23 November 2008

I'm thinking about doing one last giveaway for 2008.
Something to tie in with the offical opening of LolliShops.
I need to figure out exactly how many to include, then I will do this last giveaway of 2008.

It will be a beautiful candy covered card giveaway.

I got some gorgeous new gladiator style sandels today. My other sandels tended to "flop" so I needed something that would stay on my feet and not hurt me. They are so gorgeous!

Tomorrow I will be making lots more new cards and taking photographs and blogging.

Good Night


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Good Morning Jeni!! I would love to enter your giveaway...but that would be piggish!!! I just wanted to say that I love the Valentine Card, it is so Wonderful, and Unique NOT to have just pink and Red for Valentines Days. Well Done Friend!!!!
Have a Good Night's Rest!

Michelle said...

oooooo sounds like a great prize and I want to see the sandals!!!