thin cotton sheet - it's only going to get hotter. Over night it tends to be about 13 - 16 deg c. I grew up in Guernsey. It might get to about 26 deg c during the day at Summer and maybe 12 deg c at night time.
Not used to hot nights!

We'll be picking up a picnic blanket as well. When the skates arrive - we'll be spending every weekend (maybe) at the Water Front.

My mom is having problems with Skype at work, so she's calling me to check it and then hangs up!

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Hi Jeni! I love your pink blog!! Say, did your skates arrive? I wish I was in that nice weather right now. We have snow on the ground and our boots on!! Your blog is so fun to come and look at!! I love that card. What talent! Blessings~Sharon