8 December 2008

A Happy Post

Earlier today I was feeling a little ill. Think really bad hayfever allergies in the middle of Summer and a really sore dry throat. I hoped that I would get around to making some wonderful cards, and was thinking of how I love feeling like I get transported to a quiet grass filled meadow with a single tree and stream nearby. I searched on LolliShops for meadow and found this gorgeous whimsical gingerbread house by Keepsakes Cakes.

"In a place more magical than you or I can Imagine there is a perfect little town."

"It is a quaint little street tucked right between a quiet marshmallow meadon and a bubbling soda pop brook..."

The description is so beautiful. I want to go live in LolliPop Lane. It must be so wonderful to live there. *Happy sigh*

I didn't get round to making anything today. The skates arrived so I played around with them for a bit, then I really needed to get some sleep. My throat is better but it's still a little achy.

I got a nice little sleeping cat thing from my Gran today. I don't know if it's for my birthday or for Christmas but it's such a cute thing. It came in a decorative soap box and I SO hoped that it wasn't soap. I do not like smelly stuff. Even perfume is horrible and hurts my throat/makes me sneeze and cough.

LolliShops has only been open a week and it's so amazing! Sometimes I just want to crawl inside and lie around on the soft cotton floor watching little bits of glitter float down.

Tomorrow I will get on with some crafting.


Tiffan Tales said...

That is so sweet. Aaaah.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Jeni, I hope that you are feeling better, and had a nice rest. That was such a cutie pie post today. What a darling Gingerbread house...I too could live there..or next door!!! We could be neighbors!!!! Yea!! Well bless you and feel better,
Your pal,

Michelle said...

sweet post!

Lori said...

i LOVE that little house too...and the sweet trees...oh my they are darling!!!

Stephanie said...

So Sweet! I love it, too. I would rather live there in the winter than here in grey ol' Michigan...
Lollishops'll keep my mood up!